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Single never married:) Solid 8 and over 140 IQ. Pretty much a damn unicorn at this point 🦄

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Plant controller. I am responsible for overseeing all the financial activity at our plant.

I walked into a shit show and am working furiously to fix it all. Unfortunately we’re owned by private equity and they somehow want the issues created over the last 5 years fixed in the next 3 months to clear audit. Probably not going to happen but a lot of issues have been fixed so they’re happy enough.

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Mine was not Fortune 500 but definitely over a billion in revenue.

The one bright spot was during the last 2 years the CEO would send emails. After George Floyd they went neutral and said as a retail company we served all customers was proud to have a diverse workforce but would not be commenting on politically charged issues.

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I was a little concerned on that since you don’t know what you’re getting since it’s from another country.

I watched a documentary several years ago when I was a normie. Pretty sure it was on MSM. It showed how there’s a lot of poor people in India who sign up for big pharma trial drugs and end up with a lot of issues.

Pretty hesitant since then. How safe are their drugs?

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Thank you I will. It’s a sad state of affairs that most of us are paying $700-$1500 for health insurance (yes your employer may pay for most of it but someone is paying) and we can’t get what we’re asking for. It’s not like we’re telling doctors we need benzos or other addictive medication.

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I can’t wait. I’m in upper management and we can do things like become separate legal entities. Fuck em. We’ll find a way if it passes muster. I sincerely doubt this will pass through the courts.

As fucked as the courts are there’s a lot of people on both sides who don’t want the shot.

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No. I haven’t looked into it. Still took the rx because I also have a 20 year old working in a busy restaurant. Can be packed on weekends with 300 people there for the live music.

My parents smoked in the house like most did in the 80’s but I always smoked outside so my kid doesn’t have asthma.

Mine is pretty mild; off and on smoker currently off and vaping which isn’t great but eliminates the cough and breathing issues. Since I quit smoking haven’t need an inhaler.

I was breastfed and my child was as well which is supposed to provide the best immunity. As mentioned in other comments I had asthmatic bronchitis like 10 years ago. Was smoking then. Haven’t been to the doctor for illness since then, never had the flu, don’t get yearly colds. So I’m guessing we’ll be alright. Just wanted some backup since covid was going the the workplace a few weeks ago.

Most likely I’ll try again for HCQ. I don’t think that has the same issues for asthma. Dr. Haders clinic did have me sign off on asthma and reactions so I assume it’s a risk; how bad I don’t know.

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My sibling who lost their shit over me not being vaccinated said they couldn’t believe people were taking ivermectin and they were watching Darwinism take place.

I was like I’m willing to take a medication that has been around for decades and you took an experimental shot and I’m the stupid one? Their response was well of course there’s no long term studies it’s only been out a year (exactly my point but went over their head)

It was a long debate over texts but at the end they did say I had seemed to do research and felt strongly about the subject and was glad to know since so many people were uneducated about covid. That one still burns me. They’re older than me making $14/hr I’m making about $140k depending on my side business with a college degree (they have a HS diploma) and want to call me uneducated?

Side note not that I fucking care about money or degrees. I came out of college knowing nothing and learned it all on the job, grew up blue collar and am most comfortable around blue collar people, don’t like rich people food am a female who loves fishing hiking outdoor nature stuff etc but to throw that out there just let me know how far gone they are. They’ve fallen for the Trump people are uneducated. Fuck right off.

What was hilarious was my last text was pointing out whites are the most vaccinated demographic in this country at 60% with blacks at 30% and that some people don’t trust the government, don’t want a shot, or don’t need it (almost 40 never had the flu, last illness had asthmatic bronchitis about 10 years ago, don’t get yearly colds etc). No reply of course.

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I operate on the premise that I will always be where I’m meant to be when I’m meant to be there.

The last place was large and I made a ton of contacts and a handful of solid friends. I learned how to do workplace politics like a mf’er. It was hard and definitely a stressful time working there but I appreciate the experience, the large company name gives me credibility to some employers etc. Where I’m at now did comment in my interview that I could bring the large corporate experience in to enact policies and procedures they didn’t have when I started. Absolutely :)

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Right? If covid was so dangerous it should be everyone. But we know it’s not and it’s all a power grab. I’m so fed up. I think everyone is.

The other side thinks we’re selfish and killing them (sibling lost their shit on me a few weeks ago for not being vaccinated) and we’re tired of the loss of freedom.

