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How can the same company that sells the clotting "vaccine" then be allowed to sell the anti-clotting medication?

The medical companies do need to make their money.

The only way each of them can afford the $25million per year they spend lobbying, which means bribing, US politicians.

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Maybe it is a diesel that has been converted to run on the frying oil from the restaurants?

Probably not.

Supposedly those automobiles are great, the exhaust smells like fries and fish and onion rings.

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Isn't that cultural appropriation?

The French police, the riot helmets seem to be taken from the Samurai.

You would not see Japan's riot squad wearing berets.

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If they have the monkey, Clyde might be the name, even better.

Firefox, Dirty Harry, good too. Heartbreak Ridge.

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You are being threatened with this:

Affordable housing.

Low crime.

Available parking spaces.

Safe and useful schools.

Fair elections.

Less traffic.


Saving the environment.

More employment opportunities.




The West, unfortunately, feeds and funds the entire world.

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Universal Studios used to sell big hair like that at their park in LA.

They probably don't sell that these days?

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Most just watch to see Larry Bird, then turn it off after that.

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That was a list of the five people being considered for the next James Bond role?

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By agreeing to the UN Global Compact For Migration, Canada handed the borders over to the UN.

Not that it mattered, since 1970 and P Trudeau they had Open Borders to anti-Christian Third Worlders.

Now the real Canadians are being rounded up for extermination, no match for the numbers of commies, Quebec-First, Third World imports, and it is English-speaking Canadians that are forced to pay for it all.

To be part of Canada's government, as in a minister or a member of parliament for the Trudeau party, it is mandatory to agree to killing babies no matter how far along in the pregnancy. One month, nine months, does not matter. That plenty of those are also foreign, or Third World anchor babies from heathen cultures, it is a bad and soulless combination.

Justin Trudeau's unexpected announcement requiring all Liberal members of Parliament to vote pro-choice

There are now at least 56 sitting parliamentarians — 44 MPs and 12 senators — born in countries outside Canada, according to information from the Library of Parliament and websites.

Churches are high up on their hit list.

Imports from India have been attacking churches for over four decades, usually with their lawyers. Now add communist China, and huge influxes of muslims, plus the media-hyped crazies and anarchists, it is a surprise that more churches have not been destroyed.

Not only are they attacking Christians, they are doing it to put fear into the rest of the Old Stock Canadians.

Police Surround Calgary Pastor on Busy Highway, Arrest Him

Obviously not connected to the following:

Calgary Elects Muslim Mayor

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Might need more information.

It could be a Charlie Chaplin film festival?

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Those black power communists have been causing all the problems in that place for a long time.

Mr Neeson has not revealed exactly when he carried the weapon, but said it was '40 years ago'.

'But my immediate reaction was I asked, did she know who it was? No. What colour were they? She said it was a black person.


Not impressed with his movies, how can someone make eighteen movies with the same script, but all he did here was look for a criminal who had savagely attacked his friend.

Which, in one way, not that different to the only script he has.

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Three crazy groups will take everyone's meat.

Nutjob animal rights/vegetarian/environmentalists.

As pointed out, muslims will ban some types of meat.

India and their plant Kamala Harris, and many others like her, will cancel all beef.


China, who recently stole the largest bacon farm in the USA, will happily take all the food away too.

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"Post-national" Canada, where the United Nations tries out so many of their tricks before forcing it on the rest of the Free World.

Moron Trudeau, less qualified than Hunter Biden.

BLM commies can do anything they want, politicians can do everything, NHL players, Somali rappers, illegal border crossers, all going about it as business as usual.

Christians, English-speaking Canadians, Albertans, farmers, Mad Max and his new political party, they step outside and the RCMstasi jumps on them.

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It is the people giving the orders.

Can't blame a lad at Camp Pendleton when those in the Washington swamp are doing all the bad stuff.

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At one of the WrestleManias, bought a Kane mask.

Probably had many different questions at the dinner than many others would ask.

Can you tells us about Paul Bearer? Will you reunite the Brothers of Destruction tag-team with The Undertaker? What was it like in the inferno matches?

He spent two decades wearing masks at the wrestling, now is part of the policy-making for the public and their masks.

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The medical companies fund the politicians and the politicians fund the medical companies.

This Californian is going to be getting "booster" shots of the "vaccine" for a long time as The Swamp needs their money, and control.

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Not right, but maybe not wrong.

They are a radical minority who have been getting everything they want for two decades.

They are not going to stop until they have complete control.

They have some of the courts, governments, media, but want it all.

They then want your children.

A very strange group. Hates Christians, demands islam and other violent heathen groups from the Third World arrive.

Went from demanding governments don't ask about what they do in private, to now demanding the taxpayers pay so what they do in private can be everywhere in public, from parades to dangerous rainbow road crossings.

That stupid paint gets rained on, no traction for anyone driving along.

They already have complete control over the WNBA, what more can they ask for?

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The "just following orders" people going to kill fans for watching sports.

Hong Kong police said on Friday (July 30) they were launching an investigation into the booing of China's national anthem in a shopping mall

It has happened before.

Somali Soccer Fans Executed For Watching World Cup Match

Commies and people from the Stone Age, not good, and they make up most of the immigrants flooding the West.


LeBron is a hero to communist China when he does this against the USA:

Hong Kong police arrest man for booing China anthem during Olympics broadcast


While there are many traitors these days, anyone watching or attending or supporting the China 2022 olympics is a huge traitor.

Expect to see Creepy Joe Biden there.

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The best guy was the one who built the wall?

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Went to a wrestling show with a sign for him.

Back when wrestling shows were fun, before "diversity" and BLM took them over.

Actually saw him win a championship at a show.

When one candidate for mayor is The Undertaker's brother, you know who to vote for.

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Anderson can afford it, she is the heir to a huge fortune that was acquired through slavery.

CNN can't afford it. The Turner Empire is finished, the accountants who clean up that mess will probably sell CNN to some rich Middle Eastern guys, like Al Gore did with his TV channel.

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Genocide talk.

What kind of a "Bishop" does that?

The capital letters once again, Black and white.

Although forced one time to have White due to starting a sentence.


Everyone knows what he says is false.

Can scientifically prove it if needed.

Remove all white people from the equation, from today and the past, see what happens:

Nigerian youth have burnt a Chinese factory to retaliate against attacks of Africans in China.

In 1986 in Los Angeles, four Korean merchants were shot to death during separate robberies by blacks.

McDonald's apologizes after restaurant in China bans black people

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Might not be a flu epidemic.

Just the normal flu but with a different name?

Year and Death Rate

2021 7.645

2011 7.818

2001 8.583

1991 9.255

That is the entire world. For everything.

Doesn't look like a worldwide catastrophe, just that in the West every death is being called "Covid" for political and financial reasons.

The only time in recent decades that United States Life Expectancy went down was the Barry Obama years. His group pushed drugs and crime, and people died.


If you have 3-D glasses and look at that Pepe, is it a lot of fun?

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