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And that shit is a felony. Blatantly ignoring the law to protect the judges.

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She is a winner, for sure.

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You can thank HRC for this. The skolkovo bs that our military secrets were given to the Russians.

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Nope. The money we send gets channeled to the pockets of the politicians one way or another. Absolutely disgusting.

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I believe you’re not required to provide that. In a trial most definitely, but I think it may be different in a grand jury situation. All the more, fucked up judicial process.

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This never gets old. The admiral trying to keep from laughing cracks me up. What an intelligent commie.

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Recession??? Are you kidding me???? This bitch needs to be cunt punted to Iraq where they will show women like this what happens when they talk shit. I hope you rot in hell Pocahontas. BTW, from a good source, I hear your pussy smells like death. My source said they would rather blow a male dog than get anywhere near your smelly shit. This is a legit source too. I hope you read this and stick your finger down there and smell the hell your body makes. You won’t smell it because you’re numb to hell. Rot you stanky cunt.

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Nope. Things are getting worse.

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You do understand the secret service protection is forever…. By law they have to be around him.

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