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Now you're downgraded to moron.

Do you need that definition to go along with that 3rd grade reading comprehension you're sporting?

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Did you not see they made him, and done it in a manner that they still controled him?

They removed how many billions from him with a couple of phone calls? Nothing more.

He's just a fucking rapper, just like 50 cent says he is, because a billionaire is a mogul and are owned.

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Who said anything about timelines?

Stop your childish projection, moron!

Here's the problem with morons, they judge us for the decisions we make, not the options we had to choose from.

Grow a brain, simp!

Now the moron has had its first lesson in recoprocity.

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I’m not saying he could have stopped the states from doing what they want.

You strongly implied it.

I’m saying he pushes the “safe and effective” line as much as anyone else.

He touts how quickly it was produced (Operation Warpspeed), and thank God he did or most people would have never known that it was already developed prior to the plandemic.

The name should be a stong hint.

You need to dig a little deeper and pay attention to his wording.

P.S. Quick question: If the vax was already in existence, which it was, why didn't big pharma attemtp to start the approval process earlier?

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He only signed the emergency order, states are controlled by their governments.

Each state has it's own flag, constitution and laws. They also have the ability to execute for treason.

You don't even understand how our shit works.

Any powers not given to the feds are under the control of the people and their respective states.

Read the Constitution of the United States of America.

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So, the simpleton (See, I do know what it means) is upset by a simple typo and attempts to discredit over it?

What a monkey brained simp you are if that's the best you have.

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Let me start with this so you understand my intentions in this conversation.

I don't say this to be a doomer, don't get me wrong, my point is that we need to invent new ways to gather and communicate.

I don't think you're a doomer or bad guy, we're all simply attempting to figure out their next moves so we can counter them. It takes these discussions to work shit out. I'm more concerned with the ADS (Active Denial System) the US military has for crowd control than comms. Will we end up in a comms blackout? Absolutely, but the bad guys can't control absent turning it back on. That's done when a kinetic coup is underway. It's SOP in a coup attempt, where successful or not.

That will happen at some point in the future because we've already hit the crossroad mark in an overthrow scenario. There's no way to avoid that happening at this point in the game. The military will eventually step in. The good part is they side with the "victims". It's why Trump said to remain peaceful, do not fight law enforcement and follow the rule of law.

Never, ever underestimate your enemies. They are freaks, they are satanic, they are degenerate scum, but NEVER underestimate what evil can be capable of.

I don't underestimate them, I just see things differently than most because of my history and experiences dealing with these demons. I've been fighting these demons for well over 3 decades. There's still a lot that will be coming out over the next 4 to 8 or so years as this battle continues, and most here can't fathom what will be exposed at this stage of the game. Over 100 years of generational indoctrination does not become undone overhight.

Concerning AI

I've worked with AI, know it's capabilities. They can't even get content correct, and I know, I used to be a contractor for AI based SaaS companies. I've experienced it from the inside. It's not what people think, and the goal of AI is to hit 70% accuracy in decisions, but in reality, AI is working on known probabilities, even with language and writing. They have yet to nail down that 70% accuracy mark of humans. It can't reason and keeps things as simple as possible.

In late summer, Google implimented a new algo to target AI content, it was easy to destroy sites using it to generate content. How were they able to do it? Because of "probabilities".

AI doesn't adapt, it runs program. It can't distinguish between facts and propaganda or incorrect information. It can't give accurate statistics, information, citations and a host of other things.

AI still falls miserably short.

EMPs aren't hard to build, but shielding stuff from them isn't hard, either.

True, but the machine can't protect against it absent human intervention. If they deploy, they lose that first round, then both sides have to adjust. Humans will always win in the end.

I wish I could tell you more, but can't because of "reasons".

I know that the vast majority of law enforcement / military wouldn't side against us, but why do you think they're slowly removing any based people from the military?

All off the faggots and trannies are in PAC, not the ones who count. Also, do you fear a mentally deranged tranny (antifa types) with a rifle? I didn't think so.

If they have the tech to kill all of us slowly with mRNA vaccines, they could probably invent some sort of steroids for the tranny freaks they want in the military that turns them strong, like Captain Americas steroids.

