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If there is ever a choice between a terrible decision and a moderately neutral decision, Biden always chooses the terrible one. Always chooses the one that hurts the American people, always chooses the one that gets more people killed. Always chooses Twitter likes over the military.

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That something like this is tolerated is the clearest sign that we no longer have a country. Bowser is a diversity hire piece of shit that should never hold any position of importance in any real country.

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Thank you, Twitter is such a trash platform for this sort of news release, the posts are all out of order and some are missing and scrambled.

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I find Karine Jean luc Picard's press conferences way more offensive than anything ye ever said.

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I have been thoroughly enjoying ye and Elon's public adventures.

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To try and make invalid elections look official.

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Trump is blowing this. He should not try to apologize, give concessions or make any excuse whatsoever to these people.

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They are upholding the long standing government tradition of bills being named exactly opposite of their intention.

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The CCP police have probably murdered 3 times that number of people last week.

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The rumor is that Milo is seeking revenge on Trump. He said he will bring down the whole republican party. If that is the case, he is doing a pretty good job of feeding the media red meat. The latest stunt being the Kanye interview yesterday on Tim Pool.

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MTG is looking bad lately. First the McCarthy business and now the poor handling of this situation. Makes me sad.

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