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not yet. this is just a shot across the bow. Let's see if Comcast feels this (and it's distributed so very perfectly now, they may not). Patience, watch the ripples.

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I carry over 35 certs including a CCNA. Do you even know what that means? Please explain to me what any of this has to do with Cisco Routers.

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you can pick up a decent external antenna for about $30. hard to get around no signal. tin foil hat might work if you're close. don't laugh, google it.

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eventually .AB will be shutdown for overuse. Start the last octet over: .11 - .FF, you'll find one that works, unless I just broke the system entirely.

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wtf are you even talking about? these are windows and mac users and we're talking free internet access not 1337 HAXXORING of someone's network. Kali Linux sounds real hardcore though. I'm shocked you managed to install it. A couple of months ago I installed it on a 15 year old chromebook. Took me a whole weekend. Getting my nic to work was a nightmare. How did you install yours?

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every piece of hardware that can connect to the internet has unique mac address. theoretically. if 1000 people somehow have the same mac address does that make harder or easier to track that address?

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Google how to change the mac address for your wireless nic on your OS, Don't download anything! you'll do it from a cmd line. change it to your wifi will connect to any xfinty wifi. no username or password needed.

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So many unbelievers. I'll give you a phone tip, too.

Want to make a burner phone last forever (free minutes)? Childs play. At the end of your call, usage data is written to the sim. pull the sim out before call ends and those minutes wont be recorded. This is why you can't access the sim on new phones. but on a burner...

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