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It's not just blm

Any "activist organization" for things like "inclusivity" "racial equity" or any other democrat buzzword is always just a slush fund for democrat politicians to funnel ur tax dollars to and receive them back in donations and political activist to elect the

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They have only one job! And they blow it!

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It's only illegal to break the law if you're a republican. If you're a Democrat the law doesn't apply to you. Any law

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Nah. Democrats might convict. Republicans are bigger advocates for liberalism than Democrats are..

Remember when some crazed nut job inspired by cnn fake news and Hillary's election denial got motivated to shoot up a bunch of republican congressmen?

They literally got attempted murdered and did they do anything about it? Nope

But u can bet ur ass they'll use the control of the house to further investigate a bunch of boomers who walked thru the capitol (and silence Tucker for calling it a nothing burger)

Like I said. The GOP seem to support Democrats agenda almost more than the Democrats do..

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"after I'm done at mar a Lago I'll come over to suck YOUR dick too!""

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Never married despite being a powerful and rich politician with a booming career

Always doing whatever democrats blackmail him into doing

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Now we know why perpetually single Lindsey graham does what dems want

He's a fag and they have blackmail on him

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Based Florida passed a bill banning any political party that has supported slavery in the past

We need to ban the Democrat party

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Well you ARE sheep who don't really do anything to fight back so why wouldn't they?

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Tucker is one of the most honest journalists on television. He has a large show on a large Network and doesn't want to jeopardize it and they take advantage of that. There are certain things he's not allowed to say

He started talking about how white supremacy doesn't really exist and how anti-white racism is a bigger problem and they wouldn't let him do that. Bill O'Reilly was fired for talking about George Soros. Fox News is not a conservative or even real news network. It's a liberal news network for fake news it's just that sometimes based conservatives get on and have a platform. But they are quickly silenced

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It's not Rupert Murdoch who's preventing it. Rupert Murdoch literally built a fucking empire. It's his two liberal sons that have destroyed it

They sold 90% of fox to the woke Disney corporation

And then they put people like Paul Ryan on the board.

There's way more evidence for the 2020 election being rigged then there was for the 2016 election being rigged and yet Fox promoted the 2016 Russia collusion conspiracy theory but refuses to even mention 2020.. it's beyond obvious that liberals have infiltrated Fox and Tucker Carlson's coverage of January 6th was extremely effective and made people realize that the Republicans and the Democrats were lying in an effort to smear Trump supporters. I mean remember Republicans hate Trump just as much as Democrats do if not more so. I think Democrats actually worked with Trump more than Republicans did

They want to make it illegal to support Trump. The Republicans want to make it illegal to support Trump. And they try to use this January 6th bullshit as an excuse

Tucker was really effective at debunking their narrative and so they told him he can't do it anymore

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But really it's true.. the reason they want to invade all these countries is to force them to allow homosexuality and pedophilia

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Tick tock is literally interfering in our politics and our elections

It's time to ban tiktok. Democrats are using it to spread disinformation

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In a normal world Rudy Giuliani would have his law license and this guy wouldn't

But the Communist infiltrated all the institutions

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Except they agree with democrats and are only telling you what u want to hear

They support endless spending almost more than dems do

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Every one has seen the evidence

Those denying it are in the tank for Biden

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If bragg refuses to cooperate with the gop then Trump should refuse to cooperate with bragg

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When your side is the weakest in history..

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