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At one stage I heard he assembled a grand jury.

When Bill Barr stepped away from pushing against the Democrats, you knew it was a forgone conclusion. I heard he even prepared all the Executive Orders Biden signed on the first day.

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We agree.

CNN and MSNBC should have their licenses revoked for spreading fake news. Their is a percentage of the population that believe them which is why the block stories like Hunter Biden's laptop.

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It is unfolding before our very eyes.

Remember Obama constantly saying "I've got your back". It always made me uncomfortable--it just was not a Presidential statement and what did it mean?

Now we see what the message really meant--I will stand by you when you break the law, you stand by me when I break the law.

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Our two tier system of justice simply does not hold Democrats accountable.

We all looked on as Paul Manafort went to jail but Tony Podesta, accused of exactly the same thing, walked away.

Now look who will also be lobbying Huawei--you guessed it, none other than Tony Podesta:


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Of course all investigations are dropped.

This was a coordinated effort by the Democrat party to drive up the number. Many hospital staff have acknowledged death certificates did not accurately reflect deaths.

When was the last time you saw a Democrat be held accountable?

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This is the result of no law enforcement.

You now have obviously disturbed teens looking for people to beat up. Without doubt, no right minded individual would behave this way.

The repercussions, particularly long term, of what Democrats are doing to society is unthinkable.

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It would be nice if our military displayed that they actually protect the citizens of the United States.

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msm is another branch of the DNC that is riddled with fake news.

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Someone posted revised CDC guidelines for testing but it looks as though it only becomes effective 12/31/2021.

They need more time to fudge the numbers.

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He should not be President of a children's tree house, let alone the President of the United States.

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Here is the definition of insurrection:

The act or an instance of open revolt against civil authority or a constituted government.

There "insurrection" was the people objecting to an unconstitutional government--it was The Steal by the Democrats of the people's choice.

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Can someone please sue the United States government for abuse of power and harassment?

We know about the Russia hoax (a set up by the intelligence community). We know January 6th is looking more and more like a set up (FBI and Nancy Pelosi) We know about 2 impeachments in an effort to remove opposition (set up by Nancy Pelosi) We know about the unprecedented amount of unmasking that went on at the end of the Obama administration (entire Obama administration) We know about John Kerry going to Iran and sharing information to undermine the Trump presidency

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Democrats and their wrongdoing needs to be stopped

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For George Soros and Bill Gates to have bought a Covid-19 testing company, you know this is manufactured and managed by the Democrat party.

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Why has this man not been declared an enemy of the state??

He is very obviously funding chaos, hate and anarchy and the Democrats are his willing soldiers. The Democrat party is obviously for sale, both domestically and internationally.

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The problem is the left do not put the best person in place for defend and protect the US.

They put the person in place to tear down the US.

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