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No it's not a coincidence. It's happened to so many people, specifically with cancer.

Cancer that was in remission or a growth that was not cancer, all of the sudden become aggressive and grow fast.

The vax weakens your immune system and just opens the door for something like this.

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It’s really heartbreaking to know you are right about something, trying to warn your family and friends, being ignored, and then being proved right.

I had a good friend with cancer who was doing well and begged her no boosters but to no avail. The cancer just suddenly accelerated and just steamrolled over her soon after.

Sorry for your loss.

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She looks amazing.

Big Mike is such a dude. When are they going to come clean about it?

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In California you have to rent to illegals. It's actually against the law not to. This has been a law for many years. It's crazy.

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Yes! She was saying the same thing about hearing stories growing up, so therefore it must be true. Then she took the DNA test............

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She's not Jewish. She's a liar. She's saying she heard stories growing up about supposed "ancestors" so that's all the proof she needs that shes Jewish.

She could do a DNA test, but of course she won't.

Her "team" is working overtime to scrub articles like this.

I posted them before but I couldn't find them, so went on Google and posted "AOC not Jewish" and none of these articles came up at all.

I had to go on Bing. It's unbelievable, how many media outlets are pushing the she's Jewish baloney. She was going around a few years ago saying our detention camps for illegal aliens are like the German concentration camps. When offered by Poland to come see a real concentration camp, she of course ignored it. I've never heard any real Jewish person say that. She is a pathological liar. She's been publicly caught in so many lies. Right now, she's playing both sides, to make herself look good.



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And how are you planning to enforce not allowing half the population of this country to vote?

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Hi democrat troll. You fake Trump supporters are so pathetic. I've been to several Trump rallies, with and without Trump. I worked on the Arizona audit for the 2020 election. I did the car parades. And there were tons of women supporting President Trump. And plenty of young women.

Womens vote, absolutely helped Trump get elected. No body is gong to take away women's vote.

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I understand what you're saying but there are people who genuinely need help. That's why these programs exist in the first place. The biggest scammers are the caregiving agencies, the medical transportation agencies, insurance companies that are paid by the government, nursing homes, and any other medical related agency which charges the government. They charge astronomical fees for everything and there is no oversight. They double bill, and bill for services not rendered as well. You will be shocked if you go down that rabbit hole. The gov just pays and pays whatever they charge. They, as a group, scam billions. That is the real issue. No spending OVERSIGHT. To separate those really in need from the scammers, that you referenced and the parasitic agencies. My friend is a quadriplegic. He broke his neck 4 years ago. He is paralyzed from the chest down.

He had a great job and great insurance. But he couldn't go back to work anymore and after a year the insurance terminated.

Private insurance premiums for that kind of pre-existing condition are astronomical. A lot of people who have major injuries or ailments or diseases, end up on government insurance, Medicaid and whatever their state offers. They can't afford the high premiums of private insurance for pre existing conditions. Government assistance is saving him. One quick example of being charged high fees for nothing is the transportation company. $1800 for a 2 mile ride to the Dr. It's an ambulance type vehicle but not an ambulance. The driver knows first aid but is not an EMT or a nurse. He's a driver that puts people on and off a stretcher on wheels. That's it. Drivers make 18 to 23 an hour. Fifteen minutes. 1800 dollars. They are booked all day everyday. I can give more examples of other people who need help and other outrageous pricing, but I don't want to write a whole essay.

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Are you reading from a script? Cause you are the one that's triggered. You are using the exact same phrases that you democrat party trolls on here, pretending to be Trump supporters use over and over. Literally a script. You are no Trump supporter you are just on here to make real Trump supporters look bad.

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So elderly and disabled people should starve and be out in the streets? Is that what you're saying?

When did President Trump ever say anything like that?

I'm assuming as a Trump supporter you are advocating for a Trump policy, right?

Can you give me an example?

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That's a good point about the toxic envy.

They will never get what they think they want.

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Only people of a certain age will know what “Danger Will Robinson” means, lol

For the rest it “does not compute”

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This was in California. They spend millions every year on illegals. They put illegals over American citizens. Guaranteed she was not hurting for baby formula or baby anything. Don't feel bad for her, she was probably going to take it back to her country and sell it.

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Why don't you slither back under the democrat party rock you crawled out from.

Democrat party troll, pretending to be a Trump supporter, trying to make Trump supporters look bad.

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Thanks for proving my point.
You guys are so predictable. Anyone calls you out just barrage them with insults. Same MO over and over, a five year old could see it .

No way are you a Trump supporter. That's not how MAGA people treat each other.

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