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No it's 4D chess and he's a genius, trust the plan, 2 more weeks!

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He had to be taking precautions after Giuliani raid

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Satanic cults gonna satanic cult...

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Okay so why did they count mail in votes last in the presidential election. This is rig city.

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When is this bitch going to deliver on election fraud? Fucking grifter.

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Too bad the Jews that control the media censor this shit and lie about “The Big Lie”. Despicable.

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Joke's on them. I'm a Missouri CCW permit holder and never carry. Waiting for Missouri to turn into Chicago first.

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Ban thegatewaypundit. They are absolute trash spam. All they do is lie with clickbait and hide videos so you click on ads thinking they are videos. Worst website ever. An absolute embarrassment to ever sticky anything from that awful domain.

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This fag is faking it so bad. He's prepping his followers to not blame the vax when it happens to them since he and his wife refuse to blame the vax for his fake syndrome and her fake blood clot. Neither of them got vaxxed for real. Tired of these 33rd degree freemason fags.

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I think he’s faking it. He doesn’t blame the vax so when his fans have the same thing happen to them, they won’t blame the vax. He’s a Freemason doing his part in the globalist conspiracy.

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They do this out in the open to fuck with people. They get off on the mockery.

It was no coincidence that she got photographed in public wearing green sneakers with a white pant suit. Nobody wears that unless you want to make a mockery of the sheep.

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We are going to sanction ourselves and stop buying oil from Russia MWAHAHAHA.

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Cool we can get some more pics of him with Big Mike.

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Kathy Barnette said she would be a HARD NO on sending more money to Ukraine. No comment from Dr. Oz.

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