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Do you believe our government would-not design a kill switch in all our cars to control us or make them blow up? They admitted to remote brakes, maybe this is a feature designed into it.

I don't see the use in buying a car someone can remotely blow up.

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Lithium batteries explode when they crack open and water gets in.

We should switch back to gas or hydrogen.

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They want to seize your garden, or shut it down for not being green.


They will put your garden on a map for bands of looters.

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'But, there is no such thing as an illegal human.'

'These are 'climate refugees'

'That is racist'

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Woke is so out, it is a cancer to have an association with it.

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It is really high in sodium, and the protein is not 100% plants.

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The curl does not look as tight on his head or beard as time went on-

Short straight hair looks like that too-


He is mixed, but if he turns any whiter, were all going to need sunglasses to see him.

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I know this and the legacy memes that followed.

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Maybe he is not really black, and that was a black disguise to start a riot?

The BLM leader in Poland, was forced to resign after he was found out to be an Isreali that wore make up to look black.

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And fish it is until I get a safe beef butcher

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The good thing about the squad:

They let white women know, Loud-and-clear, that they are not welcome to the feminist movement, and cross-dressing crazy white men are more welcome to feminism- than white women.

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Seeing a man flash his dick to women and children he wants to rape is not 'a voice'.

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I would speak up for Nike, but they hate white people,

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Ten years ago, these boys in dresses only went after young pretty women with many followers, now no one is off limits . Time to reel in the forced trannycock domination and eliminate it permanently.

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