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You are a fucking retard. Trying to appeal to me with this?

Haven't you figured out by now I'm a fucking nutter?

I'm not the type of person who skips to the pictures in the book.

I'm not a retard. I read all the words.

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Kek = up. But you instantly downvoted. You ambiguous cunt. That sounds like amphibian. I'll cut your legs off and sell them to the French you froggy bastard, apologists to Pepe, then see who runs their mouth! No leg, no run! End of fun.

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Actually I'm trolling myself using you as my dildo, thanks mate for the leg up. I'd just taken a shit and my as was feeling kind of empty. Now I'm jam packed and soaring through the clouds. What a conundrum. So many heads but only one big fat enormous bulbous turd of a bomb drop. I bet that made you laugh but you'd never truly admit getting something from me after I rinsed you dry then made you buy an umbrella to protect from a downpour of your own fluids.

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I'm like the tap you twist only for it to burp water in your face, slapping you back and twisting you even harder.

I'm the gun you point at your head and then pull the trigger. Yes, it's a lot more.

Taking the piss out of each other is fine but seriously you have the reddit mannerisms and habits. That's not good.

Your training is half and half.

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Fuck. When I said reddit tranny it was just a probe but this confirms it. This is it. This is the most reddit thing and the most tranny thing I have seen on this site and mate I'm not even exaggerating this time. You're a reddit tranny to the max. I just cannot highlight or amplify that signal anymore than you just did.

Did you follow me here after /r/therearetwogenders? I had a small tranny following. If you need therapy I'll do what I can if I can spare it. It is pretty harsh having your dick cut off. Sort of too late really. The people who were there but should have stopped you egged you on and you wish I was there. I wasn't there but I'm here now.

Seriously I had family who fought against the socialists. Some had their bollocks blown off too. In war we all think of risking live and limb but quickly forget the latter. A fate worse than death. Even today the left find a way to leave casualties we then have to treat. Adolf Hitler was an illegal immigrant. Should have been deported. He was also traumatised after we blew his testicles away and should have had counselling. I'm also familiar with loss. I lost my parents and was an orphan.

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Irrelevant. Your behaviour here and now betrayed you. Those things don't make up for it. It's like stabbing your wife to death in the street in front of the whole town then saying but I'm innocent I've been an upstanding guy up until now! At least the absurdity of your response gave me a laugh, pathetic though it may be.

Own up you were prejudice and thought because I brought up the Jews I was one of those types. You made a mistake. It happens. I also used to suffer premature ejaculation. I got treatment and I'm better now. Now I ejaculate continually like a fountain so sooner or later I'm in time!

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You're an infiltrator. You're the same as the people on reddit. The left is bad? Cite sources! You're in wikipedia territory now!

You've been caught out. You're making unreasonable demands and disgruntled because your unsatisfactory penis was mutilated into an even more unsatisfactory less of a vagina and for a moment you had your time in the limelight on reddit bloating about how you got the snip but now that's worn out and you're left with nothing, even less than you had before, no one could ever want you, you made certain of that.

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A boring lame dick now a no dick piece of brainless slobber. Brainless then a dickless wonder. I'll just have to entertain myself. Useless subhuman filth.

Antisemitic butthurt Jew hater I bet my post exposing the left's setup of the Jews gave you your first period after your transition be careful though not to bleed yourself to death.

Anyway, seriously, we all do our part, if you were one of us you would bring up examples yourself. I've done my part, now you show when they have said we can't have anything but open borders because the Jews or the blacks.

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I'm deeply offended by how unoffensive your attempt at discourse is.

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What about blacks?

That aside no they do the Holocaust. Which is connected intrinsically to Jews. It's their perspective of the war.

Actually, they put black people in the same predicament as well. That's easier in America.

You're reacting to me like I'm trying to make some kind of veiled secret message. I'm not. I'm just telling you one of their algorithms.

Holocaust === Jews in this context the same way as Civil Rights === Blacks in many contexts.

You think anyone talking about Jews is one of those Jew obsessed people on stormfront?

Silly sod. Though recently I have been doing some studying because I'm just tired of it all.

Holocaust this Holocaust that...

You're running ADL 11. That means you're a fucking twat.

