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All overrated .

We are just eating too much

Life expectancy has gone through the roof in last 100 years

Its capitalism providing Housing , air conditioning , abundance of food etc

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if this aint real why is it stickied or Hot. I dont have time for BS

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no it is a real thing, just read from people that have had it. Its been well exaggerated for political purposes eg to smash trump. The globalist elites , Fauci Davos Gates and co have run with it to usher in the great reset.

Obviously truth is coming out now about deep state involvement

Nuremberg 2.0 and the noose hopefully awaits these human trash

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every time you vax with these vaccines you destroy yourself internally . so as variants get milder over time your own body probably deteriorates exponentially

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Actually I think globalist communist have moved silently through all our institutions. They have exploited the general populations sense of fairness and the trust we have in our fellow man.

Ultimately they will pay

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south australia number plate starts with a U

Gun buy back after port arthur mass shooting

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really should delete this . You cant use bullshit to incite people

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black hat op. this even got a mention on War room. Got to check first.

Bullshit circles the globe before put my pants on or tie my shoe laces

I think i tie my shoe laces before i put them on or is it my pants first

fucked if i know

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10 down votes 3 negative comments 10 deports I dont know

BUT anyone calling for violence and are trying to entrap you must go.

I am not an idiot I warned of mass arrests BEFORE JAN 6

Agent provocateurs are real and have consequences

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Doctors nurses have brainwashed at universities for 60 years

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Trump said it.

If "experts " chose not to listen that is their fault

Trump had to get country to open up within the "experts " rules

He never said produce a shit vaccine

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