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In case you've forgotten - EVERY voting machine in Georgia is from Dominion Voting Systems.

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So what's your theory on why President Trump did not expose her involvement (and/or the FBI or whoever) with the death of Panda?

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It likely doesn't matter that it was "passed" on/canceled.

The Clinton Mafia allowed NBC/Universal/Hulu to operate unfettered. They develop a show they never intend to run called "Rodham". Hillary and the mafia get paid upfront for consultation fees, etc. That's how they "earn" their 10 percent for the big guy.

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A possible simple explanation: The entering into the database is NOT a random human behavior over time. Instead the rock the vote group (and others) collect paper registrations and feed them to a central office. Then the data guys there upload the registrations to all the counties on the same day. So you'd see the exact patterns shown in these graphs.

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The customers are places like advertising agencies and media placement agencies that decide where their clients advertisements should run. Ad campaigns can cost millions, so the placement is critical and therefore the data we are talking about is very valuable. So it is expensive. My guess is a tiny ad agency might be able to get it for $2,000 per month. Year contract required. otherwise comscore doesn't want to waste their time with you

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Someone with access to Comscore data could answer that. AC Nielsen also has similar data. All it takes to access this data is money for a subscription. So I'd bet Mr. Musk already knows the numbers.

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uff... I looked it up. Are you ready?

Monetizable Daily Average Users.

I so do not miss Silicon Valley.

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I suppose (have no clue of actual charges) it would be possible to spend $300 on tokens in one night. So that's something like 120 nights of porn. Not out of the realm of possibility.

haha.. the smart cam grls should market themselves immediately has "hunter's favorite cam girl". Or sell an article to the daily mail in the UK hahahaha

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ISIS terror attacks (e.g. "Fort Hood shooter") within the US (and around the world) went away under Trump, too. Never heard this mentioned EVER in the news.

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Hmmm. I can't find anything online for "pst fan club". Are the subscriptions about the same time? There's no way that hundred's of concurrent subscriptions aren't fraudulent.

However, a search for jessyursweety shows many videos of her

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During election season the nightly "news" says "46 percent of voters will vote for Trump according to our new poll. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points". A poll that can off by 3 percentage points requires a sample size of roughly 1000 voters.

So a sample size of only 100 has a lot more margin of error

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Border Patrol? It’s the fucking USA Welcome Wagon.

The coyotes hand them off to their contacts with the border patrol. The packages are then “processed” (documented) and released into the USA where they all get their free stuff. Some of them are then used by the corrupt mafia within the USA to commit crimes – if they don’t comply they will be deported.

There is a GIGANTIC USA border patrol blimp down off the coast of south Florida. It is used to monitor traffic in the ocean just off the coast. Just a couple of weeks back a sail boat (approx. 60 feet long) brought 150 illegal Haitians and dumped them onto the beach… about FIVE MILE|S from the blimp.

Corrupt, corrupt. We are not patrolling the border. The border patrol is now he Welcome Wagon.

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Long time ago I had access to the new (at the time) Nielsen data measuring online activities. For males in every 10 year age category up until age 70 - the top category of time spent was porn. And it was something like an average of 4 hours per week.

Then at age 70 men spend their time looking at financial web sites (retirement earnings)

This info/data is always scrubbed out of the "top sites this week" newspaper articles .

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Lolita is one of the best written books in the history of the world. And the guy wrote it in English, despite being Russian. It's an incredible work of literature.

Yes, the topic is as mentioned. But that doesn't mean the book isn't an amazing work of art. It's humorous, entertaining, disgusting, provoking and a great snapshot of an American countryside gone by.

And in the end, the lead character is writing the book... from jail - as that is where he ends up.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, exhibit number one is what the seraphs, the misinformed, simple, noble-winged seraphs, envied. Look at this tangle of thorns."

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Yes, there are multiple videos where it appears that a woman was shot. The question is was it a real death, or was it faked? Crazy to ask, I know.

But... in the infamous Jayden X video the cameraman follows Ashli perfectly from the door/window.. to the floor. It's as if he knew what was going to happen. And while doing this... he IGNORES the fact that there is a man with a gun shooting people ... just three feet or so away from him. He igrnores the threat from the gunman - to somehow get the perfect shot of Ashli falling to the ground. Why did he ignore the killer that was right in front of him?

Then why is the guy who smashed open the window for Ashli allowed to go behind the police about 30 seconds after the shooting occurred... where he then changes clothes??? WTF? And not one cop watches their six position (behind them) while he does that.

So none of those things make sense at all. Something is terribly off in that video. And that's why (if those guys are faked/rehearsed) there is a question as to if there actually was a death of a female - or if that, too, was faked or rehearsed.

There is an easy way to disprove my "crazy" theory above. Examine all of the video taken inside the capitol. But for some reason the January 6th "committee" - has not done that. Why? It would clear everything up. But... it will show it was a huge fraud perpatrated against the american people. So they'll never release the videos.

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Agreed. I've pointed out on here multiple times already that the videos show Fargo Hat guy was clearly working with the capital police and the events at the door where Ashle was (supposedly) shot were clearly pre-orchestrated. The videos that have NOT been released will prove that.

It's clear the events were staged. Whether someone was actually killed or not can be questioned. But the people involved and the way it went down - it was clearly pre-planned.

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30 replies on this post, and only ONE guy gets it?

The "J6 committee" has members that worked with the capitol police to orchestrate the events of the day. They also have NOT released the videos that would PROVE the events were orchestrated - and that agitators were working with plants in the capital police.

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Thanks, good stuff. And if by "West" you mean the global scum and the CLinton/Biden Mafia... you're right.

Poland would not let in "Ukrainian" black africans across the border. The BBC and other media outlets immediately starting reporting about how racist Poland is.

We need Trump back. He doesn't enjoy seeing people killed. Hillary does.

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Thanks. But you're downvoted because you're not supposed to criticize the guy on here. :)

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I'll mention this again: Why doesn't he ask for an audit of the 2020 results in Florida? There were 2 major "bumps" for Biden - and figuring out where those came from would do a lot to clear up future elections.

But.. .crickets.

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What's next on the list? How about an open audit of the 2020 election results to explain where the TWO gigantic late night bumps in Biden votes came from?

Trump's lead was so huge that the bumps couldn't overcome it - but an audit in a Trump friendly state might just solve the mystery of how we ended up with he bumbmling mafia plant in the white house

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