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I did this to a buddy as a prank. Also put Biden yard signs all down my brothers driveway-- he was fuckin PISSED 🤣

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My body is a theme park but for a woman, yes 100% agreed.

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The government does NOT "give citizens freedom of choice." God gives us our rights, the Constitution preserves and upholds them, and the government impedes on them.

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3M makes some really amazing sealer stuff that you can just paint over the sticker and no person can get that sticker off without adding heat and chemicals.

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This is true but I'm so sick and tired of conservatives yelling "look we're not racist! really!!"

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That's OUR fucking money you fucking cunt!!

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The left's war on language is an often underestimated attack on our culture. People don't realize how damaging little things like changing definitions or creating new words/terms can be. It's one of the ways they're winning the culture wars.

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Trust me the vast vast majority of reddit is still spouting bullshit about killing grandma. I go there for some car and gun subs and get downvoted into oblivion or banned for saying mundane things like "the covid death counts are greatly exaggerated" or "the fatality rate for nearly all americans is a fraction of a percent".

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The last couple years the biggest growth of new gun owners was women and minorities. That's part of the reason why the ammo shortage hit so hard was because of all the new gun buyers.

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You compete in CO with it? I guess you could shoot Limited but with 9mm minor it would be tough to keep up.

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Thanks Western men! You created and gifted to the world such marvelous systems that allow me to benefit from society while denigrating your very existence.

-that lady probably

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They will sell you a fix for the things they caused in the first place. Of course you should trust them!

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This was her plan all along. She went to FL and "accidentally caught covid" (I doubt she has it at all) so she could claim "DeSantis has let his state way out of control! I was only there for a couple days and immediately caught covid! It's totally unsafe and the federal government needs to intervene! It's for the safety of the people of Florida! He doesn't care about them, only I do"

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