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misspelled "lesbian."

found the person who doesn't watch Salty on the regular

(it's how he intentionally mispronounces the word)

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if that model comes with ventilated/cooled seats then i'm putting a down payment on one

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probably best that he doesn't go walking around DC after dark...ya never know when a "mugging" might happen!

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pretty much covers every aspect of the deadly fraud

worthy of a sticky

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i'm certainly dumber having listened to that tweep try to explain himself

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40% of the guns but 100% of the losses due to unfortunate boating accidents

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i'm very unhappy with President Trump's endorsement of that clown

that said, and not sure if it matters but perhaps worth noting, the tweet is from March 14, 2018 (in case anybody is thinking it's in reference to recent events)


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i found the GiveSendGo page -- not sure if i'm allowed to post the link but it can be found by typing /Brennan after the web address

a photo is there of him and his beautiful family

so sad

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he certainly wasn't "one of us"

he hated conservatism (in all caps and bold print on page 157: CONSERVATISM IS DEAD, THANK GOD!) -- that was after many paragraphs about why he hated conservatism

thanking God is ironic because he also wrote that he's an atheist

he was an environmentalist, writing many paragraphs about how important the environment is

he loved communism when he was a teenager

as OP noted, he referred to being double-jabbed

i went back to my link from last night to pull up page numbers but Google removed the document for terms of service violation

i skimmed it last night

most of it was a how-to manual (every item he bought or thought about buying, why he purchased, where he purchased, and things he didn't purchase and why he didn't purchase)

i kept thinking while reading through it that he's likely on the spectrum of high-functioning autism but also, of course, insane

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likely on the spectrum of autism

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there are 128,775 emails

it's going to be a long recap for a TL;DR

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based on OP's hint about flame-throwing, i did a search and found out who TW is -- it's Thomas Wictor

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he's an atheist, hates conservatism, waxes poetic about environmentalism, was a communist in his teen years

the manifesto is 180 pages long...i skimmed it quickly but did not see anything in there tying him to MAGA

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eh, if they wrote it they'd be blaming Trump and the cult of Ultra Maga

instead, he said he was a communist in his teenage years, is an atheist, hates conservatism, and believes everything comes back to saving the environment (there's more but it's 180 pages and a long slog...i skimmed it)

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not hard to imagine a scenario where they promised him they'd rig the elections for him in 2024 if he'd follow their instructions relating to 2020

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this is the only one i could find where she mentions police, it's also a compilation with her part being at the beginning of the video


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ha ha great question

like rugby or hockey or roller derby

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off the top of my head, i guess they're thinking our military and police are so cucked that they'll roll over and follow orders of the UN blue helmets

it's pretty telling of how far we've fallen that i don't find that scenario impossible to imagine

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i give up...who is TW?

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