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RINO s didn't want hearings even at the time. They never wanted any action in fact.

Remember how Romney marched with them chanting "black lives matter" ?

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Boris spent all his time in Ukraine and his attention and energy on it, so he was too busy to notice the plots from ppl in his own party who wanted to oust him. Some are afraid his scandals will drag them down in the next election, a few more of them think they can be the net PM.

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What made you pick out Rankin from the middle of the list?

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Historically important video. Can you imagine how insane would have been the lies about this if there wasn't 100% proof?

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It's hard to understand how it was even a question. If Pence had any sense of realism he would have left public life after his brutal backstabbing of his own party.

He knew months in advance how he would act with regards to certification and he denied his party even this minimal information. Why he even wanted to remain a member let alone a public figure in the party he tried to destroy is a mystery.

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What is "tragic" here is that 3 justices are openly for allowing the rigging of elections and against even minimal election integrity

by Hoshi
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I find your speculation hard to believe, since this carries some signs of a leftist leak.

If you were not a leftist would you release something like this 1 month after the election or 1 month before the election?

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Yes it's not a complete solution but that's what you have to do. Search the archives on these websites.

It's an orwellian time here. They are getting rid of all of the evidence including videos of the election day coverage. Never seen anything like this.

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You can confirm that someone mailed out a ballot and it was sent back and received.

It is supposed to be rejected, but was it rejected in every single case?

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This video was made by Fleccas who produced solid stuff on this before. But that's no reason not to verify.

How to check:

Go to a random place inside the video. Pause until you have all the data, make notes of it.

Then go to the official Michigan voting information website


Check the database see if a ballot was mailed to the voter and more importantly if it was sent back.

You can find the obituaries by simple googling they are totally public.

Fleccas also gave a list of links (VOTER DATA + OBITUARY LINKS: https://justpaste.it/8zt04 ) But it's not really necessary just google the names and dates. or visible parts from the video (the Obits are also shown).

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He was just speaking on the Senate floor. There were no witnesses to hear from.

Also fuck Fox News, it's absolute garbage

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repost this as archive link. This link is useless as they can change the content at any time

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Can you repost this in archived form? No sense in having a link to a fucking article they can rewrite and rewrite and rewrite however many fucking times they want

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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つDONALD TAKE MY HIGH ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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Absolute classic

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Yes please

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