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These are the types of people who scream about student loan forgiveness. Completely irresponsible retards. And then they expect those of us who actually have our lives together to pay off their balances. Fuck them.

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You also have to keep in mind that this is the monthly inflation rate, not annual. Nobody gets monthly raises.

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George Kent is pure, unadulterated scum. Definition of swamp creature.

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who wouldn’t exist if it was legal.

Apparently you’ve never heard of Dennis Hof.

And no, it’s not necessarily always a pimp, but prostitution always leads to exploitation and abuse of women.

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Yes, policed in California. Have you seen how that place is run? What world do you live in?

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Find me ONE single, solitary example of a prostitute that isn’t being exploited, abused, captured by addiction and desperation - someone that is truly choosing to pursue whoring as her life’s path, and you might have a point.

But that person doesn’t exist. Your ideology is a fairytale.

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Now you just sound like a liberal. “bUt wHaT aBoUt tHEiR sLAVeszzes” fuck outta here with that nonsense.

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Ah, yes. The “best and safest methods” of whoring out your body. Is that how it’s worked out for California when they essentially legalized hard drugs? I’m sure the homeless on skid row are enjoying the “best and safest methods.”

You libertarians are so fucking delusional and sick.

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If you consider a hooker being abused by her pimp, forced to sell her body due to a plethora of reasons - most likely drug addiction - “consensual,” that’s pretty twisted.

You “libertarians” have no idea what our founding fathers meant by “liberty.” It certainly didn’t mean freedom to whore out your body. Disgusting.

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If we’re being fair, you’re a fucking idiot.

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🤣 good catch. They’re not sending their best.

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Jeremy’s Razors. New company, affiliated with the Daily Wire. Completely anti-woke.

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Sean Hannity is the single dumbest person in conservative media.

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These faggots aren’t used to any consequences. That’s the problem.

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The founders never intended for all adults to vote. The basic unit of society is the family, and the man is supposed to be the leader and decision-maker. A representative for the family.

The 19th amendment and the idea that a woman could cancel out her husband’s vote led us down the primrose path to the destruction of the family.

Criteria for voting should be very strict. You should be married and own property. I’m not married, and I’d be fine with this. You have to have a real stake in the society. On welfare? You don’t get to vote.

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