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Incredibly interesting. Also reminds me of the study that a good portion of people don't have an internal dialogue.

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It seems pretty obvious that he's pretending to be naive on purpose to get the normies thinking.

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That's kind of the point of a revolution though / rebuilding a failed system from the ground up after it collapses on its own due to corruption...

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I got one word that'll solve it all.

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We need to stop leaning into their games or trying to paint Dems as "the real racists".

Let's not even recognize their NONSENSE!

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Great way to sum it all up.

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Thank you and please continue to spread this sentiment together.

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I think maybe MTG fought so hard for us in the beginning that she was a huge target and was maybe threatened. Think about it, she got swatted like 6 times. It probably really shook her.

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I'm on GA.win, none of this is true.

See for yourselves: www.greatawakening.win

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I will pray for them.

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"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

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Faux-moralism again. Trying to throw everyone else under the bus as 'hateful'.

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The whole thing is ridiculous and we need to stop vilifying it.

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Despite whatever he did I feel bad for Scott Adams. He was saying he'd seek to end his own life if his physical & emotional pain didn't go away.

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There we go. This is the kind of discussion I like to see!

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Can we please begin discussing solutions here more openly?

I've proposed a reparations + back to Africa plan I think will work.

Please start helping me spread the word & ideas.

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Where is this "white genocide" that you speak of?

Every sign inside your grocery store, and every commercial featuring literally only mixed individuals. It's called the kalergi plan. https://www.bitchute.com/video/nBCjtSaRYgJk/

There are 11 million Americans that are in interracial relationships and marriages right now.

You said it yourself.

Poor Black people are acting no different than poor Irish and Italians who were forced to live in shitty poverty.

We've given them welfare and program after program. Stop saying they're forced to live in poverty.

I proposed a plan to give them reparations and their own country and you barked it down.

Really starting to think OP is a shill. No offense.

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Man it's obvious we are genetically different and that in the direction things are going problems are only going to continue.

The last time whites had "race consciousness" they were hanging Blacks from trees. So much for anyone being harmed.

So you're essentially then, still pushing a narrative that one race is causing the problems, just that it's whites, and furthermore that we have some form of "irrational" racism that we have built in to us.

Blacks who were born in America are just as American as you are. They don't need a "homeland" America is their homeland.

Then why are they wearing Africa clothing and complaining about "yt civilizations"

We DO live together - quite nicely.

If that were true, we wouldn't be having this discussion right now.

Why can't cops enforce laws without being called racist? Why affirmative action? Why cities burned & looted when a drug-addict overdoses? Why Critical Race Theory being taught in schools? Why anti-white training offered in corporations? Why _____ (fill in the bank)

It just goes on, and on, and on...

Literally the reason the democrats have come to power is due to their campaigning on racial issues. Communists knew they could latch on to something.

Blacks and whites have served in our military since fucking Truman.

That was when white conservatism was still dominant enough that there was enough pressure to keep things seemingly normal. It's just been a slow form of culture war ever since, culminating in the "summer of love" in 2020. Cultures compete, and the best way to avoid this is to give everyone independence.

What would happen if we elected the first Native American president and after he took office he announced that Europe was white people's homeland and he was sending everybody back there to live?

I am speaking as to what America should do while we are still the majority race making the decisions. I think trying to make even analogies and comparisons about these types of things is flawed.

"European system of living" I don't even know what the fuck that means. Do you think folks in Africa are living in mud huts and throwing spears?


POOR Blacks living in shitty Democratic Party-run cities are violent

We've tried the "poverty" angle for 50+ years.

In conclusion, I'm not doing or calling for anything immoral and just want what is best for everyone. I don't believe that diversity will ever work. Who says it's morally right? Who says we should insist on diversity? Usually when you have two cultures on the same plot of land it's called a war. This appears to just be a very slow form of war based on welfare, media, education, etc. and the communists are taking advantage of it. Nobody will win.

However, if we start discussing these ideas more, without vilification, then everyone can win.

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