The socialists are a real threat to everyone, including Jews and I'll disclose that as I please.

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You're a fed informant. It makes you feel special. After all your an obese lonely person living in a trailer. To be fair though that's not all that bad. You're even worse than your circumstances.

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Mass immigration. We can't say no because of the Holocaust (the Jews). If it all turns to shit then, whose to blame?

We all know the left are the ones actually using "minorities" salivating over them like a paedophile over children.

When it comes to Democrats for example, the fallback argument is always the Holocaust (Jews).

Over time sooner or later we will have things going through the legal apparatus ultimately in the name of the Jews which is a fallacious argument and doomed to fail.

They pinned it on them from the start. They're already saying we have to give up everything, out votes, our nation, our race, our everything on behalf of Jews but it's not on the behalf of Jews it's on behalf of them, they're just saying that and we should shut their damned mouths.

Every policy Democrat policy you object to there's someone out there who will come and find you if they can then tell you it's mandatory because of the Holocaust.

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You have the wrong face. Where your IQ at?

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I feel sorry for most trannies as they were diagnosed and made that way by corrupt doctors. I also feel sorry for mussies. Imagine being a cutting edge i9 with 1TB RAM but some fuckwit in IT installed MSDOS?

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I can defend myself. After that, I'm white, I will defend them to, so long as they are worthy of it. After that well then we shall see.

People on the left on the other hand think themselves qualified to defend Jews or others when they cannot even defend themselves.

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We need to talk openly about things like this to Jews...

As I'll mention in my upcoming video, what's being done to the Jews with the Holocaust is actually preemptively scapegoating them. It's like the credit card version versus debit card.

It works like this: You want to make a bad policy that you have no excuse for. The only argument you can make to force through a bad policy doomed to fail is a bad one so you use the Holocaust. The bad policy fails. Why did we take that bad policy? Because of the Holocaust or basically because of the Jews. So things went wrong because of the Jews?

You see where this leads?

They put everything on the Jews first and foremost. Beforehand. Like when companies fight for your future paycheck with credit after all the current paycheck is taken. We failed. Evil wasn't defeated. It just evolved. On the other hand so did I. The predator of evil. I'll gobble it all up. I love it I do. Can't get enough of it. I'm never full even when I'm full of it.

In this case I'm not. I'm deadly serious. I'm tired of the fake Jews here pretending to fight the "stormfags". Jews as a race are under attack from the left just as we are.

They're targeting Jews based on race saying because they're a Jew they have to go with them because otherwise the the Nazis or the boogieman will get them making it a custody battle. The left are also racist against the black people targeting them psychologically saying ah ha you're black therefore you must be afraid of racism so you have to be impressed by us and join our gang else the racists will gets you.

The sad thing is that people of all creeds fall for this shit. Even Jews with their high IQ are too fucking dumb. The only thing I can do is to try to explain the unwritten rules of the game.

The left (socialists, a little like the ones in Germany) always go out of their way put Jews between us and our goals. Why is that I wonder? It might stop us but it wouldn't stop actual Nazis...

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Come on who downvoted this. It's a bit of a suck up rather than a mutual heart to heart but that's a bit much isn't it not?

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It's ok to talk to Jews and I'm fucking tired of fake Jews or the ADL talking for them.

I actually happen to like Jews. I don't think their shit doesn't stink (core blimey can I do some stonkers the wallop of the a stench will break your nose the moment you get even a whiff of it) but I've really had enough of these barriers between well accomplished peoples.

I'm well accomplished in a sense, at least intellectually and as a personal development. Jews have many people who are well accomplished and are a well accomplished people.

I'm really tired of this bullshit. We need to cut to the chase and cut out the middle men, like ADL.

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This is me with the heritage from the allies and the RAF explaining to someone with a heritage knowing people in Auschwitz why we didn't bomb it.

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I updated my comment. It’s a little intense, sometimes abrasive, but I think it will give you some perspective and if you take it as it comes you might appreciate some understanding. You’re beating us up for what we did and didn’t do, we do that to ourselves all the time, it’s redundant. It might help wrap your mind around the how could we and how couldn’t we.

