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Unfortunately, the WEF also has plans for you.

See Sri Lanka, Netherlands, and Canada. Those are just the beginning.

Food Innovation Hubs are intended to replace traditional farming with synthetic meat production, GMO crops (vertical farming), and insect farms (protein production)

You need four things to control a population. Control over energy, food production, water, and raw earth minerals. Everything else in society is derived from having control over those four basic things. Without it, society collapses into revolt very quickly.

Those in control of and behind the WEF are moving to control those four basic things. See Bill Gates, Blackrock, and Vanguard Inc buying up farmland. See the WEF controlled puppet politicians pushing for major reductions in nitrogen emissions combined with driving up the price of natural gas and removal of synthetic fertilizers. They want to bankrupt farmers, acquire the land for their own purposes, and control food production.

Being a farmer I'm sure you're aware that inexpensive nitrogen based fertilizer is dependent on cheap natural gas (LNG). LNG is used to create nitrogen and ammonia used in fertilizer production.


Why would WEF controlled politicians escalate a proxy war against Russia for over a decade in Ukraine? Lots of rabbit holes on that one. It isn't just about energy, but creating global famine to transition to alternative food sources.

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Unless California mandates that humans must be employed, this will have two immediate effects.

  1. Fast food franchisees will sell or shutdown.

  2. The fast food industry will throw major money toward automation of 90% of all tasks involved. This includes robotics + machine learning AI. It will send ripples through the industry and eventually lead to massive layoffs. You only need to hire a supervisor and 1-2 low wage employees per store. You then have a single engineer/programmer on salary serving a 300 mile radius.


Where is this eventually heading?

Massive unemployment for 50-75% of all blue collar and white collar jobs within the next 30 years as most human labor will be replaced by robotics + machine learning AI. This will be followed by UBI. It's not just about the fast food industry.

Why was WHO and the WEF puppet politicians so adamant about everyone getting a COVID shot? That is the precursor to justifying global digital ID, CBDC and all the other authoritarian population controls that come with it.

The politicians as usual are creating a crisis to implement a pre-planned solution long in waiting.

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California isn't trolling the nation.

California is controlled. WEF owns Gavin Newsom and the Pelosi family.

They are key to taking over the US. Force policies in California and it forces large corporations to tailor their products to the largest economy in the US. There are nations which do not have the GDP of California.

Policies passed in California can have ripple effects impacting everything from education textbooks to shipping, vehicle production, and energy policy for the entire US.

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I'll leave this here for those in the know

There was absolutely no election fraud in 2020 to investigate according to Wray. While obvious irregularities were apparent, days after the election Wray had his focus set elsewhere.


Highlights from Director Wray's Remarks at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity

Nov 19, 2020

FBI Director Christopher Wray participated in the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity on Monday, November 16, 2020, to discuss the heart of the FBI’s cyber strategy: working with government and private partners to tackle the cyber threat as a global community. This video provides highlights from his remarks.

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Glad this is top comment.

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak both are agents of the World Economic Forum. Both campaigned to replace Boris Johnson.




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Segment from Monday's Tucker Carlson


As 1 in 5 Canadians go hungry, Trudeau prioritizes 2 spirit Eskimos. The “2SLGBTQI+” action plan

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There needs to be jail time.

Fines are not enough and will be covered by outside interests on behalf of the Democrat Party.

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I'm discussing his aims are to effectively impact both.

Research WEF Food Innovation Hubs. These people want to control the global food supply.

Three components are required to control civilization. Food, energy, minerals/resources (includes water).

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Their goal is to increase the cost of raising corn and soybeans, thereby reducing supply and eventually changing our diet from animal-based protein.

to insect based protein.

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Bill Gates now owns at least 269,000 acres of farmland and is still buying up land. His interests seem aligned with WEF Food Innovation Hubs. The goal is to drive up the price of livestock, which then allows his investments in synthetic and artificial meats, gmo, insect farms to replace traditional farming.



Blackrock and Vanguard Group which also support WEF ESG initiatives are making similar moves.

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Bill Gates owns the most farmland in the US and he's still buying.

There is a trend taking shape.

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Don't be fooled.

Biden isn't waving the white flag for his WEF masters. Biden is temporarily loosing the noose because of midterms.

WEF global digital ID (Vax pass) and every totalitarian measure that comes with it is coming.

China was the test model, now it's being slowly rolled out worldwide, with Australia, Canada, Netherlands first among those WEF controlled nations implementing in western society.

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Those seats are southcentral Alaska, nowhere near areas inhabited by natives.

