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His answers were stupid, hes stupid, and I can't think of any reason he's in that position, other than a quota. He should be impeached but he wont be since hes a protected class, even when he gets soldiers killed.

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Chopping their dick off didn't make them happy. Now they're just a mental case with no dick who will never experience sexual satisfaction, turn to eating for the missing dopamine, balloon in size, final meal is a bullet 42% of the time.

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Thats what her whole speech was. I fucked up my kids, but I can't admit that so Im pouring full steam into it and using it to gain political power. She mentioned her trans kid as soon as possible.

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I was mostly indifferent since they are mentally ill. But now that its forced on children, well, my thoughts are shifting.

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How to blow powerful men so others think you have some marketable skill. Intro by Kamala Harris.

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The projection too, none of us are "creaming our pants" over children dying. Yet those insane people love it when they can make a shooting fit their worldview.

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That was so embarrassing. Not to defend it, because obviously. But when you work somewhere that had a ton of those hand sanitizers everywhere, you almost do it without thinking.

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The teen ended up being a 28 year old, so my guess is it Coulter's law

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And from this OP? He/she is responding to every comment making sure everyone stays on track that this is about hating women.

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Those freaks, ok, but we are trying to save the children they're encouraging to follow a path that leads to 50% suicide rate.

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Also, if you chop your dick off thinking it will fix your mental disorder, but then realize you have all the same problems but you're now dickless, suicide starts looking like the only way out.

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If you want me to take you serious, don't show up dressed as a clown. I can't tell which makes you crazier, the clown outfit or the mask.

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The claim is they commit suicide if they can't transition. But the suicide rate is the same or higher after transitioning.

We can't call it mental illness, so we can't fix it.

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Did I say that somewhere? But when it comes to gangster thugs running from police, I'm dubious of the idea that its just a cop who's on a power trip.

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I read the article, I'm just not getting emotional over it, calling everyone a pussy. Wanting all the information before making a decision isn't defending a murderer. If you're teaching others how to use a firearm safely, you need better adrenaline control.

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Some of that may be true, but a lot of what you said is speculation. I didn't see anywhere the thief had no weapons, I could have missed that. There isn't enough information in the story to know anything for sure. This is intentional. Its amazing to me a "gun instructor" just believes the story as reported and inserts facts where necessary to try and make a point, in a shooting incident.

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Cause they all had something in their waistband they didn't want seen. But thats not the point of this story. You know how you normally run away from police when all you did was jaywalk right?

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