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Why join AA when my whole purpose in life is supposed to be making Britain a great place for Muslims to live in?


Read this and this is a tiny fraction of things I've revealed to be wrong. I don't want to live with normal people any longer. I can't tell apart a normal person from the television. My life is a living hell where they insist I live a million and one lies. It's all lies. I can't live with it any more.

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I appreciate it. I have a problem with alcoholism so I keep doing stuff or saying stuff I'm embarrassed about. I hate it honestly, I've become "one of them". On the other hand I'll never stop fighting for what is right and at any cost. I guess I need not worry about alienating others. I have social autism so nothing to lose. I'm not going to shame people for clinging to what I could never have but I will fight for what's right even if it means being socially rejected, I was born like that and it was guaranteed no matter what I did so what I'm doing compared to someone like you relatively isn't all that special. Though there are special moments, when deprived and alone, when there's something so special you really must share it and not like that piece of intrigue on the television.

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This is my porn I wanked to this and came a lot am I gay?

Also does listening to this make me gay or racist and which is worst?


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He was a man of his time.

Now I am a man of my time.

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It is a feast. Let me know your opinion after reading it. If you want we can do a video conference on odysee face to face. I like getting better so if you have some improvements or criticisms I'd love to hear it.

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You only feel my loss as it is a part of you. However some of us must be soldiers and admit to the front lines.

Don't be like the left. Everything is at a cost. Just remember us. There's nothing you can do, the game is messed up like that. Just don't waste our memory and our works.

Don't feel guilty when we give up more than you do, not everything is a competition. At the same time, please let not our sacrifice into nothingness be all also for nothing.

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Because they're fucking pussies.


I'm in the UK. I'm free. I fear not the authorities. Look at what I say, things that you are afraid to be so free to emit even in the "land of the free".

Wake up, open up. Be a fucking man. Sooner or later the cops are going to descend upon me and I don't fucking care, what's right is right.

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We all know about Trump and his brother. As someone who is spiralling down the same drain I share this before I go.

On the one hand I want you to know what he lost and one the other I want to give up what I have to give so that there is then nothing else to lose and then can rest in peace.

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I'm in Britain and I will refuse this imposition.


I fear not them. Come on, do your worst. The constitution is a strangely British document. It is a report on our souls and constitution, what we're made of.

I have no need for your paper for I have the soul you wrote stories upon on paper.

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When I lost my father it made me very angry. Every other man then I would be a moment away from killing him. She couldn't hook up with another guy until she kicked me out of home when I was eleven. Women love their divorces, like it's a fashion but it's seriously dangerous for men.

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Young kid, hard to make judgements. Though I remember losing my father and then my mother even after giving custody.

Poor woman, we can't know if she was bad or the media messed up her son. A case like this I'd assume stupid mom stupid kid and what not.

Please read my book:


What's not in my book is that not only did I give my mother sole custody when ten but a year later my mother went insane so kicked me out and then I had no parents.

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It doesn't seem to be censored. Nope on incognito it is. Man that's fast, I couldn't even upload it to odysee. Actually its loading now maybe just caching.

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You live by the sword you die by the sword.

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Let me tell you a story of being a tourist in my own home wearing the MAGA hat.

As I walked by they all shouted racist and spat. Then I turned to them and said what did you say? Pussies thought I'd just walk on by.

I told them I'm not afraid of you and your intimidation tactics. Me against ten youths. You know what happened then?

They sucked my balls, despite being barely legal. Offered me some contraband but sorry mate that ain't legal but you sucking my balls that's on the up and up.

Next time it happens I'll record it and post it to some interracial porn site I swear. I've been a loner and a white minority nearly all my life. Never got gang banged though like DeAngelo and her sexual fantasy. I know what she's all about. I'll make her snort my dicksnot.

Now according to the media I'm a terrorist in my own country and if that's so then so be it and fuck you.

I'm a British person and have had people, immigrants run up to me and tell me I don't belong here and to get out of their country. I've had black women attack me for daring being sat down on a seat!

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I can smell her rancid genes and her good ones.

She belongs in a zoo. You are a failure.

Letting women run around wild with nothing to do but screw with us?

She has low IQ though so give her one baby and see how it turns out beyond that she can at best be a wet nurse.

Robust figure though, a son to her could be well also quite robust.

Learn to see things how we do in the lower class...


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As a white man, with family that also has bowl eyes I'd give her some of my goods but she best make me a son she's not woman making material but good son making material.


Anyway I come from a family of ogres. My grandfather had bowl eyes too like her from Yorkshire of all places.

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Just put a baby in her and its crying will keep her too busy for you to have to worry about her crying or get someone you know like a friend or something to knock her up so she's too busy cleaning up shit to give you shit.

