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i'm sure any execs who pointed out this scheme is literally and actually retarded have been purged by now.

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someone posted a video of a lockdown protestor in some euro shithole already held trapped on the ground by 5 cops being punched in the neck repeatedly and i said the coward was a donut vacuum pig and hoped he choked to death on a bag of clappy cocks. Twatter banned me for not supporting gestapo actions

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I own a Tesla and The challenger is just a great car. This is insane. Why would you throw away the brand equity like this??

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It's quicker, quieter, safer and easier to maintain. If it's a daliy driver/commuter it tops up overnight and you never stop for gas.

There's nothing wrong with electric cars competing in the marketplace with what they're better at. Tesla showed this. Over time we would reduce city smog and the elecric drivetrain would slowly be rolled out to longer range and heavy vehicles as appropriate.

Fuel supply for classic muscle cars and diesel would be cheaper and last longer.

What we're looking at now is a the result of the government mutation of the economy. Like war communism and central planning.

The democrats looked at this success story of balanced energy economy prosperity and increasing well being and have replaced it with a giant soviet style hellacious money and power laundering scheme.

You're angry at the Democratic Crime Party not electric motors and batteries. Unless you're retarded.

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They already are through the UAW Union Money Laundering thing. But this will convert the full industry to PERMENANT WAR COMMUNISM/5-YEAR PLAN MODEL

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You comment made no sense. But was still infinity more logical than xiden

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Warns ? Multi state indictment now ! Let's see DOJ criminal chief quash and that

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I hope those cunts freeze

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Yeah you can just take the identity documents of the former head of state of the United States of America because it's near some bullshit you're fishing for ?

Secure in person's and papers and warrants probable cause. It's the thing you should least be allowed to take.

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Anyone who watches more than 3 episodes of law and order knows more Constitutional Law and jurisprudence than this FBI or DOJ. *

More specically they know, but are choosing to be Stazi pigs.

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