We are on the verge of not good things.

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God will provide. I was at a large place that you’ve definitely heard the name of, wasn’t happy and made a decision to leave without another job. This isn’t the best choice for a lot of people however I do Dave Ramsey, have very little bills and run an e-commerce store that I knew would pay the bills in the interim and sit on about a years worth of cash.

Ended up with a $35k raise with the new job and my store went absolutely crazy this year.

I had prayed before quitting and asked God to not let this be a stupid decision. After a few months of the new job and through the roof sales I was like thank you God but I’m really good now. Can we slow it down a bit I’m exhausted 😂

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That’s fair. But he didn’t even get to saying anything it was a triggered reeeeee like omg 140 tablets we’ve not ever had that much in stock (you’re Walgreens seriously?) reeeee covid. I was like so should I call back to see if it’s restocked? “You can but we’ve never had that much”

I just said fuck it and decided to wait for the mail pharmacist. Covid already went through our office and the two I talk to who got it took ivermectin. One over 50 still has a cough a few weeks later but said it was mild and the other took the horse paste and was fine.

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You make an interesting point. I think there’s a court case to be had here if it goes this way.

How can they use taxpayer money for bailouts when half the country is restricted from using them?

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You just gotta pay attention. A lot of shitty drivers out there but I’ve avoided several accidents because I’m watching.

Just recently I had a minivan with contact sensors almost plow right into me. That one still blows my mind. Wtf do they not hear it going off?!?

You can tell when someone is about to change lanes. Their car does a slight swerve right before the blinker comes on (if at all).

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Same here. Six figure salary and my boss knows I will walk if it’s mandated. Fortunately I doubt they will. We’re under 100 employees so fuck off biden and only one of the managers on our team is vaccinated. They haven’t had adverse effects but their spouse did. I think we’re all conservative except the one vaccinated one they might lean Democrat but I could see some of the others bending due to money. When it came up and I said I wouldn’t do it there was some surprise like really? You’re that serious about it?

Yes. Yes I am.

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Yes, I was able to get a prescription using dr hader. Still waiting for it to be filled but they did prescribe it within 48 hours of signing up.

I tried to get it filled locally and the pharmacist fucking flipped total reeeee about doctors incorrectly prescribing for covid and they’re out of stock. I wanted to say your fucking job is to put pills in a bottle not worry about what the doctor prescribed but I was nice and just had it transferred to the pharmacy dr hader recommends.

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Have you been successful in getting an appointment with frontline doctors? I’ve booked 3 times since early July. Each time I pay and then a week later they say they didn’t have appointments and it auto cancels.

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Moderna had filed several patents over the years for the covid mRNA vaccine.


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For people who aren’t aware, most pharmacies are a couple weeks out on ivermectin. If you’re planning on taking it if you get covid you may want to get the prescription now since there will likely be a wait.

I’ve used both seven cells and dr hader. Seven cells was fast but the dr did not want to prescribe it since I have asthma. He said some studies have shown a respiratory reaction with ivermectin that’ll put me on a ventilator. Of which I said that’s a death sentence. He got a little sensitive and said stats were better now than in the beginning. Dr Hader prescribed ivermectin but the pharmacy they suggest using is 2 weeks out so still waiting.

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It’s not worth it. There will always be another job but you only have one body and if this shot does something bad to you there’s no coming back from it.

I don’t know why they’re pushing this so hard but there’s something evil about it. The government does not give a fuck about my health so why they’re so obsessed with everyone getting this shot is beyond me.

Stand your ground. The economy would come to a grinding halt if they really fired the unvaccinated. As it is, there are supply chain issues everywhere. If another 30-40% of the workforce was excluded from participating shit would hit the fan.

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Do you really think someone who would dump you over a cruise will stand by your side when things get tough?

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There are “radicals” on both sides. The fbi is pathetic because they basically find people with mental health issues, help push them over the edge and then catch them being a “domestic terrorist”

A protest is legit.

Even the Charlottesville protest had good intentions. I remember a poster asking for people to attend because they cared about confederate monuments being removed. At the same time there were a lot of people saying it was a false flag. Fox News fed into it. I remember watching as they followed around these white supremecists peacefully marching then the police pushed the two groups into each other to create conflict.

How anyone can trust any news is beyond me. Every one has a narrative. There is very little unbiased reporting of events.

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