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You'll find that even the AP copy pastes from Reuters.

In fact, almost everyone does.

The fix isn't just in, it's been that way for decades.

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Could it be that the Venn diagram of those that do drag and those who are pedos is so close that you can't distinguish the two circles with the naked eye?

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That sure is a lockstep defense force they got there.

It'd be a shame if people noticed that they're all saying the same thing.

On the same day.

Within hours of each other.

About the same thing.

Almost as if they're taking orders from a group.

And lying about what really happened, to cover for the lies they sold people for years, all for just one political party.

What was that about people losing faith in the media again?

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This is what I was waiting for. The ignore reality and substitute my own strategy.

He's gonna have to pay so much money out for wasting everyone's time over this.

Because they will countersue for that, and win. Easily.

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There's a lie of omission if I've ever seen one.

The climate changed because of multiple train derailments and fires. Which poured toxic crap into the sky for the rest of us to breathe.

And when their fuck ups became too numerous to hide, they tried blaming Trump.

I can't wait for people to wake up like I did and see who is really fucking over the country, and who actually loves it, and wants to see it the best it can possibly be.

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I thought Trump got as far as Clinton did in 90s in his impeachment thing. They moved to vote to impeach, but did not ever get as far as the actual vote to impeach.

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I remember watching this.

The branch dividians wanted to be left alone. The news at the time painted David Koresh as some demonic figure. But I'll never know the truth if he was or not.

Yes they had a lot of guns. I think every member had one, or multiple handguns.

Every single three letter agency person overstepped their bounds in that.

The APC they used to smash through a wall to get in exposed a live electrical wire. Which the smoke grenades then ignited, which caused the fire.

Janet Reno should have been ashamed of herself.

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It was an anecdote from a teacher back in high school, so I went and looked it up. Adi and Rudi Dassler. or Adolph and Rudolph, as the true names.

Adi formed Adidas, because that's his name.

And Rudi wanted a strong animal, thus Puma.

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It's true. One brother formed Puma, the other brother formed Adidas.

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Should have said they identified as the winners.

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The CFL bulb is fine, it's the cheap ballast below in the housing that will break before the bulb will.
It being on it's last legs can have symptoms like making the bulb blink, or dim itself then go back to normal light levels, hum, and all sorts of other annoyances. LED is the better choice, but CFLs are not terrible by themselves.

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Him and a bunch of them are paid dem cheerleaders on twitter.

Pay them no mind. For they have none of their own.

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All for a virus that the vast majority of those who have it, would need to be tested for it, to actually know they have it, because the symptoms are that minor.

God help us all.

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From 1889 until 2021 and it's only bad enough to remove her from the box now?

Take that multinational corporation, who was freely able to profit from it for over 130 years before people started thinking it might be wrong.

Is this really the line in the sand for them?

The quaker oats guy is still on the label. They just removed aunt jemima, uncle ben and the land o lakes indian, drawn by a Chippewa artist ... huh, just the ones with darker skin.

Seems kinda racist.

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I think we're hearing a lot about this lately because Californians are escaping California, and no one is happy to receive them.

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I hope we can get him out. Knowing now that he was installed, and not elected.

That and he committed an actual impeachable offense. He fired the prosecutor as she was going to investigate SNC Lavalin years ago.

But none of that seems to matter anymore.

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We should ask the people that print the ballots for voting that very question.

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