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You can have it along with a bag of skin tags if you keep reading GP. Their ads disgust me.

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Every time that I call you out for creating a brand new account, I get 20 downvotes. So here is another call-out. Die in a fire, douchebag!

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That's kind of my thinking. Trump's against the Tetris blocks being 80% to the ceiling and moving RAPIDLY. He has to keep playing even if it doesn't make sense and even if nobody else agrees with him. He is cornered IMO.

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She has to re-line every orifice with those hideous shades of lipstick because of the heavy use of those holes. Teflon impregnated lipstick. What will they think of next?

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the troll who joined just 8 hours prior to making this post

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The fake sniffling dad at the podium and the "neighbor" down the street who kept changing his stories. You know. Screen Actor Guild member.

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That is a common tactic across the US. There were some similar stories in the 2020 election cycle. One had to do with petition signatures IIRC. They won't tell you until it's too late to protest and certainly way too late to actually do anything about it. Congratulations on the win.

This site needs to be flushed of its retarded mods who spam gay frog memes and NWO twitter trackers. Posts like yours need to be pinned at the top to bring back the high energy.

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Bannon: Hay hay hay hay hang hang hang by this garage pull you made for yourself.

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He already used up the world's supply of toner, and one of the raw materials to make the toner hasn't been pumped from the earth since early 2020.

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You may call it the Overton Window, but I call it gaslighting.

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But but but my salt lick. Got to have my salt lick! Moooooo...

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Rudolph was on to something there

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