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They don’t want SC to get in on the action, we all know what happened the last time!

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You sound like a graduate of The 4Chan Advanced Institute of Trolling and Jimmy Rustling

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These places usually leave graffiti up in the bathroom for ages, let crackheads do their thing in the bathroom, they sell questionable products in the store (roses in glass tubes that are repurposed as crack pipes, penis “enlargement” pills, etc..) and they are worried about a sticker?

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After that the stickers will be applied with JB Weld

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These faggot prosecutors are the result of living in a bubble without differing opinions. Whats scary is how widespread their mindset is!

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2000 was a royal screw up, In 2016 they didn’t cheat enough. They were never serious about a recount because they knew back then their shenanigans would be exposed

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I hate it when boomers use the term “conservative” to get elected. Like its some buzzword to get normie Republicans to vote for them. The conservative grift is over!

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Lebron would be first in line

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they feel sorry for him. all he does is lurk this site on his breaks at his job as a dildo tester

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that and he's an asshole baby born out of the lower orifice.

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get your head out of the sand. there most certainly are differences between races and the cultures that accompany them.

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Back to Washington with you glowfag! What are you double besides bitching online?

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Reee!!! Bigot!!! Something something Phobist! /s

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