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I suppose all he does is talk. He's a rapper and a podcaster and a shit talker on twitter, but he's a very good one, and prominent. That has value in and of itself. He doesn't need to be up to anything else as far as I'm concerned.

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Zuby isn't a grifter. He's real about his views, for sure.

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People just got used to the idea of kids dying back then because half of them would before they made it to adulthood. It was just baked into the cake. Same with women. Having a backup wife or two wasn't a bad idea.

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They're not mutually exclusive. Evolution is just describing the process whereby species have evolved over time and how characteristics are altered by selective pressures. The theory of evolution itself doesn't state that life originated out of nothing and requires no intelligent design, that's just how atheism-inclined academics interpret it. The two can play together. The universe may have indeed started as a speck, but how did the speck get there? God. We may indeed be the product of billions of years of evolutionary processes, but how did those processes start and why do they all fit together so neatly? God.

It's mostly just the literalist timeline that gets screwed up by evolution. If the universe is billions of years old, and humans didn't pop up until a few million years ago, then the Bible's account of how long this took to take shape isn't literally correct. That doesn't mean there isn't a God.

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Many of them go into the profession to sort out their own dysfunction, or to simply make themselves feel normal by projecting onto similarly broken people. It's the bind leading the blind half the time.

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You must be a pretty based lady if you're reading Crumb. The feminists hate that guy with a passion.

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Chappelle is funny as shit. I used to absolutely love him. And his stance on free speech and how he punches back at twitter trannies is fantastic. I'll take that. But make no mistake about it, if Chappelle weren't a comedian whose art form and career are in jeopardy by all this, he'd be no different than any other BLM activist coming to work with a Black Votes Matter mask on. He believes all that crap. He's not based. He's only based in a happenstance way about the things that are directly affecting him. His total view of the current reality is more BLM than anything else.

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He's disgusting. Squirming in his seat, saying weeeeeelllll....over and over, pretending not to know what people at his network said, saying that CNN's lies require nuance to understand. Fuck this weak, pathetic POS

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My parents divorced when I was very young. The things my mother pulled to screw over my father with the courts as her enforcer were unbelievable. She absolutely should have lost custody of us, but the mommy courts at the time didn't do anything. One psychologist appointed by the courts testified that it was the most disturbing case he'd ever seen. The result of that hearing? Increased child support payments. I still don't know to this day how my dad got through it. And despite all the justification to do it, he rarely spoke an ill word of her, so as not to put more stress on us kids.

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If a group of woke ladies comes into my store, I make sure to address them as "guys." It's just enough to get under their skin, but not enough for them to raise hell without looking nuts. It's not much, but every bit helps.

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We are moving into the shadow of the death star. This site pretty much cuts it to you straight. I totally understand why people gravitate to Q.

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We've had some real kooks as president, but the power of the office is magnified so much now that we can't afford any incompetency. Plus our population is weak and retarded compared to populations of the past, so every authoritarian move Biden makes is having a palpable effect on our lives. A president wouldn't have dreamed of doing these things back in the day. Even the degenerate, pompous communist Wilson did nothing with the Spanish Flu. I'm sure he would have liked to, but there's no chance that 1918 Americans would have just walked into a cage smiling and hand the government the key like these idiots today have done.

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FBI preceded him by a few decades, although it was called just the Bureau of Investigation. The name change and expansion of its scope might have occurred under him though

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Also many of us didn't have AC in our cars. Night driving on long trips was a lot more comfortable in the summer.

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It's the same "we're only going after the biggest fish" bullshit they use here.

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Even if you take the most hysterical climate change predictions at face value, it still wouldn't be as big a threat as a massive economic collapse, which these idiots seem intent on triggering.

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Ted Kaczynski saw reality more clearly than most liberals.

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Anybody begging for money on the street is doing it for drugs, alcohol, or fast food. You can get welfare over the phone in California with no ID and no state residency. It's a joke. You'd have to be a mute, deaf, retarded, limbless torso rolling helplessly down the street to not have the capability to get food stamps at this point.

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He took it early on when there wasn't much data on side effects. He says now that he wishes he hadn't. He's obviously not against mRNA tech itself, considering that he's one of its inventors.

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You'll get Covid Kuru from eating those boomers. Stay away.

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The Mickey ears and the "I just let out a ten minute fart" expression tie it all together nicely.

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