sorry to sound me retard alarms, but I see people all day, I dont care about shit, everyone is equal until proven otherwise, but i notice things, things that are usually tucked into the back of memory.

I've noticed an uptick in this lately. Then I see random youtube videos popping up on MJ, searching for it shows repressed sort of results, I dont want to even dive deep and see if people are being banned for speaking out about it, but I'd wager so.

I used to see normal amounts of it and only think about it once in a while, NOW I feel like I see it everyday or two.

Shit's weird, and I even throw out my regulars I know and love from the accounting.

Something's wrong bros. Watch....

This fuckstorm is brilliantly evil.

ANYBODY ELSE? I know I'm not alone in this world.

I went back to my psychiatrist, the one I swore I was done with, bc last time he medically discriminated against me for being honest, while letting "vaccinated" people in his office w.o masks.

I pointed out to him, hey, I didn't feel right about that 6 months ago, when it turns out both vaxxed and unvaxxed can infect others. He said, "not as bad for vaxxed" less likely to spread. Uh OK. (Strike 1 dawg, nw tho I expect his bias)

I told him look at Japan, they administered IVM and beat this, so did India.

He tried to tell me world govt all together are pushing for this and that he recommends it, and he's taken it and he wouldn't recommend anything otherwise.

We talked about risk of adverse effects, I told him how they were hiding adverse effects, suppressing trial deaths, footballers all dropping dead, etc. and I think I'll take NO RISK followed by almost zero risk.

I told him im not scared of covid, I want to get it. Im only scared of the mandates and govt overreach and reaction to it. "Call that paranoia or call that a legitemate concern" I told him.

We continued all my medications I need, and I see him in 6months.

This all took place surrounding the basic visit, I told him, you're my psych, this is all auxiliary. I told him I thought he had my best interest at heart.

It was hard to work down to 6 month visits.

Regardless, it all came to a head when I told him,

"hey, Im sorry you dont think the world is an evil place. I've had evil perpetrated against me by my own govt and fellow man. I've gotten run up on a 7 year mandatory min charge w.o the evidence to support the charge, I've had to literally fight for my life another time, I hope you've never had to do anything like that, the evil in this world is immense compared to that blip." Then I told him to look up Japan mandates and IVM use, please.

Our meeting came to an end, and I thanked him. W.e

Doctors gonna doctor. I need him to go look up that shit tho, and realize he's being a doofus. When all your patients are forthcoming, and think there is something up (we agreed on that part initially) then maybe they can risk their license and be a bit more candid and forthcoming w their knowledge, and accepting of the truth.

Prob got marked a schizo, but w.e, don't just stay quiet, w.e you do.

Make some fucking noise. Respectfully. I might have tacked on the charm not to get that box checked and by repeatedly calling it auxiliary, but harmful and important etc, I shift the focus from hanging up there.

Sorry if I'm a cuck for not abandoning ship like I intended to, wasn't financially an option. I just want our doctors to stop believing lies and spreading them themselves.

(he really did not like when I asked if he's getting the 4th booster in his butthole, jokingly as I left)

Man, I just hope these people can begin to see. Our faith in the medical industrial complex is eroded and it goes so far beyond general care/covid bs. I should never have these convos w a psych dr.

I told him "Hellllll No :)" when he asked if I got vaccinated, and I never felt so strong or proud.


some kid did an experiment where retards agree to ban water. "Science" and it's retarded af egg on face losers got shown in like the late 80s how stupid motherfuckers are.. Everyone signed a petition to ban "the chemical" h2O

This is just that exact phenomena happening again, mass hypnosis/psychosis. Retards for science. But they call it "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2" if they were honest, for shorthand, people call it "covid-19", and the RETARDS still fall for the 30 year old trick.


"science is wrong sometimes"


my mom took the vaxx, twice, I planted a good seed of doubt in her bc I am mad committed to this shit. She silently cancelled her booster appointment without telling me, but she didn't go and it was crossed off on the calendar. Both confirmed.

But they fear ANYTHING that goes against what they are told. Or "what Seems RIGHT???"

This lady is literally downstairs lamenting that she couldn't get Robitussin, coughin and sneezin' her nasty ass spikes everywhere, and I go, "Hey, I have the exact same cough suppressant in gel form, it's 25 mg dxms, would you life some"?

No I care so much about my heart, I only want ROBITUSSIN (TM) man, fuck.