It's clear many Jews have not gotten over the war. They have questions they want answered. The German socialists deliberately made questions ignoring whether they could be answered or not. As a son of the people who defeated the Germans it is now my responsibility to try to answer the questions of the people the Germans almost not only defeated but the player they tried to wipe off the board for good.

There is a division, us above the socialists, Jews below them. It's time to end this.

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Troops were still being transported to front lines. There was a lot of transport going on and death all over the place. There was no capacity to eliminate it all, we were under capacity. In North Korea we bombed it until nothing was left standing but we didn’t have this capacity in Europe.

The problem is with the perspective of Auschwitz is that no one has in their mind everything else happening elsewhere at the time. They think everything that happened happened there. I can sympathise with people there at the time for having that perspective. Technically speaking things are only happening where you actually are and nothing else exists. This view makes no sense today however.

In terms of inflicting lasting damage, Germany had the ability especially after a concerted bombing campaign to repair very simple constructs like bridges and railways. At best you could do some temporary damage unlikely to be anything more than symbolic or a minor nuisance.

Germany could ship people elsewhere or kill them on site if it truly needed to. You want them to bomb a train line. Have you looked at all the known rail links at the time across most of east Europe and not been able to come up with better higher priority targets? Out of all the rail lines how many could you actually bomb at what cost? When you send people on that mission they tend to die. What about other types of target? If you play a lot of war games you get a better sense of this.

What you’re demanding if you were a non-civilian in war would actually get you immediately court martial for not obeying the chain of command and mission creep trying to steal command of resources for your own purposes deviating from the overall plan and the war at large. Those standards exist for a reason. If they just do whatever people nag them to do you lose wars that way or you end up with disasters where millions more people really can die.

Once you realise just how tiny Auschwitz actually is in the grand scheme of things, in terms of the enormous territory, infrastructure and capability then what you’re suggesting would really be a paper cut. It’s not like bombing the rail lines would have been like cutting Achilles heel. It would have grow back very quickly and have about as much impact on the whole as getting a scratch.

Bombing campaigns on rail lines have failed before for similar reasons. It’s potentially useful for a quick result but not long term.

When it comes down to lives, the bombing campaign was in support of things like another 8 million at minimum to perhaps twice that lives that would be put at risk in finishing the war and if it were prolonged.

Realistically there was no intelligence basis to believe that even a million people would die in Auschwitz beyond that point in time. Realistically we don’t even know if a hundred thousand died in that stretch of time. A bombing could easily miss its target, have no discernible effect or actually make things much worse.

It was a brief period of the camp’s operation, one of many, and even today, one of the injuries of the war is that the Germans didn’t leave enough evidence to know exactly what happened, who died when, etc.

What we have today is based on best estimates making do with what we have. This is one of the reasons it’s still difficult today for people to find closure. At some point people have to come to terms with not entirely/exactly knowing.

That was their intention. The uncertainty they created was intended to leave a gaping wound that could never be closed. To make questions that could never be answered. This was not just the most intense physical war but psychological. To open wounds that could never be closed was their intention. This resonates even today.

Few people can truly comprehend the depths of evil without being consumed by it. This is the task of an elite few such as myself. Everyone wants certainty and determinism. That’s easy. Learning to fight against chaos and deflecting its fundamentally unpredictable attacks takes a whole new level of comprehension.

The real problem of Auschwitz today is a psychological one, that of unreasonable people that like to snatch control and can’t take no for an answer or that can’t accept when nothing can be done.

The Royal Airforce and the USAF is not your personal army. You wouldn’t walk into a military base and commandeer a tank because of some hearsay you thought something had to be done about. You’re trying to hijack a bunch of bombers for your own military campaign.

To understand what a war is really like. Imagine all the buildings in a city caught fire at once. Now imagine you’re the operator. Can you even answer all of the calls? Some are going to have to be ignored. Your building isn’t the only one in the city and not the most important one nor is it the civilian’s place to tell the firefighters how to do their job.

Asserting that the war was won doesn’t really match up to the fact that Germany was always increasing its production capability at a constant pace which rivalled our ability to decrease it with bombing. At best we could just about keep it from growing further. That isn’t believed to have decisively changed until several months after you insist that we must have bombed Auschwitz claiming we did something wrong by not doing so.

