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Joey has always been a simpleton in training and now he has stage 5 dementia. He's a lost cause.

As to his father, Biden Sr is a disgrace himself. Where do you think the defective Biden DNA came from?

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The only way that Lizzie can cure her RINOism is by undergoing a lobotomy.

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What did James do, put hot sauce in their word salad?

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That's because California has the highest percentage of mental illness amongst it's population.

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I'm with you but she did tell the media they were a lost cause.

That's very Trumpy and right on the money.

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Is that one of those proven ineffective cloth masks that Dr Jilly is holding?

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You would think he would regret his Impeachment vote on the basis that it was a sham Impeachment.

I guess what Meijer is telling us is "I'm too dumb to serve".

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whose fault would that be?


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Gee, I wonder how the Great Barrier Reef survived the last Ice Age.

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The law means nothing to these Globohomos. They won't hand over anything that incriminates them.

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