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Fucking Go Daddy yet again. Is Rebel full of tech illiterate boomers or something? Go Daddy absolutely loves censorship and have for years. Yet they use them as their main registrar, first step is moving all your domains.

Go Daddy are so scummy, I won't ever buy PXG golf equipment because the same scumbag is behind that company.

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Sadly not true, at least for a single dot, there is error correction built in to QR codes, the level of correction can survive up to 30% damage and it will still be read fine. Not all have 30% EC, 15% is the most common.

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I live there now, it used to be awesome especially 20 years ago but it has been slowly turning to shit in the past decade. Now we have authoritarian CCP controlled criminal politicians running things and they are not even hiding who they are anymore.

Besides what is happening in Melbourne, the national government is pushing to ban anonymity on the Internet.

My wife and I are leaving, it is so sad how good it used to be but it seriously isn't now.

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I'm in Australia, I give no shits if she says it's the US Salvation Army, I'm done with them forever on a global scale.

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I'm an ex-Muslim and I am really pissed off that Boebert fell for the "Islamophobic" scam.

The Muslims saw how the Jews used anti-Semitism to stop anyone criticizing them so wanted their own version. So along comes "Islamophobic".

What is especially funny is at least compared with anti-Semitism is the Jews have been persecuted in history, Muslims however have constantly been the aggressors.

Only in the cucked West would an evil barbaric and backwards religion, that continues to attack the West and kill innocents be given an elevated status.

Of course learning from how the Muslim minority in the West have deployed "Islamophobic" to gain power and shut down people telling the truth, other minorities that want power have copied the trick, along comes "homophobia" and "Transphobia".

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If blacks keep going the way they are, perhaps they will be forcefully repatriated to Africa to give it a go and show what they can do?

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I'm brown and it pisses me off how white people tolerate so much hate against them, for years white majority countries were the absolute best because they didn't care about race.

Then Obama happened and he made a very conscience effort to stir up race hate against whites which has continued to increase, especially lately.

I am sure white people will start to care more about race but it is happening far too slowly.

Sad times, life was better without all this race crap, MLK had it right but some blacks wanted more free shit and to get power over everyone else by playing the race card.

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Is this a joke to mock the "progressives" or have the Libertarian party totally lost their mind as well as not watching what is going on?

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It's worse than fine and dandy, a lot of the vaxxed support it and get a great deal of glee from seeing the unvaxxed punished.

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I'm in Victoria, we already have those rules and have for a few weeks.

Unvaxxed are not even allowed to play golf currently, although perfectly fine to walk around with the same people. It's just a punishment for refusing the clot shot.

What is happening currently worries me because the government here now knows most people will comply with anything. Even worse time ahead for sure.

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If this is real, that's murder.

What a pair of fucking clowns, both are pathetic betas. One dead and one spending the rest of his life in prison.

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Same as they want people to believe 9/11 happened because "they hate our freedom".

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It's not even being out maneuvered, it's an obvious reaction. Biden stopped a huge amount of US production, has banned new oil fields on public land and cancelled a pipeline with more pipeline closures to come.

He left the US exposed to this type of pressure.

Less than a year ago America was a net exporter of oil and fully energy independent, Biden fucked that up and now the US is at the mercy of OPEC+.

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Liars. I paid attention to the trial, no one not even the prosecution claimed he was jogging.

The media are pure scum.

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The only thing wrong about this is that she is begging the mob and hence giving in to terrorism.

I know a shop owner that is a single mother, her husband died in a car accident, such low morals /s.

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Ironically, this shit is exactly why people hate Jews.

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It won't be covered, these are under emergency use authorization so taking them is a voluntary act.

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I do not really understand people like your wife, is she keen to be raising 6 kids alone or perhaps have to take care of you when you are disabled by the jab?

It's Russian Roulette to take these jabs and that is without factoring in the unknown long term effects.

If it does go wrong, the resentment towards your wife will be huge or worse, the guilt from killing you.

They are dangerous.

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