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Fuckin' bring it, Mr. Bones.


I am achieving Alex Jones levels of pure spite and hatred of the world.

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Lmao I was joking around. The Internet does not lend itself well to understanding sarcasm.

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"I suck the white goo out of a sea spider."

  • Lobster eaters

Sounds kinda gay when you write it like that though.

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I think they actually have an irrational fear of being healthy.

I am convinced they all know how terrible the jabs are, they just refuse to let you know they know.

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The based and English language pilled thing to recognize is that

  • T O R R I D

is only one letter off from

  • T O R P I D

which is an apt description of that whale in the ad.

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At least you can burn a wooden nickle.

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  • Chicazuela

  • Chicongo

  • Chiraq

  • Chiran, even

  • Chicastop

Can't think of any more right now.

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I know for a fact that in one particular instance of applying to a prestigious postdoctoral research fellowship, the university I applied to hired a woman who was still in graduate school who had only one publication which had just two citations.

At the time, I had a PhD in astrophysics with fifteen publications and a total of 150+ citations. My very first citation ever was from Nobel-prize winner Dr. George F. Smoot.

But I am a straight white male, so fuck me!

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Resolve to most people is simply a carpet cleaner.

Will, persistence, dedication, steadfastness, perseverance, tenacity...a gradual decline across these areas has prevented people from rising above the bullshit in their lives.

I was rejected by nearly every graduate school to which I applied, then after earning my PhD, I was rejected by nearly every postdoctoral position to which I applied, then after finishing that, I was rejected by nearly every faculty position to which I applied.

God had a plan for me and placed me in a private Christian university in Texas so that I could teach physics and astronomy to people who were actually willing and able to learn. I never gave up and He opened up the path for me.

I failed at every step along the way, but my persistence allowed me to move forward in the right way.

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Correct. He's published a few papers, but he apparently decided early on that science was not for him because he became a "science communicator" which is a job for mediocre scientists.

All scientists are science communicators by nature, so to remove oneself from doing actual science and "communicating" others' results, well...it's just not something I respect.

I communicate to my students and colleagues and the public all the time. I am duty-bound to do so, to give people a glimpse of God's creation so that they might understand themselves and their place here a bit better.

I met Neil once in 2013 for about a minute and a half after he gave a talk at the university where I worked. He was pleasant for a minute and a half, but he has an unpleasant and astounding unearned arrogance about him that just cannot be reconciled.

He's as much a scientist as I am a dentist. I know that teeth exist, I have seen the effects of good mouth hygiene, there are many great dentists who fix people's teeth, and I know I should floss and brush and blah blah blah. Neil No Class Tyson knows that science exists, he has seen the effects of individuals doing good science, there are many great scientists who discover things that can and have changed the world, and he knows that in order to do science you must do math and computer programming and blah blah blah.

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Fabricated and Lindsay Graham

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He is probably unable to not do wheelies due to his high caloric content. He simply tips the skiddy loady right back upon entry.

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I will employ

  • No. Shove it up your fucking ass, faggot!

if this shows up again.

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Why do all the globalist flags/logos look like buttholes?

Because globablists are faggots.

You will be fine because you are not a faggot. I will keep you in my prayers.

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The putrid stench incapacitated all mammals within 37 yards of the shoe, so no.

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