You’re also abusing the benefit of hindsight with a mistaken understanding of destiny. Germany wasn’t destined to lose. We forced that outcome. We did so by fighting to win. That’s why we won. The theoretical missions you speak of would not in any discernible way would have contributed to winning nor reducing the cost of victory.

I hope this gives some closure. It appears there’s a real need for people to talk to people in the know to understand the situation they were in and to gain some explanation or understanding as to why something couldn’t have been done.

This is a mental trauma of in that position and being in desperate circumstances wanting for control. It is understandable for someone to want control over their fate when faced with one so cruel. Perhaps they may even swap their fate with that of another, even a complete stranger. Especially a stranger. The further away from you the better right?

That’s spilling out to all people perceived to be in control even benefactors such as bomber command. Lashing out at us. Wounding others won’t heal your own wounds. The turmoil of helplessness is a difficult state of being to overcome.

Even those who seem more in control aren’t as in control of things as you might think and wresting control from them might not achieve what you think it will.

The war isn’t a pleasant subject. We did what we had to do. That means things like not wasting precious resources on humanitarian missions and also carpet bombing German cities giving them their own Holocaust in a manner of speaking. Such were the times. These are the demands of war. The price of war is our humanity. The more your enemy sacrifices the more you must sacrifice. One should not hope for such a terrible thing.

I respect the helplessness of their position but you should also respect that of ours. In a way ours is more tormenting. Technically we could answer those cries but it is temptation away from the collective prayers of the entire world and at their expense. A hundred lifeboats but we can only save one.

If we can deal with it, having a hundred things to possibly do but only being able to choose one, then you should ask why can’t you get over your predicament? Don’t be unfair.

I think the real problem is that bomber command didn’t have the time to explain everything or to spend hours, days or years arguing. Not to mention the need for secrecy in war. Those constraints no doubt left people out on a limb.

You have to understand, while you were juggling just one ball, with one million lives, though probably weighed poorly, we were juggling a thousand balls spanning at least a hundred million lives. That’s not something you want to go out of your way to interrupt and disrupt. We forgive your error up until a point where it is no longer excusable by the circumstances. It’s long past time now to have gotten over it.

I hope you will also understand now with your consultation with bomber command that we also have had our hands full. Sometimes life throws at you more than you can carry. Sometimes life throws at mankind more than he can carry.

Yet even in those circumstances there are those who must suffer wanting to carry something but are left empty handed. We shoulder our burdens and if we could have shared the load to achieve a known gain then we would have done so.

Perhaps we deprived you. Like the gazelle saved from the lion that wasn’t spared by the hunter. We’re the ones who defeated the Germans. Perhaps if we had not there would be nothing left, not even you. Perhaps that’s cause to fear us even more than them. The nemesis of your nemesis. Fear of your own saviour.

Yes if we had to be we were more ruthless than the Germans. What ever it took to bring them down. Perhaps it’s even more frightening not only for a giant to be about to eat you after eating everyone else in line but to see another giant to the giant stepping up and eating it instead.

I’m that giant. Hello my ant friend. I like ants! Love them to bits and pieces. Don’t take that the wrong way. Beautiful creatures. Often in their own little world.

Perhaps the hunted are especially afraid of the hunter of the hunter. Perhaps they fear what’s next. Perhaps they think they are prey even when they are not and therefore I am made a hunter even when I am not and you are made a prey even when you are not due to pathological pessimism seeing things go wrong and then assuming other things will go wrong. On the other hand, you can learn a lot from us and sharing is caring.

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It hadn’t lost the war. It was probably inevitable that it would but it hadn’t lost it. It still had millions of troops, a significant industrial capacity, defensive capability, etc!

These are gross over simplifications skirting over specifics from layman perspectives which is really something to be grateful for because having to become familiar with the intricacies of war is not something that should be typical.

That’s your opinion that it would not have made a difference and that your a superior military commander who knows better than people with years of proven experience fighting real wars of this type in this theatre. Ask your self this, what if you’re wrong? Are you infallible? Can you really be certain?

