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If they were allowed to run as a single person (say a corporation), and above was the result, they would certainly gain points by ditching Pence.

As it turns out, they are actually all part of the same corporation.

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We're not saying updating means they are nefarious. Of course there are valid reasons to update.

The problem is that the pharma companies have already shown themselves to be nefarious. So when they admit they are fucking with an old product it is cause for concern.

Of course they could do that anyways and not tell us, which is why many people are avoiding all of their shit.

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That's fine, I use the fact to demonstrate it's not an atheist talking point. It's just a scientific hypothesis.

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One side celebrates public sex/child grooming and kink and LB because it's politically relevant. Our side is mixed on how morally wrong LB was here.

But one thing is true is that woodchippers for the rainbow fags.

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Until all the drag queens performing for children are loaded into box cars and executed I will not care one iota about this moral failing.

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Maybe "our children" should stop signing up for the meat grinder

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How is this more harm than a boob job or liposuction? It seems rather minor.

Unlike this other fad that seems to be destroying children's reproductive organs...

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He's not a plant he's got a wicked forked tongue. He's a snake.

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Has "amoung us" taught us nothing?

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They don't care about you.

Safe and effective! They just killed thousands with a bioweapon and you still don't get this.

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I'm not you're just being a fucking retard. Trump was rich before he entered office. To compare his net worth to how much he was paid during his term is beyond retarded. Stop being a fucking retard.

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That still doesn't counter the fact that many were rich before they took office.

In fact being rich is almost a prerequisite for winning a seat.

Now did most of these scumbags gain all that wealth through legal or moral means? Of course not. Most had rich families and connections which they used to be scumbags and increase it.

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