She's liable to buy some guefenasin ass acetimenophen ass shit, (its harder to buy pure dmx than not these days), it's kinda infuriating considering her heart is what shes looking out for, and dxm is what she can take, but wont, right now, bc IDK, she is head in fucking sand :(

even weak conservatives are retarded cultists, just FYI. reach out to those in your life before it is too late. I just accept the silver lining that i convinced her to not kill my father w the boost since hes old, and didnt follow up herself. But man, kinda sad myself, ngl

all this time it's been "Free Kyle, Free Kyle"


its "Kyle Free, Kyle Free"

The lack of divider wall makes me not want to come back, I thought they had good covid protocol w the pens, but I was not asked to sign my credit receipt like last time, I assume bc of the encounter. Plus that plexi costs like 10 dollars, cmon. we're trying to end this covid BS. I was wrong about this place. idk...better at cheap ass retail places.

among other things. Being corrected on my speech after trying to say a nice hello while entering as the lady huddled behind the counter.

I heard that feminine voice call out like a decent customer service rep would, so I sent a friendly Southern Greeting back blindly, thought it would be nothing more than a pleasant, North Carolina transaction. NOPE!

I was corrected on it, twice, bc the stupidity didn't take. So I don't want to go back to this place. I hope that is the owner.

PS. YOU'RE A MISS(in all fashions of the word and implications of my business), don't correct me please. JUST STFU AND SELL SHIT.

Take a cold hard look in the mirror when some whippit buying fuckhead is posting a review like this..... Good Grief my business is going online, and I don't think I want to buy whippits from you anymore and lol. Look at the implications of what the FUCK I just did. All bc you wanna label yourself mentally ill. Cool. Good business model............

The Left doesn't own shit, I can't even hypothetically think of any way to chimp out.

I dont even know of a single thing to boycott or sit in or peacefully protest that any of them would care about.

What do we gotta do? Go Deuce in the sink at every Starbucks and Panera in the Country? Do we gotta go and skunk spray all the fucking apple stores?

That's the best ideas I can even brainstorm. The left don't got shit. What should we do, just fill up their busses and not get off? IDK.

I don't glow. I was just pointing out this great conundrum, our fight is asymmetric.

It's like, we have to make a list of things lefties like, and ruin it all for them.

We need to "Snape killed dumbledore" everything that we can come up with.

And we need to get started now. Vaccine mandates and passports can be the cause, bc that shit is coming, it's here.

Stickers and Lets Go Brandon are nice, but let's build off that momentum.

What do lefties like for us to lawfully ruin?

  1. Starbucks
  2. Panera
  3. Apple
  4. Authority
  5. Ignoring that their actions have consequences (we need more road signs and billboards)
  6. HArry Pooter

Let's make a list, Like COMMIES!


watching that Rittenhouse trial, and watching them make this dude look at his arm mid vaporization. Damn. Might be my new favorite number.

Wish we could add it to the lexicon ie "Home boy got 67'd!"


Speedran, in less than an hour.

We had to sit through that horseshit song for like 10 fucking years.

Now the faggot is out celebrating. What in the fuck is this shit? Is the goal to make everyone hate black people?

I'm in one of THOSE counties.

I only got asked about it like 4 times total.

Finally tho, got asked if my beard was part of the mask lol.

FeelsGoodMan That's foreal funny, bc I was told to shave it if the heat is fucked bc of the mask.

I'm masculine now? WTF???

If you have to wear a mask, please get one from so people can see your face and you can tell people your mask is as effective as theirs lol. If you're an employee w some BS mandate, put up a flag to customers and coworkers, thats retarded bullshit.

Before I get a bunch of "dont comply"s btw, I already dont 99%-- outside of work. But we need a foothold in places, otherwise they're gone to the liberal hivemind. No joke. Just one voice can change minds and stifle bullying.



yo, im just saying. I went on and lol'd bc the "news" was moved liked 3 slots down, way offscreen hehe. And yo, I went and hit that first Jen PSaki vid, there were prob about 4 on her, super partisan shit. I disliked the first one, and went back a page.


Now I cant even find them unless I use a different browser.

So basically, they are force feeding you shit now, based on how you react or not with the content they are serving you. This probably applies to other shit too like when you exit the vid, how long viewed, other inane shit you don't think about, REALIZE, they just stepped their game up another notch.


Crooked AF

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