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I don’t always correct them, but when I do, I call it HIPPO

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The hospital my wife works at is owned by Ascension.

Her manager repeatedly implied that they were not approving any exemption requests and tried to coerce everyone into get clotted.

She had to submit her request by like Sep 30, and they were supposed to approve or deny it by Oct 12. Then they sent out an email that they were still evaluating them and something about the CMS rules and that they would address the requests by Nov 12.

Nov 12 came and went without any follow up, maybe a week later they sent out another email saying the deadline for being fully clotted was Jan 4, and you had to take your first shot by Dec 5. Then they sent an email saying they would address the exemption requests by Nov 29.

Nov 29 came and went without anything about the clot mandate and then they just magically approved her request yesterday, the day a judge issued a nationwide injunction against the CMS rules.

Coincidence? Yeah fucking right.

They still have not stated what the “reasonable accommodations” will be; I’m guessing they are waiting to see if the injunction gets overturned so they can renege and say the reasonable accommodations is her not being able to work anymore.

These motherfucking cocksucker kid touching pedophile rapist assholes have been playing chicken this whole time, trying to see how far they can push without getting their dick slammed in the door.

The pressure is off for now for my wife, so she’s stressing less, which is good, but I’m just as fucking heated as I was before the approved it - people need to face consequences for this. Anything less than heads on fucking spikes will not be an adequate punishment for these motherfuckers. I can’t wait for the tribunal, if I get a vote, my vote will be death for sure.

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“Something something vines that bare no fruit BTFO something something”

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My wife filled out her request in September and they were supposed to make a decision by mid October, then mid November, then Nov 29. No answer yesterday or an email saying they were going to push it back, they just approved it today.

My sister in law who works for a different hospital owned by a completely different chain than the one my wife works for, in a different state also had her request approved today.

When I heard that I was like wtf did something happen? Obviously this happened.

These fuckers who have been playing chicken with peoples livelihoods need to be impaled on spikes.

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It’s so fucking sad. I wish she would just catch covid and recover from it (for her sake), but I know that wouldn’t change anything.

She would rationalize it away as “well I just got lucky and I could catch it again and next time I will probably die.”

It’s sad, but while I do honestly feel bad that they are so mentally deranged, I don’t feel that bad for them personally since I know that they would happily hold me down and inject my kids with poison if they thought they could do it without getting shot.

It’s the medias fault, really - yes it’s their fault for being so dumb and gullible, but we wouldn’t be where we are today if the media hadn’t been hyping fear this whole time and lying about everything.

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Wasting their life afraid, afraid to live. Why waste the valuable resource of time?

I have a coworker who is quitting the best job she’s ever had over covid fear. Our office is small and spread out; we all have our own offices within the building - and she only comes in to the office like one day a month as it is.

Her job requires her to attend a couple events at our corporate HQ a year; where everyone is required to be double clot shotted and triple masked to attend anyway.

Even though she is quadruple clot shotted and wears six masks, she gets so much anxiety from interacting with humans half a dozen times a year that she’s quitting. She thinks covid will never end, which in her case may be true, since she will probably fear it until she dies alone with her cats.

She has all her groceries delivered, she disinfects them and then puts them in her quarantine fridge in the garage for 48 hours before touching them again. Sitting alone in her office with no one within 20 feet or less than one wall separating anyone from her, she wears an n95 with a couple surgical masks over it.

I’m not going to say she was a normal person pre-covid, she was always a brain dead liberal, but covid hysteria has completely destroyed her.

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I think your spleen is responsible for like 99% of your body’s ability to make new antibodies.

My dad was going to get a splenectomy for reasons and they started giving him all sorts of random uncommon vaccines before the procedure so his body would have a chance to fight as much as possible without being able to create new ones.

He ended up not having the surgery (they figured out the root issue) but OPs cousins body was basically fighting covid for the first time every time he encountered it.

Not a doctor so I might be off on the percentages or specific terminology, but that’s the gist of it from what I remember from my dads ordeal.

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It is great. Let them.

All this woke one-sided bullshit isn’t sustainable, the sooner we get the part with the shooting over with, the faster we can rebuild.

If the Democrats passed a law tomorrow that breathing air was illegal, the penalty is death, and they started trying to mass arrest conservatives for it, we could get this party started tomorrow.

I just want to raise my kids in a world where they won’t be forced by the state to take poison or mutilate their genitalia. The only way out is through.

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So you go around looking for “stormfags” to call out, but someone is paying you to do it, so it’s not rent free?

Is that what you are saying, retard?

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The semites live rent free in the antisemite’s head, while the antisemites live rent free in the semite’s (your) head.

Lol, idiots

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I followed it on the conservativetreehouse.com throughout the early part of 2017 through the end of Trumps first term.

It’s a great site with lots of details, well sourced and linked, etc, but a summary is hard to find, you gotta start reading (at least from there).

The good thing is, if you find a more recent article on a topic, Sundance will provide lots of links within it to his previous writings on the topics and you can really dive into it.

I dunno if this is the best place to start, but it’s ‘a’ place: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/10/12/tucker-carlson-interviews-general-michael-flynn-the-biggest-target-of-the-fourth-branch-of-government/

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You’re either a troll, or a fucking idiot/libertarian.

