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Aliens, The Abyss, Point Break, Strange Days… not to mention Terminator of course. He’s written and produced a lot of my favorite movies. His best work is well in the past however, so it’s much easier to ignore his current spiral into liberal madness.

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Very sad. Cheers was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Hate that I’m at the age when all the musicians, actors and influential people I grew up with are all passing away. Makes me feel very cut off from the world I’m living in now.

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Biden administration illegally colluding with private business to restrict the constitutional rights of American citizens is "a distraction". In any other timeline this would have ended his presidency. I don't recognize this country anymore.

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The feminist movement accomplished its goals a long time ago, and then some; the right to vote, equal rights under the law, equal pay in the workforce, etc, and in many circumstances now, women are overwhelmingly given preferential treatment over men. It isn't about equality anymore, it's about misandry and superiority.

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"Worth" is subjective. If all you care about is cost and a gun that goes bang, buy a budget AR-15, but if you want something different because it's fun to shoot, has classic styling, or because you might live in a ban state, Mini-14 are great.

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Pretty telling that none of Matt Taibbi's critics are disputing the information he's reporting on, and just go straight to character attacks and insults instead.

"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar; you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say."

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Precisely. As an individual person they have the same rights as anyone else, but that isn’t what they’re mad about. They want special privileges just for being transgender, same as all these other groups that thrive on self-victimization.

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The story is being buried and no one is speaking out because the goal is to normalize pedophilia, and creating an outrage would be counterproductive to that goal.

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The meaning of that passage is that people shouldn't act out of revenge when evil acts are committed against them, but it doesn't mean people should stand idly by and let them occur either. The gospel of the Lord can't be shared or taught to others when we stand by and do nothing.

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I don't remember anyone throwing this kind of a fit over Louis Farrakhan.

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She'd make a good running mate but let's be real; If they can steal 2020 from Trump and 2022 from Kari, they can steal 2024 from both of them, and they will.

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Apparently division leadership had the bright idea to mark the boundaries of the course with CS gas to prevent anyone leaving, but didn't consider the possibility it might... y'know... blow with the wind?

If they can't even run a morale event competently, how are they going to handle a real war?

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The mockingbird media would have everyone believe it’s because MAGA candidates are so unpopular, which is why they keep holding sold out rallies everywhere they go across the country… because they’re unpopular…

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I grew up reading books by C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Eddings, Orwell, Le Guin, Ingalls-Wilder, Twain, Frank Herbert, Baum, and so many more.

I’d be amiss to say I’m not worried about most works of art and creative thought being banned in years to come.

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Life is a gift from God, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna off myself before my time presents itself. I said it a few weeks ago, but this isn’t compassion, it’s evil.

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It's called 'planned obsolescence'. Much harder to bilk customers of their money when you make quality products that last, because you might not see them again for years to come. Who gives a damn if they're loyal or not? Once you remove all other buying options they don't have a choice but to use your crap, or some equally shitty alternative, at which point you've got them by the balls. They'll be stuck with your shoddy bullshit whether they like it or not.

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"Some members use the platform to push their own personal bias, an agenda to control what people think, and this is extremely dangerous to our democracy."


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Collapse of government from egregious mismanagement and out of control corruption is most likely how the West will end.

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If she had left herself alone she would have aged very gracefully, but like many aging celebrities she couldn’t accept her time had passed, and went crazy with plastic surgery to the point idk who or what the hell I’m looking at anymore.

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This is the “role model” the globohomos want for the entire world.

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