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Shit post flair until you're sure.

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Came here to say this

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Hyperbole: if I ever see the man on the street for any reason or for some reason is in the building I'm in .... I will kill him. Of course this isn't a threat it simply hyperbole for dramatic reasons...

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I see what your talking about it's like the aged ten years in a weird way. The glow you see around healthy people is totally absent. And they are in complete denial. They refuse to accept the reality that they were duped by institutions they trusted. The reality that they will never be as healthy as they once were. It's a long road to acceptance.

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I'd vote for Kari to be the president candidate in 2028. If there still is an America

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What fucking dystopian future book are we in? It seems like it's somewhere inbetween 1984 and Brave New World.

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Fucking insane.... Absolutely insane... I won't advocate violence unless it's against tyrants. .... These fucking tyrants....

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Sorry pal communism ended in Russia a while ago Russia is probably more capitalistic than modern America. Only sector of their economy that is state controlled is energy.

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It's so fucking annoying....

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Aka I'm running for president so you can't come after me with investigations and If you do we will gaslight the public into thinking said investigations are politically motivated.

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Shit like this makes me so angry. I tried to warn as many as I could. No one wanted to listen except those of strong mind. Now I am starting to watch what I fear would happen unfold. I am watching them all in denial. Waiting for the break in their cognitive dissonance. They will tell us we were right when it's too late for them. A damn shame.... Death to all tyrants!

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Right , like I'm supposed to be impressed by this statement?

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