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Hello frens. I am looking for info on a detoxing protocol for the recently jabbed (who have also been recently red-pilled.)

I am sure I saw a thread here about steps people can take post-vaccine to either help themselves detox or protect others from spike protein shedding. Would appreciate any linkage etc. Thought I saved something but cannot find it.

Cheers mates. And to any smart arses/stormfags/redditsoyboys - go and get fucked in advance you coping seething and dilating fucktards =)

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This. People don't need to be given anything to make them obedient. They weren't given anything in Germany in the 30's and 40's - and they weren't given anything at any other time they chose tyranny over standing up to the man. Most people are weak, pathetic creatures who would rather live on their knees with the Governments rampant cock shoved down their throats than take a stand on anything.

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Could you retype the headline in English - I'm Australian and I don't speak ghetto fucking jogger.

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Grats pede xxxxx

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Jim Caviezel is a good Christian man. So far as I can see the USA has had two incredibly based Presidents - one was an actor and one was a businessman. You know who suck as Presidents? Career politicians.

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When I was in school - fat kids were RARE as all fuck and were bullied incessantly thus ensuring that all other kids were aware of how bad it was to be a fucking hamplanet. Kids who had fat mums were also very RARE but were absolutely fair game.

I remember at about the age of 6 we were at a Trash and Treasure Market and I saw my first genuinely obese waddling person. It made such an impact on me that 50 years later I can remember it as clear as day and I remember asking my parents what was wrong with him.

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SO, just like any other virus and what's been known for the last 100 years then. I cannot believe we are having to defend this position.

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Actually this info has filtered out into the public somewhat because my husband mentioned it to me yesterday after someone sent him info about it. We don't have West Nile here (Australia) but it would be interesting to find out if Dengue River Fever cases are increasing. Is West Nile mosquito transmissible??

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Wow never heard of that one thanks!

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And didn't "people dropping in the street foaming at the mouth" get memory-holed quickly? That was for me the first indication this was all bullshit - because if a disease was deadly enough to do that, it would have happened to a LOT more people.

I can't believe how unbelievably stupid people have been.

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That's a great question and a reason to use prophylactic measures if you are around vaxxed people a lot.

I was worried about my husband being at work with vaxxed people all day and did a lot of Internet sleuthing on this subject. One of the measures being touted as a defense against shedders is white pine needle which contains antiviral compounds.

It is known that pinene, which is the primary component of pine needles, inhibits the growth of microorganisms. Terpinene, camphene and limonene are antiviral. It has been further stated in this scientific paper that Beta-pinenene and limonenen reduced viral activity significantly.

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Oh please. This guy is weak as piss and not at all representative of Aussie men. I know heaps of blokes facing the same obstacle here at the moment and not one of them considers killing himself as a viable alternative.

My husband has three kids from a previous marriage, all of them are married with young kids. None of them or their spouses will get the jab and so they are doing what they can, changing jobs, cutting back expenses etc etc to make it through.

This guy obviously hasn't had to face any type of hardship his entire life and is reacting like a teenage girl.

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No offence but that's fucking retarded. Our Aborigines never used bows and arrows - that picture was fake and was of Brazilian tribes and had nothing to do with anything even remotely related to covid.

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I don't do Christmas presents or cards and haven't for years. I don't even do birthday presents - it's all a load of bs. I don't buy stuff for myself and I don't want the crap people think they need to give me. I don't wear perfume, I don't NEED anything. Plus, get off my lawn - sincerely, a grumpy 56 yo lady.

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Good on you pede I am so happy for you!.

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Hey Useful Idiot. Congratulations on letting the Marxists take over your brain and make you think blaming the previous generations for everything bad is a cool thing to do. You, are a fucking moron.

For a start your premise is INCORRECT because you are a fucking moron. Boomers had parents who lived through WW2 and likely suffered shortages etc as children you FUCKING MUPPET. Boomers had fathers who died in WW2. Boomers had mothers who were the first generation of women to engage in widescale work in industries generally dominated by menfolk - such as manufacturing.

And to finish, you are a fucking moron with your head up your arse which clearly explains why you speak shit. YOU are likely the one that has never lived through adversity you absolute flog.

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I take a daily mini aspirin because I got a blood clot in my leg about 8 years ago which then travelled to my lungs. Scary shit. Same thing happened to my bro and we are both healthy and active.

It's cheap and effective - I am sure they will ban it soon =)

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