It might seem like a joke, but controlling the Alaska legislature enables systemic corruption. Alaska has one of the most corrupt legislatures in the US. This is possible because the capitol is in Juneau, a small city in Southeast Alaska not accessible by road. There are around 10 lobbyists for every member of the Alaska legislature. The constituents can not afford frequent trips to fly to Juneau, only lobbyists, union bosses, outside interests, billionaires and so on.

The end result is deals done behind closed doors, and a highly corrupt legislature.

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Thoughts on:

  • Bill Gates buying up large areas of farmland?

  • WEF trying to bankrupt farmers by forcing organic fertilizers (among other things) and replace modern farming with Food Innovation Hubs (synthetic meats, gmo, vertical farming, insect farming)

Also thoughts on this:


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Additional reading:



Feel free to send this over to theconservativetreehouse.com which is actually on the right path, but missing some pieces of the puzzle. The green agenda is cover for consolidation of wealth and power with what appears to be an unstated goal of de-population. The transition promoted is actually a removal of rights and freedoms to global totalitarianism.

The article is a very infantile and narrow perspective ignoring many other factors involved.

Drought is one component.

Other components include the cost and availability of products and commodities that are crucial to the modern farming supply chain.

Energy prices have a direct effect on everything.

The price of natural gas (LNG) is skyrocketing and being artificially limited on global markets. This is happening by policies introduced by WEF puppets limiting exploration (revoking leases), combined with WEF puppets placing sanctions on Russia which in turn is cutting off supply to Europe.

Natural gas (LNG) is a key component in the production of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer. If LNG prices go up, so does synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. This results in lower crop yields and higher food prices as farmers can not afford to absorb costs, and those additional costs get passed on.

China blocked exports of fertilizers beginning in Aug 2021. Russia and Belarus blocked exports of fertilizers in March 2022 in response to sanctions lead by Biden and the other World Economic Forum puppets that engineered the Ukrainian conflict.

The cost of LNG and pricing effects on the food supply chain have been known for decades. The US Government Accountability Office said as much in 2003.


Another hard truth at hand is the price of diesel and decreasing availability of diesel engine oil, diesel additives and so on.

There has been a significant known short of diesel engine oil and diesel additives over the past year. Without diesel engine oil and additives, everything breaks or shuts down from farming equipment to trucking supply chains. This is again an engineered crisis.

Lastly the price of diesel has been ridiculous and there have been shortages. No diesel and supply chains shutdown.

At some point farmers have to make decisions not to harvest crops, or to cull livestock because they can not afford to keep it alive.

These crisis are not random but deliberate.


some other factors at play, slightly unrelated.

At a time of increased food scarcity, Joe Biden instructed the EPA to produce more e85 gasoline.


e85 is a gasoline blend of ethanol (15%) and traditional oil (85%). Now why exactly would you push corn harvests to gas during a time of famine and instruct refinaries to increase ethanol gas blends when you could simply remove regulations and increase oil exploration? Why push corn production to ethanol when farmers can barely afford feed for their livestock?

For those unaware, e85 gasoline blends are not safe to use in vehicles produced before 2001. Over time ethanol can corrode materials. Ethanol in cold climates separates water from the gas, leaving a gunky gel like substance which clogs fuel systems in vehicles. This destroys fuel injectors, gas pumps, fuel lines, and so on.

If someone wanted to escalate a transition from gasoline to electric vehicles, one hidden way to do it would be to push e85 and higher blends of ethanol gasoline to destroy older vehicles.

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Some of the Alaska State Senate races have suspicious results. Dominion fraud might be at play.


  • Senate Seat O
    Mike Shower was spearheading a bill on election integrity that included a review of Dominion voting machines. He is very popular in his largely Republican district and across Alaska. He suspiciously lost to a challenger Doug Massie.

  • Senate Seat E
    Former Senate president Cathy Giessel was defeated in 2020 by Roger Holland. She lost by over 1,600 votes. Out of 5,742 votes cast in 2020, Giessel received 2,055 votes, while Holland received 3,687 votes. Giessel is a Machiavellian swamp creature orchestrating the theft of thousands of dollars from every Alaskan's yearly PFD and gifting those funds to special interests. Giessel is widely despised in Alaska, yet she in 2022 she conveniently beat Holland by 500 votes in the GOP primary ? This seems suspect.

  • Senate Seat L
    Kelly Merrick previously served in the Alaska State House representing Eagle River, Alaska a very conservative district. Merrick identifies as Republican but is actually a RINO in disguise and has not represented her constituents. Merrick's husband is a union boss and her votes have represented those special interests. Merrick should have lost, yet she won? Another Dominion surprise?

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There have been some videos online discussing the pitfalls at length. I think turning point USA has done one

There are incentives for fraud. Election results are not known for weeks unless a single candidate gets more than 50% of the vote on the first round.

RCV also might be implemented with weighted voting which can be exploited via hacking.

