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Probably one of his best "tweets" ever.

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SERIOUSLY. Jesus F****** Christ. I'm so over this shit.

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Dang, now I feel like an asshole.

Thanks, fren. Be safe on the morrow.

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Are questions about God allowed to be asked?


And don't worry - no one on the planet hath the power to "trigger" me. You can piss me off. But you won't "trigger" me.

Can you really believe that the man made idea of God and the believe of an after life in heaven is real?

This is a very poorly worded, yet impressively rhetorical question.

I do not believe the "idea" of God is "man-made". It is as self-evident (or even moreso) as the laws of physics.

And if you can believe you're a corporeal being on an enormous rock falling through an infinite void, it's not a stretch to believe there is an "afterlife" - because the preceding is just as fantastical as the latter.

Where do microorganisms go? Well, what is micro? Atheists are so fond of waxing about how fucking small and insignificant we are, but a few iterations smaller and suddenly life doesn't count? I dont portend to know "where" anything goes but I think I have a damn good idea - and that starts with listening to my ancestors (who are NOT archaic, simple beings.)

I believe morality presents itself on the spectrum as to how far we can comprehend it. So - yes, there are bad animals who do bad things because they get off in it.

We don't commit crime against animals. Law is strictly for humans and has no further jurisdiction.

Dude - nobody, not even scripture - says we're in Heaven. We are on Earth. And it is fully mysterious. Be humble. You haven't figured out a thing.

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I know hardly anyone will read or see this - it's long and wordy.... Sorry, this might come across as pedantic or even pseudo-intellectual, but if I may...

Your stance against having no law is that you might impose - when that is exactly what law does?

You are not imposing whatsoever on anyone's freedom to live and behave as they please unless they invoke your moral retribution. (Actually, retribution is not even an imposition - again, none of us on this planet are "free from" - but we are all "free to".) You, as a free individual, and as an observer of your environment, have drawn a rather pronounced and obvious line where another man's usage of his freedom to act can exceed a threshold that I would argue most of us can agree on... and that is where their actions are directly harmful to either you or those in your charge. (That was quite a sentence, but I think it makes sense.)

"Rights" are not what other people allow you to do. You literally have the right to do what you want. We can both agree that it would be shameful for anyone to exercise their ability to harm your children. And, through our limited experience, both you and I have come to the rational conclusion that people WILL exercise their ability to harm others so it is incumbent upon us, who hold our own interests at heart, to ensure that those kinds of people would find it difficult to perform those actions, and also be deterred... and I would argue that because you are "not allowed" to enact your own retribution as you see fit, that deterrence is lessened.

Here's an example where there are literally no laws (and bear in mind the "wild west" is a myth, propagated mostly by Hollywood...)

If I could "legally" shoot you in the face because you pushed me - if there were no third-party arbitrators - not many people would be pushing anyone. Laws DECREASE deterrent consequences of moral behavior - and yet ALSO

If I shot you for pushing me, that might compel someone else to shoot me... and if someone else shot me, that could very well compel someone else to shoot them so there is ALREADY a very good reason to not push me in the first place because the consequences could be immediately calamitous. In effect, we would all be nicer to each other... because, again, there is a very obvious threshold that would compel retribution, and it's called not have a harmful effect on someone else's well-being.

So - your "freedoms" are under the constant threat of "being opposed" as you put it. Literally. Laws or not, that is the case. My contention is "law" doesn't help and it only exacerbates our human condition.

Almost everyone, and I mean virtually everyone agrees with the Golden Rule... whether they act according to it is an ENTIRELY different question - but, for example, not a single damn person in a 3000 mile radius would "agree" that is it moral for them to enter your house and take your TV. Again - it's obvious.

And there's another fallacy I forgot to mention:

Law-breakers don't follow the law. Put it on a piece of paper all you want - but if someone wants to steal your car, they're going to steal your car, knowing VERY WELL there are consequences if they are found. Maybe the worst is they go to prison. They are literally protected because it's illegal for you to kill them... and thus crime is perpetuated.

The law doesn't exist to prevent crime. Law doesn't prevent crime. Morality prevents crime. But once you try and enforce your morality through coercion, you immediately invoke the law of unintended consequences.

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In reality, we really are all free to do what we want, but we are not free from the consequences.

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The only real sense of altruism I maintain is that it is literally in my best interest to treat others how I want to be treated, and possibly, if I possess the proper faculties, to offer my services to either enrich their lives or to at least reduce their hardships.

There is utility with like-minded individuals combining their resources to defend against aggression. But, ultimately, the protection against existential threats against me and my family is entirely in my hands. ... And what I can't help... I simply can't help. And the fact there are threats that are beyond my means to defend, that still doesn't justify the initiation of force.

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Mexican cartels are anarcho capitalism, where innocents get hurt?

No. Cartels exist precisely because drugs are illegal.

Not every social structure is transactional. In a political and governmental sense, NONE of us actually agreed to this structure, although we play our part in this mis-en-scene.

