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You always need to be weary of charges being brought just to set up a narrative to restrict gun rights.

However, from what I've heard about this case, I wouldn't be surprised if that mom gave him the gun to take to school. She already told him to not get caught concerning ammo shopping at school.

I'll be watching this closely.

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Not even San Fran? I guess they didn't measure sidewalk pollution.

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It's sad, but also a reminder to me to not give in.

My health is not a good trade for a job, travel, entertainment, or social acceptance.

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Always was innocent.

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I wish he fought for it, but I got to blame the General Assembly for that one.

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Fair enough. There was no lock or guard and "lock-down" is definitely inaccurate and overused to describe our situation. My laziness and desire to succinctly describe what happened led me to use the term. I did not intend to mislead those from out-of-state.

I'll leave my original post so this makes sense, but I guess I should edit my first sentence to say "I believe he abused his executive power to clearly require that Tennesseans stay at home unless they are carrying out essential activities...."

However, in recent days we have seen data indicating that movement may be increasing and we must get these numbers trending back down. I have updated my previous executive order to clearly require that Tennesseans stay at home unless they are carrying out essential activities.

-Tn Gov. Bill Lee, Thursday, April 02, 2020, 2:15pm


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Only time will tell what the health effects are since the shots were not properly trialed. I believe the human body has an amazing way to recover and heal from all sorts of attacks against it; whether virus, bacteria, poisons, etc. Man-made or natural.

There's no doubt that there will be direct health consequences for many, but it's not likely to be an apocalypse. Making it out to be decimating to the human population is similar to the hype surrounding the virus.

The real issue isn't the adverse effects, it's the government overreach.

The doom isn't in the drug, it's in the dealer.

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I believe he abused his executive power to lock us down, based it on our own cell-phone data provided by large tech firms, and set the precedent in Tennessee for local "leaders" to do the same, and worse.

Trump rightly said state governors had the power, not the feds. Lee was at the top of a slippery slope. Instead of fixing us firmly at the top of the hill real heroes have died on, he pushed us down and it has snowballed to the point that I have lost work due to not taking the social injection.

If this, and the bill that he signed last week, is the beginning of his change, then that is good news. However, his actions are what changed "times, circumstances and ideals" and are the reason why he's not getting a second vote from me.

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I'm fine with this, but he's too late trying to get my vote.

Never forget that he used Google traffic data to reprimand us for driving too much and issue an executive order to lock us down.


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All they do is hold voters hostage. Abortion, immigration, election integrity, gun rights, free speech, education, CRT, vaccine mandates, and on and on. The proper answers to all these issues were found long ago. They refuse to implement policies that would benefit Americans because then they couldn't hold us hostage with the issues.

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This is the low-res version provided to the defense. The original was eaten.

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He also used Google traffic data to reprimand us for driving too much and issue an executive order to lock us down. I'm gonna cast all my votes against him. (He's Republican, so it's not fraud.)

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Thanks. Any idea on when we hear the decision on the motion for a mistrial then? Would that have to be done before a verdict is read then?

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I have no idea how the law works in this situation, but I saw a comment somewhere that made it sound like the judge can declare mistrial with prejudice after the jury returns a verdict. In other words, they could be hung or find him guilty and then the judge could say the withheld evidence led to that outcome.

Maybe someone can clarify.

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It was only 2-3 months. A zealous lawyer raised the $2 Million in bail to spring him from prison.

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I guess that's why they mean when they say "Antifa doesn't exist."

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I believe they were applauding her saying it. They already know it's true, they just never hear anyone say it.

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Literally Hitler.

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