Man you people don't know how to handle a woman. This irrational emotional train wreck is fucking begging for it. Give her a baby or like a simulation (one of those Tamagotchi like dolls) and then she'll stop trying to baby the rest of society.

I hired women like this to complement my systems administration to take care of it when the servers "cry" even in the middle of the night or the alarm system when one is down. They're great for monitoring CCTV and anti-burglar systems, etc.

As a programmer I've made a lot of alarm systems (babies) and women like this are brilliant when you incorporate them into those systems.

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I'd do her, but I'd also give her something to do.

You see the problem is with genetic sexual dimorphism is that women also get our genes and they get bored you see.

You have to give them a chew toy or something like that. You realise life in easy mode is incredibly boring right?

Learn to put yourself in other people's shoes. Plus these days they made raising kids as easy as possible. They now have nothing to do just the same as with men when we make machines.

My job officially as a software engineer is going in, figuring out what everyone does, how the system works then replacing them with code.

I feel bad saying this as my job has literally been putting myself in other people's shoes and then using that power to eliminate them.

I've also worked with companies to keep people on board but to give then a chew toy after eliminating their job so then having to make a fake one. I have a lot of experience in job creation and uncreation. It's a pissing shitting fucking mess.

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Clearly she's also fucking bored out of her skull. Someone buy this bitch a knitting kit or PlayStation or something.

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I'm in London and prices are bloody sky high. One way or another they are screwing something up. They could at their level just buy both an office and dorms like with Japan or something. They would just shift to nearby but cheap so something is very wrong.

I mean heck for that money I could just live in a tent and make sure to plot out all the local amenities plus make the most out of those at work like charging the phone before leaving.

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The fuck? I'm a senior software engineer in the UK and I'd work in the USA for a lot less than that. Potentially at little more than cost if it were something I were really enthusiastic about like free speech communications platforms.

The only exception is that if it were a company like Twitter I'd expect additional pay for it being a hostile working environment against white people and people with knowledge and understanding that wasn't media approved.

Why the hell would an Indian need hazard pay like that?

Honestly, just two years of that pay and I'd be then working pretty much for free. At that point you can afford a house, security, etc what else do you need?

For a CTO position I would expect less. CTO doesn't actually do very much. It's the people actually programming and stuff that you usually give the big bucks for the talent. A CTO is not that far from an agent or something for the band.

The brain surgeon should get paid more than his manager.

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You know what pisses me off about 23andme? It doesn't take into account the fact that we raped the shit out of you twice. It keeps saying I'm German then bouncing back when it realises more than a few generations back.

I'm fucking tired of Palestinians posing as white people online whine about the fucking Germans when I'm one of the scientists who had to correct for my ancestors raping the Germans to shreds, literally.

I'm also fucking tired of far leftist commies pretending to be Jews. Fuck all of you. At least I have something to lobotomise.

You are so pathetic the way you turned out I'm an atheist and not on one side of the abortion argument or the other but you turned out wrong, see how it turns out first well you need to be aborted. I favour an unproven fetus over a proven piece of shit that you are over you.

You had your chance now fuck off and die.

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I see your germ name and we'll bomb your cities even when you try to pretend no no we're actually the Jewish quarter! Stupid communist slime who even dishonours the honour of Germans.

My grandfather told me about your German commies who said no no please spare use and pretended to be Jews to avoid our onslaught. Piss off before I make you live up to your name as that'll all that will be left and I guess it will live forever in that form.

Your words are the famous last words of our enemy in their last breaths "I'm sorry I don't... gasp... cough.. get... choke.. splutter.. get... yo....".

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Usually you can use humanised mice but China is quite special in that it disappears a lot of people into cages just like mice and it can actually as a totalitarian regime genuinely experiment on humans.

The problem with evil is that it's more powerful. The power of the lie is that the truth is only one thing you can say but the lie allows you to say near infinite things.

Evil is all about being unrestrained. It has the competitive advantage. The way to deal with evil is to stamp it out when it's small. If you let it grow too big then everyone is screwed.

Personally though, if being the bigger evil is what it takes to be the bigger man...

Anyway, people think good and evil are two equal opposite sides of the same coin. That's wrong. Evil is everything. The entire coin. Good is merely a portion or a subset. The power of evil is very tempting. In a sense, evil is freedom, at least your own.

It's not until you've been fighting evil that you start to understand its attraction and its power. Few people really know what they're dealing with.


When it comes to evil... release the hounds of war! Anything goes except defeat!

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I'd like to see that. Did he actually say "I am The Science" the same way a meglomaniac says "I am God" or "I am the law"?

Perhaps if before he said it indirectly people missed it. Or it took a while to pick up. Or he kept saying it indirectly to the point of no one missing it.

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