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80's mustangs were trash though.

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This is correct. Instead of backing people like Oz because they have better polling, pick the people who are going to actually have your back.

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I think it was more the gay sex on video that did it.

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If you don't trust one of Trump's oldest friends and confidants, then why are you even on this board? Shouldn't you be on some Q board somewhere planning JFK Jr's return to politics.

If don't trust someone like Rudy, then I find it impossible to believe you really trust Trump.

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Yes, this is going to be dropped in many, many cities right before 2024 elections (maybe even 2022). It will happen so close and so fast before the election, there will not be time to do anything about it.

The globohomos don't plan to give the power back.

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CIA, FBI, NSA, Military, SC and every other branch or office in the government (including both parties) know that it was stolen. They don't need the proof, they were in on it. Their goal is to keep you from knowing the truth.

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You had better keep the cucumber water for yourself. You will be the one in prison, especially if your in a blue area.

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Anyone that claims that Dinesh is just making money is fucking stupid and need to do their homework. Dinesh was thrown in prison for going after the globohomos. He has earned his America first stripes as well as ANY money that he gets from his films etc.

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Once Putin feels like he has lost, the nukes will fly.

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No, he probably gay but I don't give a fuck. Fuck the leftists communist horde. As long as he backs MAGA and doesn't fuck kids, Im good.

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NO ONE has ever invaded that uterus.

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Yes, this "leak" was planned and implemented. This fires up the base. Provides cover for the laundry of billions in Ukraine and is designed to make the leftist hordes forget that they are on the verge of a planned economic collapse.

While the move is evil, it is fucking brilliant.

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This "leak" was planned and implemented to help the scum in the mid terms. This will light a fire under the base where before there were none.

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MTG going in...all the way in...balls deep.

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If the Fox News higher ups forbid him to report on certain things, then he either quits and works for newsmax with 200 viewers a night or follows the Fox rules and drops as many red pills as he can within their rules.

He has opened far more eyes on the general public than ANY other person.

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I don't care who he "blows" just as long as he doesn't try to push his sexual orientation upon other people. I'll take 1 Scott Pressler over 1000 internet fucks who haven't done one thing to help the movement outside of being board warriors.

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