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They are probably planning on staging a "close call" to scare people away from nuclear.

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I would love to abolish income tax, but this is the most pie in the sky dream of any political goal. That doesn't happen overnight, if at all, and it is impossible for a president to accomplish.

Tariffs used to accomplish everything (useful) we do now. But now we do lots of expensive useless or harmful crap, like entitlements and endless military campaigns. If you run on eliminating income tax, you are running on eliminating those entitlements (which would be awesome) but is a completely unelectable policy position. Not only would the deep state fight you tooth and nail as they do with Trump, but 100% of the lower classes would oppose you.

Furthermore, the president has no power to do anything about this aside from making the reccomendation to his party members in congress. The power of taxation resides solely with congress. If you want to change tax law, it will take decades of hard fought elections to win an overwhelming majority of (R) seats in congress by fiscal conservatives and federalists.

Trump isn't running on abolishing income tax because that would be fucking retarded, considering he cannot deliver that and it would be a lie of a campaign promise, and an unpopular one among people using medicaid, social security, and a zillion other bullshit entitlements we have.

DeSantis is a liar, which is why he is making this empty promise.

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What's stopping them from doing that now? The bruen decision basically overturns the entire NFA. That didn't stop them from going ahead with the brace rule, or any of the 100 other things they do despite "congressional oversight," court rulings, and law.

That's kind of the point. Unless Republicans disband the agency, there is no real accountability, and democrats will boil the frog regardless of the outcome, so the televised arguments are inconsequential.

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They all do. That's the scheme.

The uniparty exists to enrich state actors, grow the power of the federal government, and protect the state, all to the detriment of its citizens.

The majority of the conflict between Republicans and Democrats is theater. Its a mind fuck to keep you energized and supportive of the uniparty, regardless of which side (Dem or Rep) you are on.

They pretend to fight over highly emotional topics than are usually superficial or symptomatic in nature, and therefore inconsequential to the objectives of the uniparty globalists. Citizens are energized to vote for a pre-selected globalist uniparty candidate that runs their mouth, angering them and simultaneously giving them false hope. It is no accident that the entire population is so cleanly divided and homogenous within their respective political camps on every modern "issue." The issues were selected for us for precisely that reason.

Take Massie fighting the "pistol brace" ruling for example. We almost unanimously side with what he says when the cameras are rolling, and passionately so. Democrats almost unanimously support the rule, and passionately so. Both sides are energized but what they view as a fairly existential threat. But at the end of the day, whether the rule is defeated or not is of little consequence to the state.

If the rule stays, the state only gains a very marginal imcrease in the ability to prosecute dissident citizens and maybe a little pretext for future 2A infringements. If it is defeated, there is little in the way of actual liberty which is restored to citizens and the state can just choose to ignore the courts and constitution again.

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The censure had nothing to do with compensation. There is nothing excessive about the fine when the person in question is worth 70 million.

Not unconstitutional, but go ahead and keep simping for your boy schiff.

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Massie is NOT 95% with us.

If you can't see what is happening you are a retard. The Republicans campaign and fundraise on the superficial insanity of the left, but only pass positive legislation when we do not have a veto proof majority. When we do, they take turns torpedoing positive legislation. Massie has demonstrated his complicity in this scheme twice in just the last few months, first with the budget bill and now this censure attempt.

Its a fucking ruse to energize the fox news boomers to keep donating to the RNC and voting for globalist stooges. In power, the only bills they pass are spending bills and foreign policy bills that sell off our economy to foreign powers, and they vote mostly with bipartisan approval with democrats.

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Agreed. I've been sour on that greasy haired twat for a while. All that commotion about the pistol brace rule, felt fake. Massie is a fraud. Two faced piece of shit.

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Right because democrats never ignore the constitution, behave tyrannically, or use extralegal means to attack political opponents UNLESS Republicans do it first....

Are you fucking kidding me?

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As a corporate drone myself I know EXACTLY what he means and it is a perfect description.

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This is what the DeSimps do not understand. They are Fox News loyalists, Big Government loving "conservatives," vote for a paper bag if it has an (R) by its name because the (D) is worse type of people.

They believe that of MAGA, which is at minimum, 35% of the Republican voter base, because they are stupid and angry about Trump winning 2016, and therefore blind to the real reason why.

Most of MAGA are conservatives that were fed up with the establishment promising to fight Democrats for decades, fundraising on those promises, and then sitting on their hands in office so we all get to settle in to the new normal imposed by the previous Democrat administration. Or worse, following in Democrat footsteps, just a bit slower.

We elected Trump because FUCK GOPe. Because fuck them all. Fuck the RINOs, fuck the Democrats, fuck the entire political class.

DeSimps are in for a big surprise if they rig the primary for DeSantis and think MAGA will turn out in a GE for an establishment (R) simply because "Democrats are worse!" Good luck with those "independent" housewives, going to need a fucking lot of them to make up for losing 35% of the base.

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I know I did. Then Trump won, and I was surprised by how good he was. Then I watched the entire government, R and D, stab him in the back. Now I fucking hate them all more than I have ever hated anything in my life.

I voted for Trump, and the swamps backstabbing schemes are personal to me. That is the elites refusing to let my voice matter in politics. The mask is off, they want to destroy everything I care about and will stop at nothing. They must be ended.

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I'm tired of hearing about this guy. As sick and evil as the trans stuff is, it is a symptom of the real problem. There is a reason Fox News wants us focused on it.

The real problem is in Washington, DC, and the next president has to burn it out.

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How is anyone responsible for boomer fuckups, other than boomers?

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No argument from me. Fuck millennials.

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Millennial here.

Smoking pot is for faggots.

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