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Matt kindly did an AMA with us not too long ago. Seems a lot of people forgot about that.

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Not the kind of setup he was referring to.

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No, Trump did not tell people to stay home. Guess you didn't actually read what he said.

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Yep, it's very sad. Cries of "false flag" and "glowie!" give people who were understandably nervous already the added excuse they need to not go.

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"It’s all meant to deter people from coming,” he [Matt Braynard] told USA Today in reference to the additional security measures being put in place. “It’s all about dragging down attendance. In the end, it might just be me and a bullhorn.”

I hope not. Braynard is a good guy and it makes me sad that this event got blown out of proportion. Look Ahead America has already held two (uneventful) rallies in DC. Why did they get their panties in a wad about this one? Because he decided to hold it at the CAPITOL.

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All good points. The Senate was ready to move forward with releasing the results on the 24th before this agreement was made. So some kind of conclusion, or at least some data, was able to be presented without the logs or the routers. There is still optimism to be found there.

Thank you for your perspective!

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"It feels like a familiar story this ongoing purge of the decent, the principled, the honorable members and their replacement by the deplorable and the hack-ish."

Good. I was once what this guy would have considered a 'decent, principled, and honored' member of the republican party. I am still all of those things, but I'm sure now I'd also be considered a deplorable. I don't think most of us have changed our values or beliefs much. It's just that the left has changed so much, and become so radical, that any of us staying in place seem like far right wingers or 'deplorables' to them. So yes, I'd like to remove anyone who isn't a 'deplorable' from office because they no longer represent me. They're moving left while I'm staying the same.

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I don't like it either. Both sides are spinning it as a huge victory but from what I can understand of this, the senate isn't getting much out of it that they wanted. The 'independend third party' or 'special master' terms are secretive and very odd.

The senate was set to release the results on the 24th before this agreement came out, however. That gives me a little hope that they have something to present without needing the splunk logs or router. And who knows, maybe this special master dude will surprise us.

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I wish I didn't, but I have to agree with you. I see this as (mostly) a win for the county no matter how confident a message Rogers and Fann have put out there. I'm extremely disappointed. I get that his battle has dragged on for a long time and I'm sure they were ready for it to end, but this isn't a fair compromise, if that's what they were looking to do.

I'm wondering if Brnovich passed along some kind of message to the Senate and/or the BoS urging them to end this stalemate so that he wouldn't need to be involved any further. Obviously that is just speculation but the Senate, despite the many delays, have up to this point seemed like fighters to me, willing to 'go the distance.' This seems out of character. (Or maybe I'm just naive.)

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Lol. Would be typical!

Here is what Sen Kelly Townsend had to say, she mentions the third party:

"Okay I have an update. It appears that this guy who tweeted about the situation (Data Guru) was not accurate. What this settlement is, is that the County Supervisors will give the Splunk logs and the routers over to a third party, a trusted source which is a former Congressman in Arizona, John Shadegg. Then cyber ninjas will be able to get everything that they want from him. So he is basically a caretaker of the data/ trusted 3rd party and we will still have access, so this is actually a win for us. We will have the information from both the routers and the splunk logs. I apologize for the blood pressure spike and let's see what we get out of this."


I should add that it seems like everyone is still trying to make sense of this agreement and I'm not sure who has it right. Both the Senate AND the Maricopa BoS are calling it a victory. 🤷‍♀️

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I really hope so. (I edited my comment above to include the BoS response.)

And yep, sounds like they are off on a spin race. I guess we will have to wait until the 24th to see how this plays out!

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Here is Fann's tweet, to add to the confusion:

"HUGE win for the Az Senate today! Maricopa settlement gives us all the data needed to complete the review of the routers & splunk log to the most comprehensive election audit in history. We got everything we need and more. Maricopa County goes home with its tail between its legs."

But from the Maricopa BoS, sounds like you're right- Cyber Ninjas don't get them. Who is the independent third party?

"NEW: Board votes to approve an agreement with the AZ Senate that keeps county routers & other sensitive materials out of the hands of Cyber Ninjas. The agreement also protects taxpayers and ends a legal dispute over the Senate’s ongoing election review.

"Per Chairman @jacksellers: "The Cyber Ninjas will never be able to touch the routers or access our data. An independent third party can confirm what we've always said: the election equipment was not connected to the internet and no vote switching occurred."

Full agreement:


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I laughed because it reminds me of myself. I've written quite a few scathing emails that end with something like:

Thank you for your time!

Sincerely, x

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"Thank you for your attention to this matter." 😂

I love this man.

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I somehow missed this post, i apologize.

Thank you so much for the time and dedication you spent on keeping us all informed and armed with information. We will continue!!!

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"Part of changing a narrative is changing the language used."

True. I'm not sure I would have chosen "pure blood" for the unvaccinated because it sounds kinda hokey, but since I can't think of anything better, pure blooded it is.

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