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They only would win this if they were willing to use the direct physical tactics of the left. People like CTA china style executive, journos, politicis coopted by the communists ... and truckers breaking solidarity with the movement would feel real fear for being on wrong side of human dignity and examples made.

It would have to cost x10 or simply become unavailable moving stuff cross border for 2 months or more.

Not a recommendation.

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Castro regime will jerk off to this from luxury secure compounds with emergency shipment of shrimp rings.

Then they'll order the military to fire on the protestors.

Wrong movie ... It's Dr Zhivago not Mad Max

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The ruling class can cash their govt cheque and gruft forever. Eventually they will out wait the protestors. Go to their cottage in my Muskoka with a generator and 6 months of food delivered to their sub zero.some simp will do it.

Come out in spring after working class is dead from cold starvation riots

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I think they'll find enough shitty people to run the system at a minimal.level untill all who opposed them are destroyed or effectively.killed.

Not saying this to be a dick, just how it has played elsewhere.

They can charge all people whose trucks block or slow fines that mean they lose their truck and everything.l, homes.

They can make an example of people and ban them from the industry for life. People's will lose their families and spouse. There will be a special divorce custody bonus for divorcing a enemy if society trucker.

Banks and insurance companies will openly discriminate.

Special jail and Kingston prison for all truckers who block a public building. Criminal record and torture abuse for those who protest or organize.

The RCMP micropenis cops will be encouraged to break heads and kick in teeth.

They will find scab labour who can read barely capable or literate scabs and give them bonuses based on ruined truckers.

Labor and trade unions will work with govt to stigmatize and build hate against working class they are supposed to represent.

The cunt Canadian public will in majority cheer these abuses.

Rooting for Putin at this point. Hope he starts by incinerating that stupid fucking Canadian destroyer.

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These truckeres strikes don't work. The state psyop messaging is already coming together against them as selfish child killing delayers of vital medicine for sick kids.

Support will flip from 80 percent fir to 80 percent against after 4 days.

Canada is npc nation new opinions being uploaded to character sprites now

Soon as the libs can't get their next shipment of buttplugs they'll approve torture and imprisonment of non complying truckers and their loved ones leaf cunts will cheer like good Germand as select trucker families are made example of

Good effort though.

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Clotshoting is s verb for when your brain has an isochemic event due to the vax on the ace2 receptors on the walls of his brain capillaries and you can't tell if you are driving or raw dogging the Mexican maid.

He needs the largest boxiest escalade ever made to compensate for a penis shrunken by steroids.

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What do you call 2 dead "9-year old terrorizing" gestapo at a domestic dispute ?

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