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We're not a direct democracy.

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If they fucking vanish tomorrow then the world goes on as before.

Clearly you don't understand how geopolitics work. Israel makes sure the muslims are contained within that region and it keeps their terrorism to a minimum globally.

Other countries also use Israeli intelligence for their own national security purposes.

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In 2 more weeks...right after Durham releases his report and Jeff Sessions arrests Hillary.

Q-tards are hillarious.

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Australia is done. Stick a fork in it.

It is now a Chicom satellite state.

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fuck this glowie ass shit!

there are going to be more fbi faggots at these glowie hoax rallies. they are shaping up to create the next false flag and the Q-chimps are already falling for it just like they fell for the antifa false flag on 1/6.

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Needs 60 votes (aka 10 Republicans).

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sending extra personnel over to TX to oversee.

AKA more people to bus illegal scum into the country.

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Yes! Too many RINOs on Patriots.Win that shit on the vaccine! POTUS Trump told everyone to take the vaccine

POTUS Trump said that the vaccine is good and that we should all take it. He took it himself and thinks it's good. Fuck Veritas for backstabbing Trump and Operation Warp Speed. O'Keefe is a Q-tard grifter who lashes out at Trump for developing the vaxx and is a Never-Trump LOSER worse than Judas Pence.

Everybody shitting on the vax is breaking rule 1 and should be deported. Trump thinks the vaccine is good.

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he said that pedo joe won fair and square and that there was no theft. he is a beta cuck.

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fuck matt walsh. this beta cuck said NOTHING about the election theft lmao

he wants to pretend to be based but he said nothing about the theft in november and then when asked said that pedo joe won in a legit election and that there was 'little to no evidence' of election theft.

walsh is a CUCK.

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You don't see a diff b/w Abbott and Beto "Hell yes, we'll take your guns" O'Rourke?

Then you're retarded.

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