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It was a parked motorhome, and it was blown up next to a hardened AT&T building.

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They didn't even really push the jet fuel hoax on WTC7 since it wasn't hit by an aircraft. There is a video of a panicked Larry Silverstein shouting for people to leave because they were going to "pull it."

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If true, Larry Nichols likely talked or wrote about it.

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I read this as LGBT BBQ. I'll take the brisket after the fall. Heard it resembles lasagna tho.

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Yeah, it was a bunch of clips of psyops, and the moon landing was shown. Even if you believe that it's faked, this is just going to be used to discredit you.

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The intro with the mixed "conspiracy theories" like the moon landing is going to make a lot of normies stop watching about a minute in despite the actual video being great. I was just waiting for the gusher and laughed for ten seconds straight when it happened. I'm surprised that the dude didn't tell the cameraman to step back when they were doing the iliac artery because that thing was PLUGGED.

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Climate denial? They deny the climate?

What did these drooling retards do for the four years when they were getting their "journalism degrees?"

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The judgements were over an octillion weeks ago. You might want to read up on the current proceedings.

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Plenty of Choppahs in Dirty Harry. Maybe it's time for another sequel starring Eastwood.

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