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I feel like one way or the other that video is going to be played in front of a jury.

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The whole thing glows anyway. 2 year old account and suddenly posts and comments started 6 days ago.

And who uses "ayh" instead of the word "I"? Is that some weird neo-nazi thing buried in the white supremacy powerpoint presentation he was forced to go to down at the bureau? It's just weird.

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Critical thinker: Why do all the solutions involve more taxes and less freedom?

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I'm not giving my land to leftists. If your plan is to give me some wind-swept dusty acres in BFE so some blue haired commie can ruin what I've worked for you can fuck right off.

Besides, forced relocation has worked so well in the past...

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If this ever comes to pass I'm not giving Mexico to the leftists. I want Mexico for myself. We should have taken mexico city when we had the chance. I know, weird take, but relocating leftists to Mexico will cause more problems than it solves.

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I'm sure he did, and he's probably a new pilot for American Airlines.

by Zskills
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Leftists perpetrated the Holocaust, why would they prevent one?

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He's blinded by his own hatred. He belongs on the left.

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Jesus is going to be pissed when he comes back.

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