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I fucking hate the ACLU. They should be called The Foreign Nationals Legal Defense Union.

They have done more for illegal aliens than for any americans. The worst thing they ever did was make animal sacrifice legal in the US. It was illegal in many places (rightfully so) and had ordinances against it in others. They went to the supreme court with a bunch of witch doctors and made it legal. I cannot think of anything that's more unamerican than animal sacrifices.

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It's been infested with fake Trump supporters to make real Trump supporters look bad. They were not here in the earlier days. They showed up en masse, right before the 2020 election. It quieted down and then ramped up again as we headed into this election.

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This is what's going on here. No need to get upset.

This site has several people that are paid by the Democrat party to make Trump supporters look bad. They are paid employees of the Democrat party. They have several accounts each, upvote each other, downvote people and they are the ones making all the anti-semitic, racist, misogynistic and pro violence comments on here. If you challenge any of them or ask them a simple question , they barrage you with insults. It's such a predictable pattern that a 5 year old could see through it.

This wasn't happening on the Reddit site or in the earlier days of this site. I'll tell you exactly when this ramped up. It was about a couple months before the last (2020) election. All of the sudden there's all these "comments" and aggressive posters. There was one account that's no longer around, with an antisemitic user name that would post constantly. They would post regular comments, nothing hateful, then post something over the top. I checked their post history and they were literally posting about 100 comments per day since they joined. That's a full time job.

This site is so important and wonderful that of course the Dems want to destroy it. They truly are out for blood and want to destroy anything maga related, especially a place where maga people/Trump supporters can get together, exchange information and have unity.

There are things that can and should be discussed.

Everyone knows that there are good and bad people in every group. Real Trump supporters always clarify they are not condemning a whole group of people by the actions of some. You can't accuse someone of being "hateful" if they clarify they are only talking about some members of a group, not everyone. Trump has some hard core loyal Jewish supporters. All the Jewish people that are being unethical, as far as I can tell, are all Democrats. If someone makes a comment condemning all Jewish people, that means they are condemning President Trumps daughter and grandchildren. That makes them anti Trumpers. Not Trump supporters. Same thing with some of the over the top racist comments against black people. The women shouldn't vote bullshit. Those comments and posters were not here before.

That's how you can tell. There are patterns for sure if you stick around and take a step back and observe.

Real stormfags don't support President Trump. He deported 2 real WW2 Nazis and moved the embassy to Jerusalem. There's no reason for them to be here.

It's the democrat party. Just report the comments to the mods.

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I think he might mean red as in communist red.

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Thank you for postng this.

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She sounds like she has PMS.

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Didn't he also appoint Richard Grenell?

Nobody had any complaints about him.

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This is hilarious.

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You mean the WW2 BS the country of Poland went through? So the people of Poland are liars? Is that what you're saying? This is one of the several alt accounts. Just so people know.

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Yes. What do the downvotes mean? No paid Democrats here? Only volunteers?

Lol That plus hurling insults at people is what they do, when people say something.

Every. Single. Time.

They totally give themselves away.

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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. And you still denigrate all Jewish people. That includes President Trump's daughter and grandchildren. That makes you an anti Trumper. Oh and hurling insults at people who say anything to you about it, is part of the script you're given. Every. Single. Time. You guys follow a predictable pattern.

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Real stormfags don't support Trump. He deported 2 real WW2 Nazis that Obama knew about and did nothing. He also moved the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Why would they support that? Lol

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Why don't you ask the people of Poland that question.

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This is a job. They are on here all day.

The Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy anything MAGA and Trump related.

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Thanks for proving my point and revealing yourself!

Democrat party shills always make a blanket statement denigrating the whole group of people. Jewish people, Black people. women, etc. Trump supporters always make sure to clarify that they are only referring to certain people within the group not everyone. You can't accuse someone of hate when they clarify.

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There are no real storm fags here. These are paid employees of the Democrat party. They are on here to make Trump supporters look bad. A few people with multiple accounts. The Democrat party is paying them. And yes, they are communists if they work for the Dem party.

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See my comment below about more horrible stuff our gov did during the Bush admin.

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Here's another horrible thing our government did that not a lot of people know about. During the Bush invasion of Iraq, the US government was flying people out of the middle east to Poland and torturing them in the Soviet prisons. The Soviets had built prisons to torture people during their occupation of Poland. The US gov could not get away with that on US soil. So they used foreign prisons to torture people. The Polish people found out and there were huge protests against it. Who exactly was being tortured is not clear, but it was a bunch of people. The Bush admin also destroyed millions of e-mails and documents pertaining to the Iraqi invasion and got away with it. Obama did nothing when he got in and the media didn't say anything.

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It should be a picture of Fauci. Then it would be perfect.

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She's getting totally slammed. It's hilarious. People are posting pictures of dogs getting groomed, calling her a groomer.

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