They've long had super-soilders.

They will attempt to contaminate our water supply with the vax crap or something similar, mark my words. They've already been implimenting that since WW2. Floride in the water. It makes men docile.

We're in the middle of WW3 now, just a different type of war. It's known as 5th generation war, or psyops, and there are multiple full scale psyops in play now across the globe. Some by the good guys and some by the bad guys. The bad guys are losing as more and more awaken to the carnage they created.

They used to be able to hide things, so how is all of this information being discovered about the bad guys?

Inquiring minds should want to know.

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You mean already have taken it?

It's not about the greater good, it's about saving the ones you can. Prior to 2016, most of the dumbfucks like you never had a clue what was coming, and attacked the ones who knew what was going on. Typical of doctrinare.

People judge us for the decisions we make, not the options we had to choose from.

There was no other option, you brain dead dimwit.

Stop your juvinile projection, simp.

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He touts how he forced them to come out in the open and prevent a multi-year lockdown waiting on a vax with FDA approval, which was their plan.

Most here are still partially indoctrinated and lack the ability to see things as they are instead of how they wish or think they should be.

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And if he wouldn't have, all of humanity would become close to extinct.

See the first commandment on the Georgia Guidestones.

They want their herd of cattle (what they call humans) to remain under 500,000,000. We have over 3/5 of that amount in just the U.S.

Which do you choose?

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He has access to all information, still does. That move was calculated, and it's why he put 30 Pense in charge of it. Trump also pushed HCQ and other drugs and products he knew would work.

He simply handed the bad guys the rope to hang themselves with.

You've gotta stop and think things through.

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The problem with that one town at a time method, they would have to kill their own communications. Scanners would bust their ass. Then we have Ntl Grd Armories across the US the the people control. That's a lot of equipment, including radios.

It would take a global electrical crash for them to pull that off (solar flare you spoke of). The robots could be easily trapped. They can't deal with pits or EMPs.

EMPs are not hard to build and can run from batteries. There's all sorts of traps that could be used. You can't use a machine to outsmart humanity in this world in it's current configuration.

They have sensors, we have brains. It would not take long for people to learn how to trap them, then we have them too.

They haven't disarmed us because they lack the capabilities to do so or they would have already done it. Word would spread fast and the hunters would become the hunted. They would end up walking into ambush after ambush.

Here's another point to consider, where are the LEO's families while they're out collecting firearms?

Think that through. You can bet they have.

I'm more concerned with them starting a nuclear war than anything.

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First off, to assume it works is foolish in light of who's in charge of the production of any substance you put in your body.

It's not just big pharma. It's corporate America, the US government, every state in the union from top to bottom, medical boards, and that's the shortlist.

There was a CDC whistleblower back around 2012, maybe a bit before or after that, but he had data on the MMR, and a crapload of kids became autistic. He was silenced, sued and nobody has heard from him since.

He had all of the docs to back the claims.

Since the law changes in 89 concerning vaccines, autism has rapidly increased per capita. If you check graphs, we first started the more dramatic increase starting around 1972 when the first vaccine laws were passed, we watched a marked increase around 1980, but 89 is where it really started climbing at an increased rate and still climbing. Sauce.

There are many other sources to back my claims, the statistics makes it clear to anyone who researches and reads.

Who knows how many children were murdered or damaged that was dismissed by the bad guys, and as usual, the MSM helped cover it up.

It doesn't matter if they work if every sq ft of the world is controlled by psychopaths who are fixated on population control by any means necessary.

Have you ever thought of someone as an anti-vaxer prior to Trump?

Just curious.

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They don't have the manpower to do it all at once. Simple math.

How many LEOs and military, including the alphabet agencies? Less than 13 million total and likely under 12 million, there's over a 100 million that own guns and I think they are lying about that. Numbers are too low.

We have 60 or so LEO's in my rural county of 20k, and rural towns have a larger per capita LEO force compared to more populated areas.

Ours would not even attempt it.

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The poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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There's a time to do such things, the adults will tell you when. There's a reason they have not done a takeover. The firearms are already doing their job.

When they come for them, that's when it begins.

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