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Psaki, mikepence123, whatever. The dude doesn't care. I think that he's in it for the lulz.

Someone sent me this link a few days ago. It's not worth clicking unless you're a web dev or a big data guy as it's a nameless greasemonkey script. The ones trying to modify public opinion are on such a large scale and are so sloppy that they don't even bother hiding it anymore. The gist of it is that you can make about $10/day with a user account if you let the bot use your account to upvote on reddit. Something similar is undoubtedly happening here as well.


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I literally clicked on the topic link to post SUM1 IS HAVIN TENDIES 2NITE and saw you as the first post and had to eject the beer out my mouth before it went up the nostrils. Bravo.

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On the gulf coast, we call them manatees.

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I remember reading a post somewhere (probably here) where some people were in corporate sensitivity training and whatever SJWs put it together used some hilarious "racist" or "sexist" softball jokes. There were a few of them, and they were great. I wish that I could dig up the post. The end result was that the person running the show was not amused.

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There's a lot that can and does develop differently between two identical twins. Blood vessels and personalities are a few of them. Some identical twins might as well be clones as far as personalities are concerned, and some couldn't be any more different.

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Remember the videos of people walking down the street and falling down and catching themselves before they hit the ground? It was overblown. Whatever is going around they put out just in time for the Olympics.

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No link and no datestamp. Useless.

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An old fashioned, red-blooded American brown bear biped with an M240 definitely beats a bunch of old Russians wielding sabres and AK-47s riding quadraped brown bears.

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He hasn't had his fourth shot yet? No wonder. My thoughts of him getting another booster are with him and his family.

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People don't die of "actual AIDS virus." There is no "AIDS virus." There is an HIV virus that weakens the immune system so that a cold would kill a person. There are way too many similarities with the coof here.

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LOL...the moment that you even mention the differences, JIDF bots are activated. We can't have clarity in knowing who is who, now can we?

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"Tastes like burning!"

Or, rather,

"When I grow up, I'm going to Bovine University!"

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Boycott Wal-Mart. They are part of the fascist cancel culture state. Once they played their game with the MS state flag, I said that I would NEVER AGAIN shop there.

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Dumb MSM/Goolag shills and fudgepackers. That's the gist of it. C-SPAN has become politicized, but it's like pointing to the Library of Congress for information. The only further that you can go is the bona fide private sector.

Thanks for posting this link. Anyone posting a YouTube link enjoys having her hair pulled while being raped.

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Where are such things posted normally? YTMND had "kits" for their fads. Look up the Rainbow Stalin YTMNDs.

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That would involve nukes. That's generally not a good idea.

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Thanks for the link! We are the majority. Our boycott will maim them.

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