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So at what stage do we round up everyone in positions of authority that do not represent America??

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So at what stage does the country charge them all with treason for having sold America out?

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Or because they have not bothered to inform themselves.

Turning on the television and repeating what is said is tantamount to doing an internet search and assume the information posted is true.

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It is a shame that their science proves over and over that they actually have no idea.

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Do you know why?

I know at some stage Tucker Carlson tried to find out how they got that contract in the first place, but the details were well buried.

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I am sure that they must have been at some stage.

They ended up being the international face/news outlet for America for a long time. It is why they are in every airport.

They have done a terrible job of representing the country.

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Do they even remember how to report the news??

That actually requires facts rather than opinion.

As we have seen, CNN often lies by omission. They just don't cover what is not politically expedient.

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The most ridiculous comment I heard from Hillary Clinton was that cryptocurrency was destabilizing the dollar.

It is the insane spending is destabilizing the dollar. Sad part is how CNN and MSNBC audiences will believe it.

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I still say she is a big shareholder in Dominion Voting Machines.

It was on Google the first day the story broke about Dominion but was removed.

Now some Capital Venture firm says the name of the owners cannot be released in accordance with the by-laws.

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No doubt the lawless and violence for the most part comes from one segment of society. It would, therefore, make sense that this same segment that commits most of the crime would make up most of the prison population.

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