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Is there anything substantively wrong here, except that he mentions Jews. And lets' be honest .. the bible is a bunch of culturally significant stories. Referencing that the jews did this to Jesus as historical event is antisemitic and infantile . Like justifying Ant germanism on the basis of Grimm story tales.

Ye is on more solid ground than Torba in criticism of Jews here also because he's talking about cultural dominance in the world as it is not 2000 years ago; not shitty allegories. Of course, hes right the constitution used to mean freedom of speech in the absolute sense INCLUDING RACISM. It was action not views expressed limited by law.

Gab sucks irregardless despite his idealism becaise what I've seen it seems to celebrate stormfaggery and trailer trash profanity. People should be able to filter and apparent;y nobody likes to hear 4chan nazi trolling memes when they're talking to IRL people about their weekend plans. If one of the 5 people actually using gab can input actual real positive 0 experience on the platform please chime in.

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BRC are roid rage cum guzzlers in my opinion

He went on Rogan to rehabilitate himself, like the rino con version of Oprah.

Listening to the brc guy and Jocko as guests on the podcast opens up the spiritual ruin of America. The rot goes well beyond the left clowns dominating public discourse.

America was founded as a great republic with neo classical western and enlightenment ideals which would when needed call upon citizen soldiers who would do their solemn duty as the strongest and most skilled people in the world. Reluctant to anger and take military arms to war.

Instead we have developed a national fetish for constant militarism, escalation and violence and violent spectacle. To be frank we are possessed by killing and murder. People speak of warrior culture as an ideal as though we live on planet Klingon. Then they assert their Christianity.

The neuter cult of gun control was unthinkable and unseemly to a society where the prevailing culture communicated that individuals would answer to for every death , if not in this world .In the next.

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Banned for life here , under Elon's leadersh

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sounds like the Islamics and North Africans just have to say they're manufacturing bazi boys and they're in the clear

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Except Alex who hurt parents feelings was there decades ago one of few protesting and speaking the truth the bush and neo con and neo lib wars that killed and continue to kill millions of kids.

He is morally better than all of us.

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Truth is actually a surprisingly pleasant place/app. You can get updates from major figures without the Twatter algo filtering and screaming bluehairs.

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