Supremacy isn’t absolute and things can go south very easily. Nothing is certain in war.

The claim that a million people were going to die in Auschwitz was false on the face of it. That never actually happened. Virtually everyone to be killed at Auschwitz had already been killed. It was essentially, too late at that point. The people who it was claimed that were going to die had certainly already died.

Would some be killed? Probably but not a million. Even at the time that was blatantly bad intelligence. I even did the same thing the other day myself. Complained to a service that its down time was going to lose me millions when it wasn’t. It happens.

The claim that it would save a million lives is similar to the claim about Benghazi. You’re claiming certainty that not only would it have not detracted from the other war effort but also would have saved some significant amount of life are both highly unreliable.

Out of all the people actually dying and that might die at that point in time realistically Auschwitz represented a tiny proportion and no bombing campaign had any likely chance of a higher return than any other target.

The part of Auschwitz that was bombed actually did have a near guaranteed benefit, taking out the production facility for war materials, that is, materials used to build Germany’s killing ultimate machines.

The sad fact is that prisoners don’t need anything like that to kill them. Once they’re captured they’re at the mercy of their captors. There’s very little that can be done. It doesn’t take tanks or even gas chambers to kill them. Nothing at Auschwitz used for mass killing was particularly necessary for it. Even that camp was not a significant proportion of Germany’s capacity.

This is why I believe people really need to study the whole war and not just from the perspective of the Holocaust or Soviet inspired dogma to get actual closure. When you have myths flying around about how things could be done like it’s the death star and we could have sent in a squadron after they snuck out the plans to the camp isn’t realistic.

It’s bad for the soul and divisive to think things are as simple as that people just allowed things to happen for no reason.

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From a military perspective it would not have achieved anything tangible. Even the word try rules it out. A desperate waste of military resources for a side mission in the most desperate war wasn’t justified.

Prisoners in the camp might have had a sense of despair but you seem to be unaware of the enormous scale of the war. You might take pity on their plight with no one being able to help them but it’s not fair to falsely claim that there was any realistic option. You’re talking about prayers that could not be answered. Such was the nightmare of the war.

It wasn’t just as though nothing was happening except in Auschwitz. Nor was it like North Korea where they had run out of things to bomb. Auschwitz was not a critical component in Germany’s capacity to kill. Its industrial and military might was.

One of the problems here is that a lot of people study only Auschwitz and not the war proper. They have no idea of the enormous scale of it. They’re focusing on one particular part of it and don’t see the big picture. People stuck in a camp certainly don’t have a sense of the entire war, only their circumstances and they’re not be far the only people to have been suffering.

The war exceeded resources and there were many sacrifices to be made with tens of millions dying. Bombing the Auschwitz camp had no concrete outcome or benefit. Bombing the factory did.

The claims from Auschwitz are most likely understandable frustration that’s perpetuated as Soviet propaganda against the allies that people are blindly going along with.

There were calls at the time to bomb it but they either lied or miscalculated about the numbers. At the time Auschwitz had been operational for most of its life time and the claim or preventing a million or more deaths is false. The deaths had already largely happened by that point.

It was also not by far the only place where people were dying nor the only means Germany had at its disposal.

We were bombing every means of production and everything we could to soften Germany up and limit its capacity to wage war and we still weren’t sure if that was enough.

Most people don’t seem to understand that the war wasn’t even guaranteed to go our way. It’s really only through good fortune that many more people didn’t die, Germany didn’t win or that it wasn’t a stalemate.

If you study the history of the way there are many cases where a single miscalculation or decision could turn the war in Germany’s favour.

A lot of people today study the Holocaust and I would not advise starting off in history like this. Instead study the war and the era.

Intelligence from various people on the ground was important but what you’re talking about is a failure to obey the chain of command with random people complaining that they weren’t the ones giving orders.

It wasn’t their men and planes to send to their death and they weren’t the ones fighting the war on all fronts. Auschwitz represents a tiny fraction of all the terrain under focus, perhaps on in a millionth.

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I'm super gay...


I hit my head and then got a brain scan to confirm it!

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I had a gay black guy and his Mediterranean slave boy like out of bloody south park or something and the gimp try to chat me up with the hat on. Not even joking.

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