This has never been about private employers hopping on the bandwagon of forcing their employees to take poison for no fucking reason.

This is government coercing employers to try to force their employees to take poison for no fucking reason.

Businesses started enforcing mandates when the OSHA announcement came out, or the rules from CMS came out for healthcare.

The vaccine does not prevent you from catching or spreading covid, so there is no scientific reason for forcing anyone to take it - and if the vaccine even did what the branch covidians claim it does (reduce symptoms) then it will actually make the vaxxed MORE likely to spread covid. There’s no evidence it actually reduces symptoms, but that’s beside the point.

So with no actual benefit, and unknown (at best, likely heart and immune system issues of varied severity) long term negative effects, there is no free market reason for any business to force their employees to take it, especially when they are already understaffed. This is being entirely driven by government intrusion into private business. This has absolutely nothing to do with protected class rubbish.

People get laid-off all the time. Employers go out of business.

Sure they do. Shit happens. Except this “shit” is entirely avoidable, and the only reason it’s happening is because people like your boss Xi and his puppet Biden want to destroy this country.

You know what else happens all the time? Car accidents. Normally people try to avoid them, but since you are such a big fan of unforced errors, why don’t you go find a brick wall and drive into it doing 90mph. I’m sure your mom will find someone else to buy chicken tenders for.

Fucking idiot.

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This is a video of Brett Kavanaugh “boofing” in high school, so yes, we all know how this story ends

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If you replace your bigoted “have a nice day, sir/ma’am” with something more tolerant like “have a nice day, fuck face” you should be in good shape.


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Yeah, quite a few of mine are clot shotted as well.

I hope they are lucky, but at the same time, everyone makes their own decisions and has to live with the consequences.

I told them all that covid was overblown, the vaccine was overrated with many unknowns, but they all ran out to get it so they could post about it on social media and then turn around and harass me and my family about avoiding it.

I believe the short term side effects of the vaccine are relatively low. Obviously it’s exponentially higher than say the flu vaccine or any of the other vaccines those of us who weren’t already anti-vaxxers never had an issue with before.

But the big unknown is what kind of long term issues these vaccines will cause for the immune system and for future infections/mutations of covid, and everything we’ve seen so far makes me suspect that the long term prognosis is not good. Will they all drop like flies after X amount of time? I doubt it. But I suspect we are going to see a dramatic number of increased deaths from all sorts of causes that will only correlate to the clot shotted.

It’s sad, but that’s what happens when you fuck with your body for social media likes.

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It’s kind of an empty threat though if they support mail in balloting and then just cheat.

Showing up at politicians offices and homes is how the joggers get what they want, not sure why we think we can threaten to not vote for politicians who don’t need our votes to get “elected”

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With the benefits of the vax being clearly non-existent, it really doesn’t matter how low the percentage of side effects is.

Even if you argue that the vax helps reduce symptoms then it’s only worth getting for very high risk individuals.

My guess is that the long term effects on immune systems will come into play over time, especially if people keep taking boosters. The spike proteins are bad for you and getting that shot is like playing Russian roulette. Will the percentage of side effects be enough that the normies will realize what’s going on? I have no idea.

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First four months, 12.6/1000 infections. Next four months after being vaccinated; 42/1000, that’s a 300% increase.

Devils advocate/for arguments sake: what time frame are we talking about here? There have been ups and downs in the case numbers throughout covid, I would like to see these numbers compared to the general public case numbers over the same time frame.

If there was a 300% increase in cases over the same time frame, this doesn’t mean very much. Obviously if there isn’t a correlation between the study participants and the general population then this is a very big deal.

We used to have these people called “scientists” who would study this stuff and put out “papers” where they would outline their findings, for better or for worse. But when all we have are globohomopharmacorp shills it’s impossible to know for certain what’s actually going on. Fortunately my personal experience with the coof (without being clot shotted) is plenty convincing that it’s a joke - but some people still haven’t had it yet and they are more open to manipulation.

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Every time someone tells me about someone they know who died “of” covid, I ask if they were vaccinated and if they were given ivermectin.

I have yet to find a single person anecdotally, who tried ivermectin and died.

Plenty of vaxxed covid deaths though, especially lately.

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I saw this coming the second the masks started coming out.

“Flu kills 60-100,000 people every year and we never mandated masks before, how many deaths does a disease need to justify a mask mandate? Because this ‘if it saves just one life’ bullshit could be applied to every other disease known to man and we could be forced to wear masks for no reason forever” - Me, circa April 2020

“The flu isn’t 100% deadly and scary and my TV says to be afraid, this is different” - everyone else

Fucking idiots. We knew this would happen; yet all the retard normies act like we are crazy

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How many studies have been run on the vaccine that they are trying to ram down everyone’s throats by hook or by crook? (Not very many)

How many cases of life threatening side effects are there for ivermectin? (None that I’m aware of)

Anyone who died of/with covid without being offered ivermectin by their doctor was killed by medical malpractice.

Anyone who died of/with covid who was denied access ivermectin over the patient or families request was murdered.

When the trials come, and they will unless the globohomos are successful in killing us all, the penalty for murder needs to be death. Every single hospital administrator involved, and every single lawyer that fought in court to prevent patients from taking life saving medicine needs to be hanged.

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