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We cannot have a government where whistleblowers are SO afraid of corrupted elements of our government that they are "chilled" into silence.

That's a no go

That's a no

That's when you fire everyone at the FBI and CIA, remove their security clearances, implant a remote detonation device into their spinal column just under their skulls and call it a day

You now have them on a leash. Anything ANYTHING gun, poison or 'suicide' related that kills witnesses, and you just hit a button on those agents that were related to the case or are anywhere near them geographically (within 500 mi), pop goes the weasel (comey reference)

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These people deserve everything that is coming to them

And none of it is good

Those that rebel against it, we need to find, protect and dare I say 'groom' them (mentor them, train them up) for ideological, 5th gen war they're in NOW

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Someone needs to tell "Elliot" that real men take action if they feel unsafe


  • Move / Leave
  • Buy a gun, learn how to use it, concealed carry and don't worry again (in a stand your ground state)
  • Do something about it
  • Such as remove the problem,
  • Fix the problem
  • Throw money at the problem
  • Burn the problem to the ground
  • Make friends with the problem, take the problem over, make it not a problem.
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Correction Ex-ceo ... he replaced himself with his son

So now you have a nepotismic shoe shinin' scion running the joint

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McCarthy is just an effete renfield of the deepstate.

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Sandy, if you're reading this, I'm saying you're really dumb

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I think if someone F'd her brains out, she might become smarter from what regrows

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He's not a democrat. These labels are meaningless now. He's running under the democrat ticket because it's the only way to win. First of all, as a Kennedy, he cannot run as a republican, rnc won't allow him. Secondly, its' a legacy convention for him to be a democrat, he's from the kennedy 'democrat' legacy. Thirdly, he can't win as an independent, because no one can. The 2 party system is rigged as F.

Fourthly, he cannot win the democrat primary, because Bernie proved they rig it, and they want Gavin Newsom. Also, the DNC and the establishment corporate left is terrified of RFK Jr. because, unlike Trump, he WOULD drain the swamp. Starting with the CIA. Then the FDA. Then the FBI. And his first action would be he would revoke everyone in the entire US government's security clearances. Then he would selectively start giving them back after interviewing them while they dangle over a vat of bubbling purple acid.

So he's not going to win in 2024. Therefore he's only doing this to push certain political issues. He's using his candidacy to raise money for 2028 run; and get his name out there; and also he is using the primary candidacy run to have debates and show the world how g d retarded and radical the dem party has become. He's also pushing maga issues and controlling the public debate and dialogue.

Finally, i want to circle back to the first thing I said: he's not a democrat. He's a liberal. But he's a populist. And he's more of a green populist / eco populist. He wants clean air, clean water, and clean products, esp clean vaccines that are safe. He wants clean medicine and clean protocols to keep children safe. His website is about child health and safety. And he makes a living suing big companies over endangering and injuring people with unsafe products having toxic sludge in them---they say vaccines don't have thimerosol in them anymore and the left likes to beat this drum in their fact checks. Funny thing though, these vaccines are independently tested and found to have thimerosol in them. Meaning they are VERY old batches that are being rebatched, mixed up together and then repackaged with a confabulated expiry date that's rewritten... YES they are doing this. RFK Jr. exposed this. He has access to independent labs and this is one of the things they do, is expose the bullshit

I've done this kind of thing myself. I was experiencing very severe and harmful side effects after drinking Nestle brand whole milk powder "NIDO" and I had a suspicion that the batch was bad. I got a new batch and compared them by taste, spitting out the bad one. I sent this powder to cinnamonson, nj to a chemical metal assay lab for food and they gave me a detailed result showing poisonous levels of iron (iron can certainly kill you...its called hemachromatosis poisoning) and toxic levels of arsenic, 10x higher than the highest rate allowed for rice, which for rice is itself held (by usda/fda) a higher standard since rice hyperaccumulates some heavy metals like arsenic. I published these finding to reddit, and people were wowed. I had contacted NESTLE for a recall, and the USDA also, and neither one responded in a responsible manner---Nestle ignored my independent 3rd party assay (ie: science) and said my symptoms were 'my fault' due to 'preexisting conditions'. The USDA ignored me so hard, I felt like it was Nestle shutting my inquiry down from within the US gov itself. I sometimes wonder how many mexican babies died from drinking that stuff. I'm a 210 lb fat adult, drinking a quarter of one glass nearly hospitalized me, that would have killed a child. (NIDO is marketed to latin american children)

So my point is these things happen, and people like RFK Jr. are the ONLY PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR US

The US government is fully captured by corporations. They are not here for you. They are not here to protect you. They do nothing for you but harm.

And all of us here, prove it every single day. My testimonial here is only one small example.

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He has spasmodic dysphonia from vaccine injury. He said so the other day, after not saying anything about it for YEARS. I think he was holding onto it for just the right time so it had maximum impact. That says that he has learned from the church of Trump how to work the media.

I also think they are working together and if they aren't, the 100% should

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I'd vote for him over desantis. I might even vote for him over Trump. I want them both though because they are both saying super maga things, RFK more than Trump right now. I think they're working together and pretending they aren't.

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That scream at the end is where a desk would go flying over the neck of the gorilla woman on top, even if it paralyzes her for the rest of her life

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Yes it's a great video

No, no one cares though. That's the problem.

People have gotten to the black pill point where they've given up hope. (not us here but people we try to reach)

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Playing devils advocate here, it's possible she really didn't know she was pregnant if she was drugraped by coyotes on the way here. She could have farted out a bag of blood, but here's the thing...hows this happen in a hospital? Was she abandoned in some room in a hospital where she farted out the amniotic sac without anyone to help her. There is a bigger malpractice story here. If you go to the hospital with stomach pains and fart out a sac and no one is there to say to you 'hey you just shat out a bloody bag of child', then I could see how this would confuse an uneducated migrant. Did YOU know they come in bags? Did you know that sometimes women shit them out of their vaginas intact? I didn't until recently. The water breaking (bag burst) doesn't always happen. That having been said she SHOULD have been arrested for tossing it because she'd have had to cut the umbilicum herself.

My point overall is that she was dumb, she did the wrong thing, but so did the hospital...they want to put it all on her but they were at fault too...because something in this article really doesn't add up. We're not being told key parts of this story.

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