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πŸ€”Who's retarded? This site is one big pro-Trump rally. Yet here you are lmao. But not for long. Goodbye!

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Those invaders were harassing those horses and pulling down on their bits. Bastards!

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And it's that same staffer who can be heard putting the kibosh on questions amid the chaos: OK, guys. That's all, guys. Let's go, guys. Who IS that dame? She's been doing this forever, even during the campaign when she led Biden around like a blind man and cut off questions, too. Why has NO ONE even attempted to identify her?πŸ€”

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They've already been abused. People who have any use for "red flag" laws don't know how they operate. Guns are confiscated without due process, and all it takes is a friend, enemy, neighbor, relative, co-worker, stranger, or doctor to be "concerned."

And BTW, women have just as much to lose, if not more. Under the red flag law, firearms are not allowed in the domicile. Congratulations. That means that the subject's wife (or husband, if they've been removed from the wife) can't possess them, either.

All of this is by design, too. Let's call them intended consequences. πŸ˜‰The more legal gun owners are disarmed, the better where liberal gun-grabbers are concerned.

Those of you who sniff that "there are good parts to this law"😭 had better educate yourselves about the thousands of gun laws already on the books. We don't need the gubment harassing and hectoring law-abiding citizens while they and local LE look the other way as guns are sold and traded out of car trunks in every urban area in this country. Give me a break.

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I don't know the specifics of this plan, but here, there are a multitude of benefits for those on assistance, including A/C as part of their HEAP benefit.

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Because Rachel Madcow and new hero around here, Joy Reid, and everyone on the left including posters on this thread can't stop talking about how this got coverage because it was another white kid.

You wanna sound like a libtard be prepared to get called on it...and get blocked.

πŸ”˜ (block button)......πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ(mateus)

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Exactly. All I've been hearing from the left for the past couple weeks is how this case is only of interest because the victim was white. I don't wannna see that "privilege" garbage here, too.

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Bill Kristol is still fuming that Trump wouldn't give him an interview early in his candidacy. Worse, his failing publication could've used Trump to prolong it's eventual collapse, but Trump didn't need him, and he never got over it.

His TDS was bad enough, but he's gone bonkers 😜 with his PTTDS (post-traumatic)--he's like a broken wind-up doll that keeps walking into walls and falling over. Trump broke him lol.

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LMAO. I hate to sound like John McEnroe, but you've got to be kidding me. Thanks for the laugh.

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LOL.🀣 And they should be prepared to say this, too: No, I'm not gonna take a sip, put the mask up, pull it down, take a bite, put it back up... (That's what the mayor said, along with complaining about the "fun police.") Excuse me, but isn't that exactly what these clowns want us to do? Same with the airlines. Hypocrites, all of 'em!

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LMAO! Most of us here didn't have to run to a dictionary. Sane people know that there's a connotation in the word "refuse," that someone has been asked or required to do something. Apparently, you run around declaring your refusal to do things...just because. 🀣 That's hilarious.

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And, despite more revisionist crap from the Dems, the GOP, and the McCain tribe, Sarah Palin is not the reason McCain lost the election. If not for Palin, his crowds would've been like Biden's.

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Which not only highlights how "unscientific" the elite are when it serves them, but also is in direct violation of L.A. County's (where this was held) latest mask mandate.

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L.A. County's latest mask mandate:

"EVERYONE [emphasis theirs] regardless of vaccination status must wear a mask in all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings, an public and private businesses in Los Angeles County."

They then go on to outline public transportation requirements, etc. And the size of gatherings is NOT a criterion for the mandate. As usual, the elites were in clear (and accepted) violation, though I'm sure all of "the help" were expected to mask up πŸ˜‰.

They love doing this. There's no fun πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ in being special if you can't broadcast it. Moreover, every time this happens, they publicly announce that despite the fear porn directed at US, they, themselves, are NOT afraid of this virus.

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...and that they're breathing in those pathogens, often leading to bacterial pneumonia--not the "Covid pneumonia" they've been sqwawking about.

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Guess what? Those are the same pathogens random checks have found in reusable shopping bags. When people say they're laundering them at all, much less after each use, they're lying. πŸ€₯πŸ€₯πŸ€₯. They get tossed in the trunk to breed bacteria like a petri dish. As a matter of fact, many venues, including ours, suspended their single-use bag ban at the start of the scamdemic. Gee, I wonder why? Science! πŸ˜€

And those face diapers are not "cute" or stylish, ladies. Every time I see one with rhinestones, studs, or other bling, I have to chuckle. As if they're being laundered...

Stinky, germy, schweddy rags--that's what they are. Yyyyuck.

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