I'm not sure I want to spend time rehashing it. Basically RCV creates scenarios where the strongest candidate does not win and more often it favors the uniparty establishment candidate.

RCV creates incentives to run many fake candidates to appeal to a wide audience with the intent of establishment centrist candidate ultimately capturing as much of the vote as possible after the fringe candidates are eliminated at the end of the first round.


It's a shell game

With traditional voting you vote for the candidate you want to win outright. No funny game theory scenarios.

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Alaska's total population is far less than that.

The entire state has a population of less than 750,000.

Agree with the rest of your comment. Elections can be influenced and bought for far less than other states. That's the point and reason why Alaska is frequently targeted by Democrats and globalists.

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Alaska is very important for US military supremacy and force projection.

The US can deploy forces to Asia or anywhere in the world from Alaska quickly by air across the north pole.

If there was ever an extended world war with Russia and China seeking to invade North America, it's likely they would try to take Alaska first.

That would provide them access to oil, and serve as a waypoint to advance.

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Currently all freight is shipped to Alaska via three methods of transport.

  • Air cargo
  • Freight by barge (originates from Tacoma)
  • Trucking via the ALCAN highway

There is no rail system running from Alaska to the Continental United States.

Former Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell is spearheading a project that will link Alaska by rail all the way to Washington state.

There are also plans by those in Washington DC to attack and break up Russia into various territories. The current Ukraine conflict was a pretext for that agenda.

This isn't new, but the whole situation has been escalating at a similar pace in line with the WEF agenda 2030 timeline and UN's IEA Net Zero by 2050 which seeks to reduce carbon emissions by ending all transport by air and sea including freight. Should that happen the only method of freight from ASIA to the Americas would be by building a tunnel between Nome, Alaska and Russia.

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YW. also related.

Look into ERIC.

It's an interstate system that oversees voter rolls. Democrats and their allies largely control it. The system acts both as a get out the vote project and as a means to identify/target voters.

31 states are part of it including most of the states where large amounts of voter fraud took place. This includes Alaska which barely passed Ranked Choice Voting in 2020.

ERIC is promoted as a means to protect against voter fraud, but in reality it is the opposite. There is no requirement for states to proactively purge voter rolls, nor is it permitted to identify and mark illegals from the rolls.

ERIC effectively tells Democrats who hasn't voted in recent elections among various other metrics, which could be a very handy tool for interests looking to perpetrate fraud with absentee and mail in ballots.

The Gateway Pundit and PJ Media have done some good reporting on the individuals running ERIC


PJ Media



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Murkowski is part of the Washington DC uniparty elite. Don't let the Republican party affiliation fool you, her interests mirror a select group of globalist turncoats like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Dan Crenshaw, Mitt Romney and similar ilk.

Lisa Murkowski gained her Senate seat due to nepotism. Her father, Frank Murkowski, a long time Senator decided to run for Alaska Governor in 2002 with the intent of gifting his seat to his daughter by vacancy appointment. He won the election then appointed his daughter to his seat. She then ran for re-election in 2004.

Lisa Murkowski lost the Republican primary in 2010 to Joe Miller. Murkowski then ran as an independent and won the general election.

Democrats and RINO supporters voted for her, rather than ending up with Miller.

Murkowski appears to be hugely unpopular in Alaska, but keeps getting elected by playing Democrats (unions, state employees, Native corps) against being faced with an actual Republican. The whole ranked choice voting was pushed by her current and former staffers to get her past a Republican primary which no longer exists thanks to ranked choice voting open primary (top 4 advance to general election).

Then comes into play the problems with Alaska's voter rolls not being cleaned up and Dominion tabulators being used.. This is likely how ranked choice voting was able to pass in the first place.

Governor Mike Dunleavy and his Lt. Gov Kevin Meyer are RINO that refuse to clean up Alaska's voter rolls and get rid of Dominion systems. Meyer in particular is in charge of Alaska's elections. He claims that Dominion is safe (lol). There have been breaches of Alaska's online voter registration systems since 2018, and a number of lax security measures including requesting absentee ballots have been questioned, but not fixed.

Essentially Alaska is slowly being chipped away by national Democrats and globalists pumping money into the state attempting to gain full control over the two US senate seats and Don Young's vacated house seat.

Alaska is being transformed into the next Georgia.

Off-topic but that wasn't the only meddling happening in Alaska recently.



A Hollywood actress by the name of Shoshana Chagall, moved up to Alaska shortly after the death of US Congressman Don Young, registered for the special primary election and ran under the alias of Shoshana Gungurstein.

Interests outside of Alaska funded her campaign. Democrats have a history of using and promoting carpetbagger transplants. Another AOC in the making?

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