Contracts are sacred and about as libertarian as you get.

And yes, if you claim territory, you'd better be ready to defend it.

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With actual freedom...

Your kids could walk down the street, always with the threat that some fucking faggot could commit heinous crimes. (You are never "free from." You are "free to.")

What you seem to be forgetting is that YOU are free to fortify their well-being by every means you see fit. If you fail in your fortification and the worst happens - you are free to perform retribution.

You don't have the RIGHT to be free from dangers because that is exactly what defines this realm. Again, it is a fallen planet. You are mortal and vulnerable every second. What is NOT the solution is suggesting or acceding to any "law" that would incriminate a literally innocent person. And - those are just my morals.

See - "rights" basically don't exist in plurality. You truly, truly only have ONE RIGHT - to do what you want. But you can never, ever legislate away not having to deal with the consequences of your actions.

You can literally do whatever you want. But you are never immune to the consequences of your actions. And the BEST way to ensure you don't face negative consequences is to respect everyone else's right to live as they please as well.

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Dude... seriously... it really is unbelievable how fucking stupid almost everyone is.

And you want them to have a say in your life?

Nope - our founding fathers done fucked up with "voting." Yes, they saw the danger in democracy, but the safeguards of a Republic against a democracy are feeble at best.

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I agree nearly 100%.

  • We have to address the world we live in today - which is a fucking dangerous world with very, very evil and demented people in power. It's a really good idea to establish defensible territory. Not just a "good idea"... it is absolutely essential. Anarcho-capitalism, within defensible borders, which are voluntarily protected is probably a better solution than the opposite which would be no military.

  • Military and defending our borders is the ONLY legitimate form of government for which I would gladly pay a stipend in the form of a "tax." And I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn't want that kind of protection...

BUT YET AGAIN - I contend that the powerful entities we would necessarily have to defend our borders from only exist because of the fatal flaw that those people in that nation did not respect the sovereign rights of their fellow citizens, they gave other people power over other people in the form of the vote and that is PRECISELY why they produced a tyrannical government that commands an aggressive military that we must necessarily defend against.

So, the very reason we "need" a "government" (which is military and defense), is because everyone fucking else made a stupid fucking government we have to defend against because their citizenry isn't free.

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No true libertarian believes in open borders. A country is literally the property of its citizens.

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Yeah -

Minding your own business.

Fuck me, right?

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The Party. Not true libertarians. A country is literally the property of its citizens. Every real libertarian understands this.

Government should have ZERO role in marriage. Period. The only reason faggots want to marry is because of the benefits. Take that away, the problem goes away.

Initiation of force is wrong. Like... period.

Stop trying to control people and the people you think need controlling will literally die off through their own degeneracy.

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Yep - I really hate the libertarian party, or even self-espoused "libertarians" who vote libertarian or say they "lean left." Every libertarian needs to wake up and realize what's at stake.

So - I agree with the principle of the OP...

But blaming this loss on libertarians? That's a rather superficial thought process.

And I challenge anyone - anyone on the planet - to tell me what is wrong with "live and let live." My philosophy is TRULY embracing the Golden Rule - and that's what libertarianism is supposed to be. Sadly, most "libertarians" don't understand that.

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A lot of the party are just leftists trying to be edgy and different, or dumbasses who thought they were being "reasonable" for the 2016 run, who didn't realize what was at stake, and didn't realize Trump is probably the most libertarian president in our lifetime, if not all time (he isn't libertarian, I know that). In any case, any TRUE libertarian should absolutely despise the left and realize they have far more in common with the right.

And I fucking despise the left.

And I love Trump - and I love you guys. Well... most of you. 🙃

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Hey dumb fuck: because you GOP fucking retards pissed this country away voting for the stupid fucking GOP for decades over, you now have to rely on our fucking votes.

True libertarians understand the libertarian party is just another arm of the left. I hate the libertarian party because they're just as fucking useless as you McConnel and Romney and Pence and McCain and Kemp supporting stupid fucking dumbasses.

So shut the fuck up. It's LITERALLY your fault, not ours. Because we tried to tell you fucking idiots for decades.

You put the hole in the boat and now you're yelling at us for not getting the water out? Fuck you.

I voted Walker. Because I fucking had to. Because of you idiots.

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Who TF... why would anyone... as much as every person on this planet complains about stupid people, and how nearly everyone is fucking stupid,, WHO believes it's a good idea to let everyone decide what to do with my life?

Jesus Christ

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Who are the idiots? I knew it would happen. Still pisses me off.

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Yep. I'm Georgian and about to lose my fucking mind watching this... and there's NO FUCKING WAY. Mother fucking son of a fucking bitch.

Fraud = death penalty. I'm so sick of these subhuman pieces of shit. FUCK. Infuriated.

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Can. We. PLEASE. Figure out how to fight for our country?

I am fucking seething right now.

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