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i would like to give a big fk you to all the anons trying to to do a slide on the post. lmfao

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hats are upset. kek. look at all the hats trying to do a slide

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all of Hamas are spys. is that what you mean?

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from u/TSearch/ Here’s some posts, including a clip of Ron Paul saying this on the floor of the House. Another other post is a written piece by Ron Paul documenting this. And, a post with a Rumble clip making the same case.




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nothing says over the target like a big nose troony shill trying to slide the thread.kek

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BREAKING COVERT INTEL: "Operation Catastrophe" 15 U.S. City "Attack" to be BLAMED ON "Hamas".. Today I received information claiming "Operation Catastrophe" is a plan for a 15 (U.S.) city attack -- false flag -- by "Hamas" to trigger a controlled economic collapse, and complete, lengthy, internet outage, and war.

15+ cities will allegedly be targeted. Airports, subway stations, and banks will all allegedly be hit.

One, UNVERIFIED SOURCE claims the following cities are ALLEGEDLY among the targets BUT THIS LIST IS NOT VERIFIED:

Washington, DC San Francisco, CA Santa Clara, CA Los Angeles, CA San Diego, CA Arlington, VA Alexandria, VA Dallas, TX All Major Florida Cities Boston, MA Raleigh, NC Philadelphia, PA Detroit, MI Denver, CO Chicago. IL Kansas City, MO Oklahoma City, OK Seattle, WA Tucson, AZ Phoenix, AZ

All of these cities are under heavy FBI surveillance right now.

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nothing says over the target like having lots of thread sliding lil hat faggots in the Comments.

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