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Shit kicked into overdrive in the late 80's and accelerated in the 90's which led to 9/11 and the rest is history.

Shit has been really screwed up for over 20 years now and people still are not black pilled.

People voted Trump for hope and all we got is the one world order accelerating their timeline.

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Wow, I know the older I get the closer to death I am.

I've not been jabbed but have tested positive for covid... Whatever that means.

Just be at peace with yourself. Breathe through your nose. Just know you're going to a better place without suffering. You'll be sleeping and never wake up one day.

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If they can pull it off while still keeping power then they will.

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The line in the sand keeps moving. We have snakes here. Trump read the snake story again.

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I worked at a hospital and some doctors used a virtual machine to google stuff and I could see what they were looking up easily.

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USA cannot defend itself. No one is coming to save the USA.

We're living on borrowed time.

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Like anyone is going to come and save us. America is being milked for everything it has left. When that's done, we're a few strikes away from a bad time.

What are these border jumpers going to do when they realize America is just another 3rd world shithole? Treat it like one.

Will be interesting to see how the next few years play out. A lot of these old people should die within 10 years.

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My answer, "I am immunized"

But really with like 80% of my job getting the jab I've seen no difference. No on has died. People still get sick.

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And people here say start local. Sure let us spend 5-10 years starting local as the top advances their agenda making everything local not matter in 5-10 years.

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Did you know 2 girls 1 cup is an actual movie that is about 1 hour long. Most people only saw a few seconds thinking it only went on for a few minutes.

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They haven't recovered from Trump / COVID

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20 billion dollars is a lot. That can fund a lot of bad people for a long time (till USD becomes worthless).

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Exactly. The crazy people will come at you with baseball bats and swords and cars. Good luck stopping those things with your fists.

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