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Two things.

One: It wasn't a riot.

Two: I am not one the thieves who faked our election. I feel no shame. I feel anger.

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They don't. They know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are pathetic, worthless, and unmanly. Hence the angry posturing.

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Only so many hours in your life. At some point you've got to cut them loose for your own sake.

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Tell him he needs a safety blanket vaccine for the flu. Ask him if he thinks his weak genes got passed on to you, then express your dismay at the possibility. Hammer him with that til he shuts up.

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Left wing Catholics have to be one of the groups most susceptible to brainwashing - they are trained from birth to reverse their opinions on a whim from the Vatican.

Can't imagine living like this.

Maybe time for another reformation?

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Shit, I still see that in Houston. Too many people still wearing masks at the grocery store. Pathetic.

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Did it ever have any other purpose?

DOJ, FBI, CIA, all created to do the bidding of their political masters.

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Most of the essential qualities that differentiate humans from other primates are in our minds.

So yes, these mush-brains are subhuman in a very real sense.

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Like Bowling for Soup said: The story never changes, just the names and faces.

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Learn how to respect yourself.

They just don't believe everything you or I do.

That is a childishly simplistic way of looking at it. Details matter, especially when their difference of opinion happens to be that you, me, and everyone else here should be disarmed and ruled by the left.

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They think anyone living outside a city lives like the poorest Appalachia hillbilly. No running water, none of that fancy 'lectricity, definitely no copyin' machines.

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He's speaking in the only terms those careerists understand.

Of course, the best play would be to tell them they have a chance to get on board and then kick them to the curb after anyway. It's what they would do.

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Turncoat coward. Straight out of a history book.

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Waxing and dressing like a much younger woman can't hide those seams and soon-to-be wattle on her neck, wrinkled hands, alligator skin on her knees, and loose skin on her arms.

The Wall remains undefeated.

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This is the way. Turn them against each other using their own rules.

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OK kid, have your fun on the computer before Mom gets back from "special time" with the mailman.

Here's one last comment for you to sperg smash that downvote on.

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Likewise. Joined after 9/11, did my time overseas, came back and watched the military turn into a social justice testing bed. Escaped as fast as my contract allowed.

I love the US (the real US) and will fight to protect it, but I'll be damned if I serve under these Marxists who've taken over our institutions.

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No, I'm not 12 years old.

You do seem like a parody of an internet tough guy, though.

If you're as old as you seem to want people to believe, then you should be ashamed of sperging out on a message board just because someone told you to be critical of what you see on TV.

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Daily Caller was founded in 2010. What is wrong with you?

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