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Fauci was only popular to communists/ leftists. I have never met a normie who would be swayed on who to vote for as president by whether or not Fauci kept his job.

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Don't go to prison... fight til the death

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Schools aren't all equal though. There's still some decent school districts, mostly in small towns and villages made of people like us...

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Still don't think it's incompetence. Every single thing this administration has done is exactly what China would want us to do to help them and hurt us.

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Pretty sure everyone has the exact same likelihood of death. Ya know, 100%

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Why can't it be one of them? There's room on the list for it...

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I will say I care more about the beagles than all the commies who got the shot...

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"Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by simple incompetence."

Bullshit. I'm so sick of hearing that. If you still think all that has happened is from incompetence and not pure evil trying to destroy our country, then you aren't paying attention. This bullshit administration is not incompetent. They are doing exactly what they are supposed to do, just like fauci did.

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Yeah, but you don't get paid to work through break or to do extra work off the clock... I will do my work when I am getting paid. Kiss-ass employees who work through break to make others look bad are faggots...

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ESPECIALLY Ron DeSantis? You're fucking retarded. Yeah, you can make some criticisms of him, but how many Republicans are currently doing more for us than he is?

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How is what he said retarded? Seems like a common sense question.

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I love when internet tough guys call other people internet tough guys...

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Oh, he could fill a room organically. Fill it with people chanting "fuck Joe Biden."

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They ARE men.

Edit - not really men. I guess I should say male.

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It's fascist because the government and the drug companies are basically working as one.

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