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He and Tucker both say things like this fairly often.

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Maybe I'm not following the 'right' people, but I rarely see his truths on twitter. Most of the time I only see them here, unless he says something the left can use and run with....and they do. In that case they do tend to make the rounds.

His statements certainly do not get the reach they would were he to return to twitter. My understanding is he can't until June, even if he wanted to.

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I'd also like to see internal twitter correspondence discussing the banning of a sitting PRESIDENT.

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This interview is absolutely fantastic. I love that he was out at the gun range when all this started going down, with no cell service, and his wife asking when he got home, "Have you checked your phone?!" Kek!

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It's interesting that the biden camp didn't even have to contact their twitter contacts to get this story suppressed. There were so many dem activists on staff they didn't need to.

The twitter employees immediately knew this story was a game changer and promptly went to work to find an excuse to censor it and suspend those who shared it. They really wanted their guy to win and did what they needed to do to make that happen, among themselves. Incredible, really.

It's also treason.

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Twitter hires former FBI lawyer James Baker to join legal team

Twitter has tapped former FBI general counsel James Baker, a central player in the Russia collusion investigation, to serve as counsel to the tech giant.

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This is the Jim Baker being referenced -

Twitter hires former FBI lawyer James Baker to join legal team

Twitter has tapped former FBI general counsel James Baker, a central player in the Russia collusion investigation, to serve as counsel to the tech giant.

(From tweet #28 "To which former Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker again seems to advise staying the non-course, because “caution is warranted”)

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No, I think you're right. I think he wrote it and then came back later - after people called him out on the cursor - to claim it was a transcription. Why wouldn't he just have said that from the start? All he had to do was say, "This is a transcription of the horrible voicemail I received! Gasp! Horror!"

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This is the first time I've ever tuned in to Infowars. I saw some pretty crazy clips and felt compelled to listen to this train wreck in progress.

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This makes me sad. I'm sure you've heard this a million times before, but there is someone out there who will think you're awesome and will be a great fit for you. You just haven't met them yet.

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The biggest question is why they haven't done this already. While this would be great, at this point it's almost too late. Too many people have made their way here and the fabric of this country is being irrevocably changed.

The great replacement theory isn't a theory; it's been happening for quite some time. It just accelerated under biden.

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Here's the sicko's response to that -

"And for all the MAGA conspiracy theorists out there, the threat was a voicemail. This is a transcription. But have fun spinning around with your conspiracies."

Why didn't he just release the voicemail? Even if this was a real vm, what's so bad about it? I don't see a threat here.

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How should it work, then? Who does she think gets to make that decision? The government?!

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They're using a scare headline to push people to get the new booster. I don't think it's going to work; the majority of people are just done.

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Unfuckingbelievable. This is dumber than that post they made bragging about saving fourteen cents on hotdog buns for a Fourth of July bbq. (Something like that.)

Thanks for the link, will let him know. Lol.

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Reinstating conservative accounts is no small thing. It has the potential to swing things back to a state of normalcy, in which crazy - but extremely loud - retards on twitter are shown to be the minority. So while there are a lot of things going on to not be so happy about, I at least share in your happiness about this. :)

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I don't bother to click on TGP articles; I read the header in here to decide whether whatever news they are "reporting" is worth reading about elsewhere. Epoch Times is great. I pay for a subscription though, so I'm not sure what all is available to read for the average viewer.

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