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The vast majority of atheists aren’t conservative, but of course conservative atheists exist. I’m technically one of them. Most of them, including myself, don’t really associate with “atheism” or “atheists” because most atheists are insufferable lefties. Most irreligious conservatives have an appreciation for Christianity and religious wisdom rather than a disdain.

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How about a mandate that rounds up every criminal alien and sends them back to their native shithole?

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Oh and send home any anchor babies and their relatives who invaded through chain migration. I don't care how it gets done, just get it done.

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I've lost respect for every single person who wears one.

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About half of my office has cucked out and worn the obedience muzzle even though management has made it voluntary.

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Uh-oh too many escaped from the zoo!

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It’s a joke and she’s black you fucking idiot. Being afraid of how the left will react to what we say is pussy shit.

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This dumb fag’s name is Josh Thompson, and he teaches at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, VA. I am not providing this info to dox him, only because he’s a public school teacher and needs accountability just like the many other teachers we’ve seen exposed recently. Please reach out to Montgomery County Public Schools to hold this evil trash accountable.

(Edit) His email is [email protected]. Confirmed from this site

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Why do all left-tards have this caricature view of conservatives? That we’re all redneck boomers? I’m somewhere between gen z and millennial, and I’m definitely not a redneck.

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I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at anything he’s ever said. Very unfunny. Don’t know where he gets his ratings.

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In other words, they’ll keep giving him taxpayer money until this blows over and he’ll be given a job again.

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We should really piss the globohomos off and start advocating for a Christian version of the Taliban.

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Basically all of the “Americans” left in Afghanistan are just Afghani’s who had been given US citizenship. I say leave them over there. They’re home now.

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Nah fam ours was about the same, the Indians just aren’t fudging the data like the Americans.

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Nah, you can unmark it nsfw as the op.

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Don’t get the fucking vaccine (as if anyone here needs to hear that).

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Assuming a normal distribution here, which most IQ curves are.

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If the average is 68, that means half of the people there are lower than that. ? JFC

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