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“So, you think if he [Murphy] talks about mandates for [COVID] vaccines now, he won’t get elected because it’s a lot of push back?”

“Not that he won’t [get elected], but I think there are some people that, you know, might push back.”

The steal is still in for NJ

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Probably because of the huge influx of traffic from this site.

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You WILL eat the bugs, and drink the Soylent

because that will be the only thing you will be able to afford. Stockpile canned meats now.

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  • Only 15 days to slow the spread; don't wear a mask by the way
  • Maybe another 30 days
  • Just until June
  • We can reopen slowly, thank you
  • haha jk; this was because evil republicans didn't wear masks (which you now have to wear)
  • Just until the vaccine is approved
  • Just until the vaccine is released
  • Just until the vaccine is released to all
  • Just until 70% is vaccinated
  • We can reopen again for the most part, thank you
  • haha jk; this was because evil republicans didn't get vaccinated
  • 70% isn't enough anymore, just until 90% are vaccinated
  • Just until 97-98% are vaccinated <-- You are here
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yet CNN keeps saying that the "sham audit" found no proof of fraud.

That is the sentiment brought by all the dinosaur media.

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You're telling me the many of the rural desert and farmland counties, in which many businesses never enforced the masks nor capacity limitations, decided to not recall Newsom?

Smells like fraud, but you can smell that from miles away.

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It's called Progressive Insurance after all...

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The alert is done on every single page on catalog.archives.gov. Not just the constitution.

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New York is a one party consent state, so you should be in the clear.

this is not legal advice

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Thank you for doing the right thing, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and ACB!

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I once made a meme on .win, which very quickly died in new.

I then decided to post it on /pol/ (despite not actively browsing that board). Less than an hour later, someone found the exact image from /pol/ and posted it here (which got stickied). The next day, everyone from Judicial Watch to Veritas to Alex Jones had featured the image.

It doesn't matter who made the meme, the only thing that matters is how much it spreads.

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That 5 year old (or any 5 year old for that matter) would be a better president than Biden

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You know what woke means, it means you are a loser

Everything woke turns to shit.

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