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And what happens when they come for you?

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That's literally an autocratic coup.

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Spoken like a true autocrat.

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I'm sorry, but this is bad. Really bad.

Destroying the judicial branch is literally how you get Dictatorships. That's what Brazil will be if this happens.

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Something is building here, I can say that as an Aussie. I can feel it.

On a point of order, we never had the freedom the US constitution grants. It's time we became a republic.

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If you can understand how you love your country, you can understand how I love mine.

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I probably would but it's next to impossible to get out of the country. And I'd have to start again, sell my house, everything...not easily done. If I did I'd move to FL, it's got a similar climate to QLD my current state and it is based.

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I haven't noticed it but I know it's happening. Media refuses to report on it.

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Aussie here. This is a woolworths. I went to mine about an hour ago, it was packed with food. I wonder where this was shot.

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You didn't fail. You were failed.

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Paper straws are shit and a total waste of time. Total strawman.

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Ok. Then have a private option. I'm for the state not funding it.

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As I say, I am pro-choice with conditions. The heartbeat laws are a bridge far too far. It doesn't matter if 5 women get raped and this results in pregnancy per year, there needs to be an out for them.

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I agree. And that won't get fixed by targeting abortion. It's a massive shitpie that does absolutely nothing to topple the currently regime, and in fact helps it remain in place.

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link or it didn't happen.

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It's not that simple. There will never be Weimar-era inflation ever again and QE means we can kick the can down the road essentially forever.

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And what do you intend to do with your stash of bullion once the financial apocalypse hits? In such a scenario, the value of gold and silver would decline, not increase, and it would have no meaning because the price of food would explode. What are you going to do with it? Buy tins of beans? How? You going to cut off .0006% of an ounce to buy pasta at the local grocery store?

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The stock market will never collapse. Not in the sense you mean.

Trading stocks is like surfing. Stocks swell, peak, crest and dissolve. But the sea isn't going away.

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I've been trading stocks for over 27 years. I trade options, and my portfolio as of today is worth in excess of 2.6 million dollars.

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Well here's the thing: Covid also makes your blood cells grow a spike protein. So it makes no difference whether you get it from a shot or from covid. And if you do or don't get the shot, you're going to get covid anyway at some point.

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